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  1. Man, I wish I didn't already have a few sets of irons cause I really wanna try these out! Ugh!
  2. I would stick with the Mizzie's! I have a $1100 set of Mavrik's with graphite shafts just sitting here collecting dust that after one round, just don't fit me! I found a set of JPX825's with graphite shafts in them and wow what a set of clubs! I like them alot and hit them well.
  3. Ball wise, is one version better then the other? Sometimes 2.0 may not be better then 1.0 so I ask!
  4. I seen this but I have a question. What is the difference on the Pix golf balls where ones states "2.0"? Is that a newer version? I wanna try a couple dozen of the TP5x ones!
  5. I have some backup stuff but mainly it is because I haven't sold it off yet. That said, I do keep some extra clubs but they are not exactly the same, I keep some clubs like hybrids, FW's, wedges that are a different makeup so if I decide to drop the 3wd for example, I can use a 5wd and a difference degree hybrid for gapping or if my iron set doesn't have a GW, I can use a different degree set of wedges like 52/56 vs 50/57.
  6. I play both and for me the AVX feels a little firmer off the tee then the Chrome Soft but still has great spin around the greens and approach shots. I switch back and forth still because I like the Truvis pattern mainly! ?
  7. Since I want a 5, 7, 9 and GW, we should buy a set and split it! ?
  8. I am in the process of making a walking bag which will consists of the following clubs and a stand bag. All graphite shafted except the SW and putter so it should be pretty light carry! Driver 3wd 3H 5 iron 7 iron 9 iron GW (50 deg) SW (57 deg) Putter I played this exact setup the last time out but was riding with a friend and shot one of the best rounds of the year! ?
  9. This is what I was thinking! Bend the wedge two degrees weak!
  10. I had a full bag with Driver, 3wd, 5wd, 4H, 5-GW, 54, 58 and putter. I just went down to Driver, 3wd, 3H, 5-GW, 57 and putter after receiving my 3H to replace the 5wd and 4H so that is a 12 club bag. So fast forward to about a week ago when I golfed last. I went down club wise even further and played Driver, 3wd, 3H, 5, 7, 9, GW, 57 and putter and shot one of the best rounds all year only using 9 clubs! Go figure! I plan on keeping this 9 club set if I can actually find just those irons I need but maybe you should consider my 12 club bag setup and see how that works
  11. Okay so maybe I am the minority but for me since my driver spin is high which is caused by my negative AoA so I am told, I use the SZ models for less spin! My current model the Mavrik SZ is also about 20-25 yards farther then the Epic Flash SZ and Rogue SZ that I played prior so I am ecstatic at the results from the Mavrik SZ. I don't normally have much problem finding the fairway off the tee so that has not been an issue with any driver. Oh and my driver speed is about 90. I also have the Cobra F9 and it is not any SZ type driver but it seems like a get a little less spin anyw
  12. I use a 57 deg wedge. It was a 60 that I had bent to a 57 and it has been working out great. I carry one less wedge now.
  13. lil'mike

    12 club bag

    Well today was a trial day for me! I went with the following setup for the first time. So I had nine clubs total and shot a 40/43 on a course playing white tees playing just short of 6000 yds. Driver 3wd 3H (19 deg) 5 iron (25 deg) 7 iron (32 deg) 9 iron (40 deg) GW (50 deg) SW (57 deg) Putter That score is one of my lowest this year and I would say average or typical round is around 88-90. Right around bogey golf, give or take a couple strokes!
  14. lil'mike

    12 club bag

    I have been thinking about using less clubs for a short while now and tomorrow I am gonna try out this setup. Driver 3wd 3H 5 iron 7 iron 9 iron GW SW Putter I was going to go with the setup below but to me I have too much loft gap between 3H and 6 iron, also from PW to SW so decided to use the above setup. Driver 3wd 3H 6 iron 8 iron PW SW Putter
  15. lil'mike

    12 club bag

    ^^^ This. Try driver, 3wd, hybrid, 6, 8, PW, 54 SW and putter.
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