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  1. Stock photos are another good sign to stay away
  2. I'm guessing he bought it as "tour issue" and maybe didn't know any better. I'm not sure I like the fact that he's now fighting it. His name should be revealed.
  3. TM needs to do something to make it safe to buy tour Issue gear. Years back it was the paint break and a serial number that was "TXXXXX", add to that the conversation between Will Peoples and Dave Trom on here a few weeks back, and there's no way I'd buy anything labeled as "Tour issue" unless I carried it off the tour van myself, and even then is better have a somewhat legible "+" on it, that one looks like it was etched by someone recovering from a stroke. Hope it's legit OP.
  4. Sliding weight does not click. I also noticed that and was able to find a WRX thread that confirmed the sliding weight isn't designed to click That information is incorrect. They all click, and were intended to do so.
  5. No it's not...:you can see the HC logo above the specs if there was Thanks! I was looking for it , but thought maybe it just wasn't showing up.
  6. That was a great bomber in its day, albeit the loudest driver on the range, guaranteed! Great shape and a wonderful stick for someone looking for a good driver. GLWS!
  7. I'd maybe flip those Vegas on eBay instead of here.
  8. You can't even find a "completed sale" of the prototypes, so I'm assuming you're talking about the std. Modus 3. In which case ,you're comparing apples to oranges, and the pricing was still WAY lower when compared to similar sales. Looked like pretty newgrips on them as well.
  9. The newer Callaway wrenches don't torque (don't click when the screw is tightened adequately) so don't crank down on it. Well, I don't think any of the wrenches themselves ever torqued, that's in the screw and female component. The hosel obviously still torque clicks, but I'm coming to think both the foreweight and sliding track weight do not torque click. they both click on mine, but it takes a good turn. I wasn't sure, so I gave it a little more than I thought it should need, and it definitely clicks.
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