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  1. Is rorys lid online anywhere? All I can see is the tropical twist colour in legacy91
  2. I honestly don’t get how it all sells at the moment the stuff is way behind most brands now in regards to design and quality
  3. https://sneakernews.com/2021/03/17/jordan-adg-3-golf-shoes-release-date/ true blue images on here
  4. In uk we can’t buy off the site we have to find a retailer
  5. These things happen making a big fuss over very very little. We all try to act like golf is so gentlemen and godly but come on mannnnnn
  6. Callaway could sign JT to a clothing deal now
  7. Yer that’s the one. I’m trying to get hold of a large to see what’s best. When ordering it said standard for but then on another site it says loose fitting. It’s defo loose fitting
  8. Got the anorak today and it is quite big fitting I’d probably recommend on going size downer if you are on the verge of one or the other go with the lower
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