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  1. I usually stay out of them when they stick to technical discussions. Once they turn to "we're the real player players and these 47* PWs are the only true iro... oh wait it was 52* a while ago? well forget that what I say is right" threads I tend to stick my head in to mock the people who think the way you do. Very possible I flip. Glad I can purchase irons that help mitigate it. You are doing a great job at reinforcing all the stereotypes of a good golfer. I am rooting for you to win the cake raffle at the next super-elitist-for-no-reason plus-cap meeting. Basically, in four threads you've gone from arguing the technical issues, to arguing the traditional issues, to arguing the "OEM's are lying!" issues to making fun of my swing that you've never seen. The OEMs make people feel worse about their games, but at least they do it to make money. You're spending your time making people feel worse about their game for no reason at all. Everyone thinks a PW should be what it was when they started playing. Just like everyone's favorite star in whatever TV show is the star when they started watching. For some its 52*. For some its 47*. For my daughter its 43*. It will continue to change long after we are gone. That is how the world works. That is why these threads are funny. Its just a bunch of guys yelling at the moon. Go tell Federer his serve is fake and then shove McEnroe's 1986 wooden Slazenger in his face.
  2. Wait, I thought a 47* PW made me one of the cool kids? Now you're saying I need 52*?!? HONEY, BUY MORE SHARPIES AT COSTCO. MY IRONS ARE WRONG AGAIN. THE GUYS SAYING 47* LIED TO ME. YEAH, I KNOW, JUST GET SOME MORE THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  3. There are still problems, though. Do you put effective loft or actual, static loft? Are you going to get pissy when an OEM doesn't use a digital loft reading and has a +/- 3.5* tolerance? Now its like bounce, where you have no idea if its real or not like the Ping TS that stamps "10" on itself since that is the literal measurement of the bounce angle but plays with 20* of effective bounce because the sole is so thin you couldn't possible hit with only the sole. You are always going to get OEMs playing games. The only solution is to ignore the number on the bottom and buy irons you like and hit well.
  4. 1. Have the same setup (x-flex in driver, 3 wood and soft in irons but back to very heavy and stiff for lob wedge). 2. Exact opposite as far as strong lofts and modern hollow heads. My game doesn't see the downside. I went from hitting my traditional j40s extremely high and spinny to fantastic numbers with my Mavriks. My PW is 41*, but I love the set. Hitting best I've ever hit it with these irons.
  5. yep it’s bent to 50.12. the problem with the sm4 line is that above 54* they all flare out into wide soles OR they cut to lower bounce. I want narrow sole high bounce, round edge on non-hosel side. Having a devil of a time finding it. thanks for all the replies. I just figured out that I don’t get a notification if it’s not quoted so going through them all now.
  6. Hey Everyone, Below is my favorite wedge. Its 48 bent to 50, sm4. I've had it a long, long time and it has been very good to me with some life left. Does anyone know of a higher lofted wedge (prefer 58-62, but 56 or 62 is fine) that is exactly like this one? I can't find one with the narrow sole (most widen out at the back of the head). Can anyone suggest a high lofted wedge that looks / grind just like this one? I find myself hitting most of my short game shots with it turned open. Tried to include as many picture angles as possible.
  7. Good players care about yardage and trajectory. Bad players care about loft gaps. You have no idea if he does or doesn't have a "hole" (<- what does this even mean?) in his wedge gapping. You've never seen him hit a wedge. Two of the best wedge players of all time are Tom Kite and Bo Van Pelt, on either tour. Kite played even gaps through five wedges. Bo Van Pelt played a 47* into a 56*. Its up to the player to develop *shots* that gap. All this theorycrafting lofts into gaps into shots on here is nuts.
  8. All of this completely varies with the player, specifically how they hit wedges. I play with an "iron set" approach wedge, then 52/58. That's not many wedges, but I've had the wedge-style ones literally forever and I feel very comfortable with it. Put the extra clubs where you need the help e.g. where your ball striking is the weakest. Its just that simple. I do, however, question these yardages as multiple people are claiming they are within 30 yards of their driver with their off-the-ground 3 wood and that means that either your driver swing is as steep as a climbing wall, you are horribly misfit, or you are drastically overestimating how far you "probably" carry a 3 wood. Carrying a 3 wood 250 yards off the ground is some serious lumber, especially if you can only hit a driver off a tee 20 yards further. GIGO. Garbage In Garbage Out. If you don't know your actual yardage, this is pointless. Don't just work back from driver carry. Edit - Before I get a million "He could have played division one baseball!! You don't know!!" let me be clear I have no idea if its off low or long. But I do know it is really weird to carry your 3 wood within 20-30 yards of your driver. One of those numbers is off. I'm not saying which one, or that people are lying, or any of that. But I am saying that it is hard to believe someone hits 100 drivers on a trackman, then hits 100 6* weaker 3 woods off a trackman, and only loses 20-30 yards.
  9. Correct. Its like telling me LeBron loses a bunch despite leading at the end of the 3rd quarter. Its an idiotic topic and statement. Now, if you had him with the lead on 17 tee and he goes 0 for 5... that would be worth discussing. But 54 holes? That's only 3/4 of the tournament. Who cares.
  10. Obviously I meant its better to get a 54 hole lead and choke it away than never get a 54 hole lead in your career. Most players are the latter.
  11. Everyone hits hybrids better. They’re shorter with more loft. Most people score better with a three wood because ugly and long is almost always lower score than pretty and short. not everyone, just most. So it can work but make sure your score is going down, not just that you hit prettier balls.
  12. Everyone isn't clutch until they are. The dude has five worldwide wins, he's in the top OWGR, he has 21 worldwide top 10s. He's badass. Sorry that doesn't live up to BC33's standards. Its weird you singled him out for poor performance somehow. You know what's worse than blowing four 54 hole leads? Never having a 54 hole lead.
  13. To be fair, they say the sixth worldwide win is the most difficult. *massive eye roll*
  14. Interesting, yeah, that doesn't make sense unless it is some COVID thing.
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