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  1. Moving in a month so have finally decided to sell of the things I never got around to. I ship extremely promptly, guaranteed. Also, will be listing much more items for sale in the near future. Let me know if you have any questions Cash is king unless you have some sort of tour Camerons. All offers will be considered and responded to 1. Scratch Combo Iron Set. 3-5 irons are AR-1, 6-PW are SB-1. KBS Tour shaft, stiff flex. Bought these on a whim on here a year or so ago. I let the pictures do most of the talking but on the 8 and 9 irons, there is a chip on the bottom of the face.
  2. 5-PW heads,Have a couple of items for sale as I begin my spring cleaning. Due to my recent move, this sale is cash only. No trades. I am more than willing to listen to offers though. 1. Callaway Diablo Edge Tour Fairway Wood. 15* of loft, 3 wood. Excellent, near mint condition. Crown is perfect, comes with matching headcover. Looking for $60 shipped Crown Face Sole Package with matching headcover 2. TaylorMade r9 TP B iron heads. These are tour only heads and have the appropriate TXXXXX serial stamped on each hosel. I received them last summer but never got a chance to sh
  3. A couple of items for sale: I purchased these a couple of months ago and never got around to shafted them up so I am going to sell these off. As always, cash is king but willing to listen to cash offers. Only trade would be for Scotty Cameron Headcovers. Willing to make good deal if purchasing both. I have up for sale the 5-PW Taylormade Tour Issue R9 TP "B" heads (355 tip), they have TXXXXX serial numbers. I would rate the 8.7/10 (conservative), I took these with my point and shoot (Canon S95) so they aren't the best of pictures. If you need better pics PM me and I can get them for you. Th
  4. I'm more than willing to listen to offers so include those with your PMs
  5. Finally found my driver and fairway woods so I want to sell these off. As always, cash is king but willing to listen to offers. Really want CG14 (52-54) and Vokey (58-60) wedges as well as TaylorMade R9 and R11 tips. Guaranteed to ship by next business day after payment or I will refund half of your purchase price. If you want to purchase more than one, then more than willing to take offers for combo deals. 1. G15 10.5* Driver with Serrano 60-S shaft. Stiff flex, standard length/lie. Club is clean with only minor imperfections that are not noticeable at address. Please see pictur
  6. S300, Flighted 6.0I have two extra sets of shaft pulls laying around the house that will not be used. Cash is king but trades and offers will be listened. Take both for $90 shipped 1. Dynamic Gold S300, 3-PW. 3 iron starts out at 37 3/8". PW is at 34 1/8". Half inch increments except between 9 iron and PW in which the jump is 1/4". Nike branded grips. Grips have been used for a season. Looking for $50 shipped 2. Rifle Flighted 6.0, 4-PW. 4 iron starts out at 37 1/8". PW is at 34 3/8". Half inch increments except between 9 iron and PW in which the jump is 1/4". Golf Pride Mul
  7. This account has been compromised. The seller is asking paypal payments to be sent to: [size=2][email protected], which is a known scammer email. Also, asking for payment to be "gifted" or "payment owed"[/size] [size="2"] [/size] [size="2"]For more information, see the following threads:[/size] [size="2"] [/size] [size="2"][url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/424987-alert-email-addresses-that-have-been-compromised/"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/424987-alert-email-addresses-that-have-been-compromised/[/url] [/size] [size="2"] [/size] [size="2"][url="http://www.golfwrx.
  8. [quote name='dbloom136' timestamp='1293732242' post='2866173'] Would that Motore work in a SF TP? [/quote] You would need to pull the shaft from the r9 tip but yes, it would fit as this shaft is a .335 tip and the SF TP hosel is .335
  9. Matrix and Graphite Designs are SOLD! NV/Ping are pending Only Motore F1 65 TP still available
  10. Priced to Want Them GoneI have been accumulating and realized I need to get rid of some shafts that I will never use. Priced to sell but feel free to make offers. Prefer payment owed.... As for trade, only looking for gift cards and Scratch wedges. Purchase two, take $6 off; three, take $12 off. Take them all for $100 shipped 5. Fujikura Motore F1-65, x-flex. Ungripped but can put on a generic grip free of charge. SuperTri TP tip. 44" length. $SOLD 1. Graphite Design Pershing 65-S. Gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet. 42.5" length. $SOLD 2. Graphite Design Tour A
  11. For sale is a brand new Titleist Vokey Oil Can Spin Milled 58-08 wedge. I received this as a gift but I am partial to my Scratch wedges. Cash is king but would be willing to trade for gift cards (Amazon/Walmart/GS/GG) as well as high end shafts. Also, looking for a Nike red winter jacket in size XXL. Looking for $SOLD shipped
  12. I went to GG today and they will match the coupon.
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