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  1. Both Callaway drivers and shafts have been sold/traded. Bump for the remaining items so let's get them new homes! Thx.
  2. Selling off some clubs I don't use! Payment by PayPal or local pick up and pay in cash! Sold.....1.) Two Callaway Mavrik drivers, one Sub zero at 10.5 and a Max at 9 degrees. I have two shafts available, one is the Riptide 50g in stiff and the other is an Oban White tie set at Reguler plus (between regular and stiff flex.) See last pic. Heads= $sold and traded Full club=$sold and traded 2.) Callaway Steelhead XR 4wd and Heavenwood (7wd) with stock regular flex shafts. $160 for the set. Sold.....3.) Titleist 913h, 3H at 19 degree with stock 72h
  3. Okay the results are in from yesterday's round with the following setup. Driver 3wd 14 deg 4h 21 deg 5i 7i 9i PW SW 57 deg Putter As I mentioned the course was 6700 yds. Not particularly hard or tough layout but a few holes were. I could have easily left the 3wd out. The hardest part was using the PW for every shot from inside 100 yards so lots of partial/feel shots which I wasn't used to. Played/hit about 60-70% on that part. In the past always used a 52 deg for that. Driver wasn't as good as usual but tried a new shaft in it
  4. Another thing I questioned is if any of you guys run into problems when playing long courses? I am not a real long ball hitter, roughly 220 or so with driver and the course I am playing tomorrow is 6700 yds. I might add a 3wd to the mix or I may just see what happens! lol
  5. Did you find the rain cover? Any trade interests?
  6. Can you check on older set? S/N 162341N. Thx.
  7. So question, if you want a partial set BUT want a more current iron set then say Ping i3 do you try to buy individual irons or a full set and just leave the other irons out?. I have a partial set bag setup now but the only backup set is the i3's with the weaker lofts by today irons. I like having stronger lofted irons as it will help my game I think by giving me more range in distancex! Make sense? I am going to use the 5,7,9 and PW. Even if I could get the bent stronger say 2 to 3 degrees! 1999 Iron 1
  8. Good to know! My setup will be different but of course Subject to change once I try mine out this weekend. I am planning on using Driver, 19 hybrid, 5, 7, 9, PW, 57 and putter plus one more but not sure on what yet! I may add 3wd, change to 18 and 21 hybrids or add a 52 wedge. I have a friend that likes to play from the blues so that is why I am considering a 3wd, otherwise just considering top bag gaps since I don't hit it that far nowadays! Then again it may change on course length playing only!
  9. Bought brand new and used them for one round so they are in excellent condition! The s/n matches on 5-PW with th U wedge has a different s/n but all were purchased at the same time, it's just that I didn't want to order wait for matching gap so just took one that was in stock! Same specs though! 5-U Black dot lie Standard length Stock Alta CB Red graphite shafts Looking for only $760 plus $28 to ship! Contact me with any questions! Thx.
  10. I won't be playing til Sunday most likely but will let you know how it goes! I will also comment if I need to make any club changes as I don't hit them too far nowadays! Considering adding a 3wd is what is on my mind but we will see! Please post how it goes fir you too!
  11. I am gonna play a set similar to this, Driver 19 deg hybrid 5i 7i 9i PW SW 56 Putter
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