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  1. There seems to be two hybrid face designs. One is similar to a wood with the sole at the toe curving up to the crown creating a point at the joint between the two. The other has a blunt more vertical sole turn up at the toe. For you design whiz's what's the difference in how they play? Or what type of swing is best for which club?
  2. I went to the Hireko site earlier today and it is completely different. The only clubs they had were Orlimar and Powerbilt. Have they discontinued their former lines, Acer, Power Play, And Dynacraft?
  3. I'm retiring at the end of this year and am looking at dong two to three times a week.
  4. I use a two wheel pull cart but I always push it and have no problem using that way. It's also much easier on my body than pulling it. I need to replace it though and am wondering what would be the benefits of a 3 wheeler over a two wheeler? Oh and I'm 69 but in good shape.
  5. Anybody else still playing this hybrid? I jus seem to hit it better than any other hybrid I'e tried.
  6. I see a lot written on how to hit a driver with an upward angle and how to hit irons by hitting the ball before the ground (I don't like the term "hit down") but I see very little on how to hit a fairway club. I assume it should be a level hit as opposed to either up or down. Your thoughts or links to good advice.
  7. I also love the older clubs. No badges or unnecessary markings, stampings, etc. Just clean well designed instruments that perform. I've got a set of Hogan Edge GS irons and a set of Apex Plus irons I play with, And I do enjoy visiting the classic club section.
  8. texengr

    19° loft

    Wilson Fybrid 19.5 degree is a good club.
  9. http://www.themackenziegolfbagcompany.com/ They have some nice stuff.
  10. [quote name='J-Blade' timestamp='1409350547' post='10033165'] "When you really, really love golf"..... I had one many years ago after our third child. Did it on Friday and rested all weekend without any problems. My doc told me about a guy he did that worked construction and couldn't pass up the chance to put in some weekedn overtime.The guy came back after teh weekend with his balls the size of oranges. “I’ve been told by those who have experienced (vasectomies), do it Saturday before the final round of the Masters so I’ve got an excuse to sit around and watch it.” – Drew Brees [/qu
  11. +1 Aussie Chiller. another option is HeadNHome.com. they have some cool leather brimmed hats with a mesh crown.
  12. Radagast is correct. The cap is an Ivy Cap. I have 2 Borsalinos, one wool and one linen and I love them. i got mine from hats-plus.com. Kangol is the other popular brand but they are update and not quite theclassic style like a Borsalino. There is alos a duckbill cap which is popular now. teh brim is more baseball cap like with a mild curve to it.
  13. I'm glad you're into the style. When the kids see someone your age wearing those horrible caps the fad will certainly die and quickly.
  14. What color of shoes do you guys think lool good with shorts? I wear Footjoy contours and am thinking about buying a pair of icons. I'm 60ish but still "with it".
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