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  1. Looks like the odd few bits are dropping from the spring collection possibly on ndc USA
  2. can someone dm the pics to me please
  3. The lunar control vapor are probably the best traction on a golf shoe I’ve had. I play in England and know all about bad weather. Genuinely nothing beats them.
  4. They kind of have a look of other nike shoes that use the carbon plate
  5. After getting the ZIT this morning these release FML https://www.golfposer.com/brands/nike-golf/nike-golf-shoes-air-max-270-g-shield-black-2020
  6. One day, just one day he may play a spider ?
  7. Wonder if titleist drops him anytime soon
  8. Believe so but they do look like they’ve been taken in a bit for a tighter fit maybe?
  9. Air Jordan 5 Golf Tie Dye CW4205-100 | SneakerNews.com jordan tie dye
  10. The 270s are tight at getting on the foot at first but I have no issue with anything else. Didn’t seem to be tight or running small when in them at all. Really comfy.
  11. Done 18 holes and a range session today in 270s. Mega comfy it was wet too and they keep really clean
  12. Fall catalog on bsn sports now :)
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