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  1. Mizuno Bettinardi putter model C-04. Pretty good shape...face is near mint. Some minor bag chatter on the edges. 35". Headcover included. $175 shipped to CONUS.
  2. Did the shim. All supplies from Golfworks. About 50 hits in...head is solid as a rock. Appreciate all of your input!
  3. This is very interesting. So depending on strike, it would appear the KK might go somewhat higher with a bit more spin than the Tensei? Thank you kindly by the way.
  4. I use a TM RSi 1 3 iron. It's 18° stock. I used to use a UDI, but found I didn't like the turf interaction and so it was only useable off the tee for me. This 3 iron is a rocket launcher and being a players improvement iron, is exceptionally easy to hit off the turf and tee. I used a steel shaft in mine as I like the weight of it better in an iron.
  5. Standard XS. I'm not the man I was 15 years ago lol. Can you tell me the differences you noticed in the TX?
  6. For those who may have hit them, what are the differences between...this is for fairway woods. Kuro Kage Silver Tini 70g XS and Tensei CK orange 70g XS Thanks!
  7. My iron head came loose, and I am trying to do the reshaft myself as it's a skill I'd like to learn. This head came loose twice before and each time it was "fixed" by a golf shop (two different ones), it came loose again after about 100 hits. It's a .355 shaft and a .370 head. The prior fixes appear to just have used a bunch of epoxy and possible glass beads to fill in the difference. What does this board suggest? Doing the same with extra epoxy/glass beads? Using a shim? If I use a shim, do I still use the glass beads? Thanks! It's a TM RSi1 head and a DG X100 shaft.
  8. Shaft was not 80 grams. TM Bubble shafts were R-80, S-90, TS-100. I believe it was a reference to swing speed.
  9. Do you find the skechers to be supportive enough? The two pair I've tried on felt like beach shoes.
  10. Not even close to wide enough. My girlfriend is an orthotist and knows her feet/shoes. Says 40-60% of American men have wide feet and chronically have ill fitting shoes on. Why doesn't some company understand that and make a shoe that is actually foot shaped?
  11. I am a short fat guy with wide, flat feet. My left foot is shaped like a duck's. I have tried wide sizes in the Pro/SL and Code Chaos...neither wide enough...code Chaos wide is BARELY wider than their medium. It's ridiculous. I need a shoe with a fair bit of support and wide. I used to LOVE the FJ Contours in wide as they were supportive enough in the arch and cushiony enough to be very comfortable. But they've changed the design significantly and no longer. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Like new...used one round and two practice sessions. Just too long for me. 35". Factory stroke lab oversize grip. Headcover included. $140 shipped (sold) M3 3 iron. 18°. 2 iron DG X100 installed. 2° flat. Club bends easily sue to bending slot if you want it neutral again. Tried this as a driving iron that is easier to hit out of the fairway. It's a cannon but went a different direction. Nearly new MCC grip. $90 obo.
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