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  1. I understand where you are coming from but I have a pitch fix retractable that stores pretty good in my pocket. Sure, I would rather not have it in my pocket taking up the space but it doesn't do a bad job considering it also carries a magnetic ball marker with it. Actually, I dislike carrying a tee in my pocket because that pokes my leg even more and has put holes in my pocket. I personally don't like how tees repair ball marks as they are generally two large in diameter when poking into the ground, and a two prong always works better for me than a single prong. I'm always looking for a mor
  2. I wonder what the effective loft 'can' be with a 58-degree lob wedge. I am thinking by opening the face you can really pump up the loft to maybe 62 or 64 degrees, maybe higher?
  3. More important than the type of tool is the proper procedure.
  4. I was vacationing in Phoenix and decided to splurge on a round of golf. Troon North was my choice, a very upscale course in the Scottsdale area. I didn't have my clubs with me so I had to rent a set at the course, which were a quality set of Callaways. I got paired up with three other singles and off we went. Beautiful course with spectacular views, and it was just pristine. When you play in Arizona there are a lot of desert and on the 6th hole I hit into the desert area. Not very familiar with my rental clubs or the bag the clubs were in, I selected a 4-iron to punch out of the desert, but a
  5. When you hit the shot perfectly with a high lofted club I can imagine doing some fabulous things. But the higher the loft the more difficult the shot is to pull off in my opinion. I suspect most people will see negative results with too high of a loft on their lob wedge. Rather than saving you five or six strokes I can see a club like a 68 degree lob wedge costing you five or six strokes .
  6. Played Fieldstone yesterday, it was in great condition, with nice slick greens. 41+45=86 Our rate was $35, not bad. Fieldstone is always a good challenge and will test your game!
  7. 14 hc, I enjoy a straight to draw trajectory, and carry 4 hybrids: 4 @ 22* 5 @ 25* 6 @ 28* 7 @ 31* I am satisfied with my game right now, and not afraid to go with hybrids to get the job done. It's a matter of getting the ball on the green and into the hole, and hybrids work the best for me.
  8. If you want some real good chipping pitching short game info, watch this video that Phil Mickelson has made. Add about the 34:24 point, Phil gets into the art of chipping/pitching which I think is fantastic. I have used his technique as well as many of my friends and we all rave about it. Each one of us testifies that it has immensely improved their short game.
  9. To make a claim like this is rude and just your opinion. It comes from someone who thinks they know everything, but doesn't know the facts!
  10. Agree 100%, that it is how we react to them that makes a difference. The last three tournaments I have played in I have started with an outrageous first hole score. One tournament I started out with a 9 on a par 5, and ended up coming in second in the men's net division with an 82. I'm the type that doesn't quit when an adverse situation occurs, it's sort of inspires me to fight back. You can't get it all back in one hole, but you can chip away at it throughout the round. Another one of those tournaments I started off on the first hole with a triple bogey 7 on a par 4 but fought back to win th
  11. My lowest iron is a 7-iron oh, then I go right into my hybrids. Hybrids are so easy to hit, it's hard to imagine you having trouble with them. I game a 7 Hybrid 31 deg, and it fits in the gap below my 7-iron perfectly. I also carry a four, five, and six hybrid as well. Hybrids really improve my game and allow me to be able to hit the green from anywhere inside 220 yards to 150 yds. Then I use the 7 iron.
  12. Hmmm, I have three Callaway X Hot hybrids I play and I wonder if I damage the face of each of them Callaway will give me a brand new set of 3? The OP may be onto something. Actually, when I enlarge the photo you have attached I see a bunch of pit marks around the heel of the club which makes me wonder what you have been hitting?
  13. Interesting comment, reflecting how important the shaft is in the formula. I am looking to get a driver this off season, but don't want to select stock off the shelf, but get fitted. See where this takes me.
  14. I think all of Carl's instructors are very good. My lesson was with Gene Bone, who was also great, encouraged well. I got a video of my swing which I am too embarrassed to show anybody, full of swing flaws that it is. My hc started to go up due to improper set up in my backswing, now it's gone down about 2 points after the lesson. Gene definitely helped out!
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