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  1. > @"Birdie Mac" said: > > @TheGulag said: > > OMG Rory wow.... > What happened on 18?! And 16?! > Lack of focus happened. I really see no other answer that makes sense.
  2. I really like the Pride Plastic tees as they are stout enough not to bend when trying to put a tee in the rock hard tee boxes I always seem to play on. Don't mind wood just have to carry so many with me because of them breaking all the time.
  3. I can always count on you Augusta, to give me a steady response of a no each year. Maybe one year you will slip up and let me in lol
  4. > @DavePelz4 said: > How can they stop showing Phil's shot as the ball is rolling back toward the hole? Who's producing this? Especially to show a ~3ft putt from Rahm....
  5. > @"Strömsborg" said: > The USGA can do whatever they want as long as the course is hellishly difficult. I want the pros to suffer. ok satan, lol
  6. I HATE ads in the threads. I thought it was because I wasn't logged in to my account, nope still there after login. What joke.
  7. Think of how the dude feels right now that bet like 88K on Tiger
  8. Molinari is starting to feel the pressure now I think
  9. Should have listened to everyone here and not clicked that link....
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