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  1. Our Titleist Rep told us that there will not be an updated Select line for 2022 but rather some new Phantom shapes. I was a little disappointed. My speculation is that you will see more of a Black color theme in the Phantom shapes to coincide with the Limited release in the above post.
  2. Looks like somebody already reported this so I apologize for the repeat news.
  3. I was attending the Travelers Championship today and saw Bubba take out the Driver. To my shock the Pink Bi Matrix was nowhere to be found. He was gaming the PX Even Flow Black. Anyone else surprised by the switch? His game needs a spark that's for sure.
  4. I talked to the Oban Tour Rep at the PGA show. He told me Henrik finally cracked the face of his trusty Diablo Octane Tour. Hence the switch. He also told me he was using the Oban Tour Limited in that club as well but it looks like that's up for debate.
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