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  1. It wasn't a rangefinder, but somebody left their smartphone in the cart compartment. It was in a black case jammed way back into the compartment out of sight. The only way I knew it was there was a friend of the person's phone called the number. When I heard the strange ring tone it took me a few seconds to figure things out because it wasn't my phone/tone, and I couldn't see where the sound was coming from. In the end, I called an owner's contact and they got a hold of them. Turned it in to the pro shop, and everything is good!
  2. I purchased a Mav Max driver from CPO this past winter to replace my XR16, and I see positive improvements. This purchase accomplished alleviating a 5 year gap in technology. I did notice a difference in several aspects in the new driver. These included a more solid sound upon contact, a more solid contact, greater distance (imo), greater forgiveness, and a better balance/feel holding the club. These are what I feel 5 years of technology has done for me. I am still impressed each time I hit it compared to my XR16, which is considered a very good driver. To my advantage, I purchased 'like new' from CPO at $260 delivered to my door. I just can't justify paying $500+ for the new Epic drivers, when I don't think the technology is that much different. I do understand how some change drivers every year though, to try something new, because this is their area in life that they focus on. Nothing like having the latest golf toy in your hands!
  3. For me, I could see myself becoming more efficient with two wedges as opposed to three. I know I could go right from my 50* gap to whatever SW loft I chose and be efficient with. Probably be the 50* and then a 56* SW. With those clubs I could do any wedge functions I need. The less clubs to learn sometimes the better for certain golfers.
  4. I do the same thing. It works. For a guy that left his entire bag still on the cart and drove home, I have to find ways to help this tired mind out.
  5. I would have to agree, somehow, someway, a rule could be enacted to give the golfer relief from a fw divot. I can see both sides of the debate, although I favor relief from the divot.
  6. Basically, I think it's a supply/demand issue. I look at green fees also from another angle, how much overhead $$$ is spent by course owners to keep the door open. Inflation is happening as well. It is what it is, and the weather is getting nice! I paid $39 for 18 at SL, seems a bit steep, but their tee times are all filled up!
  7. I think the loft on a SW depends on the skill of the user. The higher the loft the higher the skillset of the golfer. I use a 54* and have great success. Yesterday, first time out this year (michigan), I saved par on a tough par 3 out of the trap with my 54* sw. It was a longer sand shot from 40 ft to abut 8 ft, and sank the putt. I do have a 58 in the bag and will use that out of the sand in the right circumstances, but have better success with the 54*.
  8. I just couldn't get along with my chipper, so it's been out of the bag for the last 5 years, and don't intend on putting it back in. This was I could never get a feel for direction or distance consistently. The instruction I got from Phil's short game video was a 'chipping savior', because it is easy to accomplish and it plain works. Phil's chipping segment start at about the 9:05 mark of this video:
  9. I played Sanctuary Lake yesterday (wed) and the course was in very good condition for this time of the year. Greens were dicey and slow, to be expected though. One thing that stood out to me was how dry the course was for this time of year. Just a perfect weather day, as good as any day in the entire year. I paid $39 for 18/cart.
  10. The Dynacraft Prophet muscle blade irons are what I game. As you say, they are very handsome looking irons and their performance matches. I personally built my own set and couldn't be happier, 6-aw. They look like real blades but are game improvement heads. I really like them!
  11. I don't think the logo obnoxious or gaudy, and maybe you need to be more careful when putting clubs back into your bag so as not to damage the knit. Also, my main complaint of the manf headcover was not the logo itself, but the size of the headcover. It is very a rigid, vinyl looking, full 1 inch wider than my previous headcover. It seems to be made this large to support it's logo,not my convenience. jmo
  12. Unfortunately course marshals are pretty much non existent on many courses.
  13. I got a 20% discount on my order, so I purchased one of these for the driver and one for the 4w. Quality knit covers are somewhat expensive, but I get rid of the boot sized manf headcovers. https://rockettour.com/collections/stripes/products/victory-stripe-pom-pom-navy-red-white
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