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  1. Yes. 120x through rest of irons. Just played a few rounds with the wedge shafts now, and I feel massive improvement.
  2. I had the 120x in my wedges and just moved to the Modus Wedge 125. The 120X just ballooned on me a lot. Much happier with the wedge shafts.
  3. Do you know the overall swing weights? Is your 7 iron now the same swing weight as your prior?
  4. If I wanted to fill in some scrapes/chips on the white paint part...what is the best option? Thanks!
  5. What can anyone tell me about this model? Is it rare? I don't remember seeing one with the "art of putting" on the bottom. I realize it's in rough shap, but was considering getting it refinished depending on its value.
  6. Nope. Bought it off the shelf from a PGA Tour Superstore.
  7. Came on my Sim from Global golf. Thing seems SUPER whippy. Now it is about 3/4" longer than my current shaft (KuroKage Silver Tini 70 X). But wow. .feels like a regular shaft. Is this a known thing with this line?
  8. So, I am struggling with my wedges. I have Nippon Modus3 X in my irons and like them. I do not like them in my wedges. Way too high. 114 with driver. 190 6 iron. Fast swing tempo with aggressive change of direction. Hit a pretty straight ball. Considering trying some of the Nippon 125 Wedge shafts but concerned the extra 15+ grams of weight will feel weird. Any other low launching shafts to look at? TIA
  9. I got a 2021 P770 3 iron bent 2° strong. It's a beast. It's forgiving. It's pleasant to the eye. And I can still hit it off the short grass.
  10. Literally bought one of those off a guy last week. Still willing to take a peek. DM me?
  11. Has an area of imperfection with minor rusting on the back. May send it to get re-chromed if I don't get interest. I see they're going for $350+ on ebay. I'm going to ask $300. It's $35 for re-chroming by a golf club specific metal working company.
  12. Oh really. That's very interesting. I wonder if the life of the grooves is different? I found the groove life for the EFs to be very long.
  13. You are mistaken. I said EF wedges. Go look at pictures of the face when you Google them.
  14. The insert isn't removable like some of the older wedge series by TM. And literally 99.9% of them I've ever seen have the insert.
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