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  1. Yeah that would be a deal breaker for me… hopefully this works out
  2. I went ahead and boiled the head for 10 minutes which softened the 2 sided tape holding in. Used a very fine scriber to get in beside the insert and pry it out. I would use a pick with a 90* bend in it next time. Came out pretty clean and i should have no problem reusing it not that there was much interest in this thread, but if someone else searches, this should be in the archives somewhere lol.
  3. I guess I will have to try a progressive approach and hope for the best. callaway says the don’t sell the inserts might wind up with an aftermarket insert
  4. Damn, I watched a video of someone boiling the head for 10 mins and got an insert out. It was a white hot though. I’ve emailed callaway too to see if they have replacement inserts, don’t have much hope for that though
  5. Hey WRX, im looking to get an oworks head refinished in a treatment that requires heat. I need to get the insert out and replace it afterwards. does anyone have success getting one out and salvaging it for future use? also, I’m thinking epoxy might not be the best adhesive to replace the insert (too brittle) any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.
  6. BB&FCO doesn't have collared ferrules to the best of my knowledge
  7. that is true for sure, just as a general rule of thumb added spin usually means less distance. he never really said he was low launch/low spin with the p790’s
  8. higher loft=more spin=less carry, not more
  9. I have this exact combo. I received the club at 42.5" long and D6 SW. I cut it down to 42 inches put on a tour velvet +4 grip and it was D3 on the scale. it's a great club, although I don't care for the sound of it. As far as I know it has the stock removable head weight, but I could check the actual head weight and let you know how it compares to yours.
  10. Make sure you prep the adaptor and then clean it as a last step. ensure the acetone dries prior to assembly. you should be able to take a clean lint free white rag on a dowel or drill bit and scrub the inside of the hosel/adaptor after you clean it with acetone and have it come out totally clean.
  11. 3 Years ago I was fit into Srixon 565/765 split after 6i. I was 5-7 down at that time. I have since shallowed my angle attack with 6I closer to 2-3 down. I'm heading for an iron fitting at TXG in just under a month so I'll be interested in what people have to say here.
  12. I did try some searches on ebay.ca didn't find much that's good advice on the shaft. I also don't put much weight on the MPF numbers as well, but thought it may work as a like for like comparison, as opposed to a "fitting tool". But you are likely correct, If I find something in the same weight it should probably work just fine for the guy. He's probably due for a whole new set sooner than later. thanks again.
  13. @Stuart_G Thanks for the link. unfortunately for me, living in Canada, the shipping is outrageously expensive from ebay from a non-domestic seller. I tried searching for a shaft based on the MPF assigned to the Taylormade shaft, but it only showed up with wood shafts.
  14. I have a guy who needs his shaft replaced on one of his TM R7 irons. The shaft is a RE AX 65 Regular flex. the golfworks chart shows it as a Fujikura shaft .370 tip. https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/taylormade.pdf was wondering if any of the shaft Guru's here could recommend a suitable replacement shaft for reasonably cheap? TIA for the advice.
  15. I think you'd be well served to buy a swing weight scale. they can be had for fairly cheap Swing weight surveying instruments (golfmechanix.com). This would keep you from totally guessing in the future (and right now), and if you intend on continuing to build clubs, its a must. If you don't have a club ruler, it is also a must. as the others have said, Its doubtful that the actual assembly of the club is the issue, more so the components aren't a good fit for you. since you aren't sure of the current total weight or swing weight, it's tough to recommend where to put the lead tape with any accuracy
  16. Awesome. I thought so, but don’t have any experience with them so I wanted to double check before buying. thanks
  17. Does anyone know if the speeder 661 evo VII shaft in the PTC radspeed is a legit shaft or a made for? thanks
  18. negotiation is done through PM, you might have better luck there
  19. Did it wipe away like it was still wet? if this is the case, maybe the paint wasn't properly mixed up prior to application, or its a bad batch. you can use heat to expedite the drying process...Hair dryer, heat gun, quick licks with the torch... or did it harden up and the whole number flaked out? I would lean to surface prep if this is the case. If the base its really smooth and the numbers have a fairly big surface area, it may not adhere that well, could try sanding or abrading the base a bit.
  20. creative ideas, I like it. Thanks I think I will dry fit them up and see what is looking like. I'm sure I can make something work well enough. I have also never really tried anything in the lighter SW range, so I may do that here to see how I get along with it. that's not a bad idea, I have read a bunch of the detailed posts by Howard, and have never really given it a good go. this might be the time to try.
  21. fair enough, I may see how I can make out.
  22. I do plan to tip weight as required, but 10 grams is the max I have seen on golfworks, where I buy my supplies from. so I was hoping to offset that a bit so i'd have some margin for fine tunings. understood. I'm not sure on the stock weight either, but I will use the "standard" as my ballpark target and go from there. thanks Adam, I'm usually in a standard +4 and an extra wrap, so a bit of extra weight in the grip. I have been swing weighting using the method I've seen mentioned on here by quite a few. swing weight with no grip to 9pt's heavier than target, so far I have had good results.
  23. Thanks for the replies guys. looks like I'm going to have to do a bit of experimenting here. I might start with +0.5" and see how I like the feel, or try some heavier shafts to get the total weight up where I want it. @Stuart_G I appreciate you breaking down the difference from stock head weights. These are just going to be a Sunday set, likely played as a half set for a bit of a change, so it will be fun to experiment here.
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