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  1. I had one in 2005 using a Titleist 762 iron and playing a Maxfli Noodle ball. Titleist sent me a bag tag and Taylormade sent me a divot tool. I also received a "hole in one society" ball marker but not sure now which company sent that!
  2. I bought a used set of Pings in a combo set to try out because I wanted to see what I would think of them. My set is a few years older and the set is Ping G irons in 5 thru 7, then the Ping iE1's in 8 thru Gap. My only concern or question on them is because of the two different models, did Ping when they made them adjust the lofts any to blend them in. The reason I as curious is the the G 7 iron shows 30.5 degrees and then the iE1 8 iron is 36 degrees. If I could change this set, I would also make the 7 iron an iE1 and just have the 5 and 6 the G model. I could also see myself swapping out the 5 iron for a hybrid, then go 6 on down with the iE1's so not so much a combo set of irons but with hybrids.
  3. I have played a few sets of these and like them! The feel of them is great! Currently I have a combo set which gives me the 5, 6, 7 iron that are the "G" model and the 8 on down to the gap is the iE1's. They are very easy to hit!
  4. Currently these but I may not keep them! Ping G (5-7) and iE1 (8-U).
  5. Mine was in 2005 and I was using the Maxfli Noodle because it was in November in Michigan but about 55 degrees! Still have the ball, signed card, etc and little stuff I was sent by Taylormade.
  6. Just want to add that the Epic Flash is a very good driver! I have used one off/on for awhile and of course I had to sell mine in the hunt for something even better but just picked up another one and it is not going anywhere! They came out in 2019 if memory serves so you should be able to find one around $200 and at that price they are worth it for sure! I also have a g425 Max and I lean towards the Epic over the Ping as to which one is a better and longer driver, for me anyway!
  7. Ping G and iE1 combo set in graphite! Got these a while ago! Not sure I really like them though!
  8. Trade fir a g425 LST 10.5 with a Hazardous Smoke stiff flex shaft? Full driver or just the head?
  9. Since these two sets have slightly different lengths and lofts, does anyone familiar with Ping have an idea on how they might blend them fir the combo set? Both iron specs attached in pdf! Thx. G iron and iE1 Specs and CFS 70 graphite shaft specs.pdf
  10. I played the 5wd as my only FW for quite some time! My setup then was driver, 5wd, 4h but then I started playing longer courses around 6300-6600 or a bit more so when I started seeing 215 yd par 3's and some par 5's at 585 yds or close to it I had to change my setup some since I am not a long ball hitter! I don't like carrying a full bag but currently going with driver, 3wd 14 deg, 18 deg and 21 deg hybrids, 5-U, 52, 56 and putter. I will work with and see if I can end up with less clubs by keeping track. May e less irons!
  11. Hi, can I please get the specs for s/n 169946x. Thx.
  12. Yeah I have like 6 reward deals that I can't seem to use! Sucks!
  13. Mavrik SZ and shaft are sold. One more bump for the fairway set and the wedge set! T hx.
  14. I am not a long hitter but use my gap wedge 49 degree that matches my set alot for full swings around the 100 yd mark and in until a getting the yardage of my only other wedge at 57 degree! I do have a 52/56 set but rarely bag them.
  15. Callaway 5wd was sold elsewhere. Tha Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero and Ozik White Tie shaft is available again! Bump forthe Steelhead fairway set and the Cleveland wedge set too! Thx.
  16. Can I get a s/n check for a driver! Just wanna make sure it isn't fake! S/N 038806DL. Also, did they make ir use an Alta 65s light blue shafts in a driver? When I searched I shaft I only see results fir fairway woods! Thx.
  17. Both Callaway drivers and shafts have been sold/traded. Bump for the remaining items so let's get them new homes! Thx.
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