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  1. [quote name='WilliamTighe' timestamp='1402364215' post='9463599'] What do you guys think about their running and gym shorts? I go to the gym, and also run and Im close to pulling the trigger on the pace breaker shorts. [/quote] There are only 2 shorts I would consider. The pace breakers if you like a liner or the core shorts if not. Core's are 2" longer. Btw if you like their sweatpants I highly recommend the new core short cotton's. I can't stop wearing them...they are the perfect pair of lounging around summer shorts.
  2. [quote name='devey07' timestamp='1403142933' post='9528825'] I love lulu lemon as a company. they make exceptional clothes ... however im not about to rock their gear on the golf course. [/quote] I thought the same way too until I tried on their new metal vent tech polo. Fits and performs like RLX apparel. If you look closely at some of the tour photos you'll see a few guys wearing lulu on the range.
  3. I love my G25 3 wood. Kind of cool that he's changing it up a bit.
  4. It's interesting that none of the Fourteen Staffers I've seen play Fourteen irons. Saw Chad Collins in Greg's Wachovia pics switched out his MP57's for J40CB's. I'm surprised you can't just get someone at Fourteen or Cool Clubs to custom grind your wedges. Having hit Titleist CB's/MB's extensively before as well as the FH1000's, I'd stick with the Fourteens, especially since you've got those sweet tour only CB's. To me there is barely any difference in the forgiveness levels of the Titleist CB's vs. MB's, and the "feeling" doesn't compare to the FH1000's.
  5. HA HA! No offense Scratch. All of my buddies that work for Titleist and play competitive golf all Rock the AP2's. Might be just a far departure from the soft forged blades that Tai has been playing over the years.
  6. Oh the humanity. You start playing AP2's and I'll trade in all of my RLX for [i]Walter Hagen[/i].
  7. Hurt my back so I don't post a whole lot anymore, but always love checking in on your threads. Great work as always Tai. Cool Clubs looks awesome...reminds me of a place called http://clubchampiongolf.com which just opened up a location in my hood.
  8. [quote name='HackerDav31' timestamp='1397001621' post='9050139'] I have to go Pure 360. Basically the replacement to the adipure for this year. They're pricey, but worth every penny. Most comfortable shoe I've worn. Tried everything out there… Hated the DNA shoes… they were not very comfortable, looked ridiculous with shorts, and have heard about green issues and bottoms coming unglued since. Also not a big fan of the look of the TW and Lunar shoes but comfort-wise they were definitely there. Still wanted something a little more sporty than an icon, so these did the job nicely! Nothing better out there in my opinion! [/quote] I really wanted to like the DNA's but damn are they "skinny" looking. I wear shorts 99% of the time and I agree, they just don't look right with them.
  9. Got a few extra RLX pieces to let go of to make room for some new (says the wife). :busted_cop: Prices are FIRM. No trades please. Just add $5 to your purchase so I can ship them priority and you have them in 2/3 days with tracking. Only asking half of the retail price. New RLX White with black/blue stripe polo. Size Large $45 New RLX Green/white stripe polo. Size Large $45 New RLX white and red plaid short. Size 34 $50 New RLX Red multicolor plaid short. Size 34 $50sold New RLX Black Cypress short. Size 36 $45sold New RLX Navy Cypress short. Size 36 $45sold PM With any questions :telephone:
  10. I have to be honest. I got fit for the SLDR on an outdoor range when it first released last summer, by one of our former wrx'rs. I was playing an 8.5 G20 and he fit me into a 12* head clicked down to 11.25*. I was launching what looked to be moonballs, but the numbers didn't lie, I was hitting the ball much further. Even though I loved the look, sound, and feel, I couldn't bring myself to putting a driver stamped "12" into my bag. Months later TM started the "Loft Up" campaign and now seeing how many guys are either testing out or carrying the 12* head has validated to me that a higher lofted driver isn't just for the Depends crowd.
  11. Actually the one JW is referring to is his 8.5 with 7.2 tour spec which I did buy from him. That thing was like a telephone pole so I had to move it on to a new home. Too bad...I could have charged him double. LOL!
  12. Amazing Ping G20 Driver with GD Di6-X shaft. 8.5 degrees. It's been my gamer for 2 years and has never let me down. A few swing changes has me needing a little more loft. Purchased this from JW and it was previously built for a web.com guy. Plays at 45" and D3+ swingweight. Amazing combo. Asking $285 shipped. Club is in minty shape minus one hairline scratch on the crown which can probably be buffed out. Two new RLX striped polo shirts. Both smalls. They fit a little bigger and run more like a fitted medium. Purple and white is $50 shipped. Baby blue and white is $50 as well. Set of Polo Ralph Lauren wool knit headcovers. Green and navy stripe. Asking $45 shipped. Only trade I'm looking for is an SLDR 12 or 10.5* driver.
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