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  1. I like the AVX alone myself. A buddy gave me a sleeve to try and I was very impressed with them. I didn't think I would be because I thought they would play just like the ProV's but they don't.
  2. Man, I only paid $200 for mine new! Good to know I didn't over pay! lol
  3. On the phone with a company and ordered a g425 Max driver yesterday around 4pm, got it today!
  4. ^^^^^^ This! I too think they are point and shoot! No issues with sound, feel or looks behind the ball!
  5. Driver, 4wd (16 degree) and 4H (21 degree) ,then 5 iron on down! Just started trying a 7wd in place of the 4H and not sure I like it as well as the hybrid! The hybrid is more versatile to me! Time will tell!
  6. So why does the buyer lose out because you didn't calculate it right? That's bad business, you should have sucked it up paid the rest of the cost and shipped the item! Then the buyer would be happy, no thread about your deal and you could have just chalked it up to a lesson learned then been more careful next time you sold something! I will say that you have to keep the box length under 48 inches or you can get charge more!
  7. Played my second round with these yesterday and all I can say is that they are very good irons! They are not hard to hit and very solid! My distances were on, the feel is there so I know where I am striking the ball on the face! They don't look as big as some other GI irons. Most GI irons I don't hit very well because of the big soles and me being more of a sweeper but I can hit these just fine!
  8. Loved the 762's! Got my only hole in one with them back in 2005. As others said, the Minnie's are good clubs so get them more time and work out the swing!
  9. The top flite gamer used to be the best deal in town when you cou,d get them for about $11-12 a dozen on sale. Not bad for a 3 piece ball. I don't think those deals exist anymore!
  10. I got a chance to hit ny g425 lst driver today for the first time on the golf course and it is sweet! I know Pings are longer so I do choked down about ab half inch but this club is solid and no bad sound to me! I am not sure if it longer than my Mavrik Sub Zero because it was so windy today!
  11. I had a chance to play a round today with my g425's and I am very impressed! It does take a little to get used to these but wow what a solid iron set! I didn't get to the range before the round so first time hitting was right on the golf course! I wish I would have played better but the 18 mph with gusts to 35 made it tougher to tell distances but the feel was solid for sure! I aloplayed the g425 lst driver and fairways for the first time too and again, very solid clubs! I will need more time of course to get things dialed in but glad I was able to get my hands on them!
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