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  1. This is what I was thinking! Bend the wedge two degrees weak!
  2. I had a full bag with Driver, 3wd, 5wd, 4H, 5-GW, 54, 58 and putter. I just went down to Driver, 3wd, 3H, 5-GW, 57 and putter after receiving my 3H to replace the 5wd and 4H so that is a 12 club bag. So fast forward to about a week ago when I golfed last. I went down club wise even further and played Driver, 3wd, 3H, 5, 7, 9, GW, 57 and putter and shot one of the best rounds all year only using 9 clubs! Go figure! I plan on keeping this 9 club set if I can actually find just those irons I need but maybe you should consider my 12 club bag setup and see how that works for your distances!
  3. Okay so maybe I am the minority but for me since my driver spin is high which is caused by my negative AoA so I am told, I use the SZ models for less spin! My current model the Mavrik SZ is also about 20-25 yards farther then the Epic Flash SZ and Rogue SZ that I played prior so I am ecstatic at the results from the Mavrik SZ. I don't normally have much problem finding the fairway off the tee so that has not been an issue with any driver. Oh and my driver speed is about 90. I also have the Cobra F9 and it is not any SZ type driver but it seems like a get a little less spin anyway with this and this club too is longer but not by much over the Epic Flash SZ or Rogue SZ.
  4. I use a 57 deg wedge. It was a 60 that I had bent to a 57 and it has been working out great. I carry one less wedge now.
  5. lil'mike

    12 club bag

    Well today was a trial day for me! I went with the following setup for the first time. So I had nine clubs total and shot a 40/43 on a course playing white tees playing just short of 6000 yds. Driver 3wd 3H (19 deg) 5 iron (25 deg) 7 iron (32 deg) 9 iron (40 deg) GW (50 deg) SW (57 deg) Putter That score is one of my lowest this year and I would say average or typical round is around 88-90. Right around bogey golf, give or take a couple strokes!
  6. lil'mike

    12 club bag

    I have been thinking about using less clubs for a short while now and tomorrow I am gonna try out this setup. Driver 3wd 3H 5 iron 7 iron 9 iron GW SW Putter I was going to go with the setup below but to me I have too much loft gap between 3H and 6 iron, also from PW to SW so decided to use the above setup. Driver 3wd 3H 6 iron 8 iron PW SW Putter
  7. lil'mike

    12 club bag

    ^^^ This. Try driver, 3wd, hybrid, 6, 8, PW, 54 SW and putter.
  8. Ye ol' Ping Rapture 4H at 21 degrees! Great club!
  9. The Mavrik SZ and Cobra F9 are the longest I have hit and I had the G400, Rogue, Epic Flash to just name a few!
  10. Any idea on how long the code is good til? Expires? Thx.
  11. lil'mike

    The Half Set

    I want to put a minimalist bag together so I am looking for a 6, 8 and PW with regular flex graphite shafts that I can use for it. I plan to play Driver (maybe on some longer courses), 3wd 4H, 6, 8, PW, 54 and putter! I would also consider a 3H at 19 degrees instead of the 4H if I had one but not sure it is a big deal! Probably just over thinking it! lol
  12. That Tour Exotics EX9 Tour is the 3wd I use and love it! I think it was either in 2015 or 2016 cause reviews started popping up in early 2016. Excellent fairway though! I would love to try the EX9 Tour #3 hybrid sometime if I can find one!
  13. I seen it one pic that you have the head cover for the Mavrik #4 hybrid's? I will take the Mavrik #4 hybrid with the regular flex shaft. Please PM your Paypal info. Thx. EDIT: Payment sent on the regular flex Mavrik #4 hybrid. Thx.
  14. The only time I ever had a complete, non mixed bag was when I was working for a golf store. My bag is now mixed and I do mix it up at times too! I can match my driver, 5wd and irons sometimes or I can have 5-6 different brands in the bag .
  15. Not necessarily, I am not a "player" by the term I think you are using it but I use the SZ because I have a negative angle of attach and generate too much spin I am told so it helps me control it or say lower it without losing distance and keeps me in a tighter dispersion!
  16. I am actually using the Riptide 50 stiff flex in the Mavrik SZ 10.5 and it rocks! I hit it quite a bit farther then the Epic Flash SZ but I haven't tried the Riptide in the Epic Flash SZ head yet!
  17. I received my stuff a week or so ago and the plan was to replace the top end except for the driver really. The F9 is not quite as good as my Mavrik SZ but it is pretty close so I may keep it as a backup. As far as the 3wd, 5wd and 4H goes, I like my old clubs better which is a bummer so these will not be staying !
  18. Not sure what I will end up with. I have a Cobra F9 driver, F9 fairway's and F9 hybrid to move first so it may be awhile! :)
  19. I hope so! I just picked up that Ti-Bubble 2 set with graphite shafts locally for cheap that are in very good condition and 3-PW (pictured in OP) to try out since I got fitted and was told I need to hit graphite shafts. I thought these would be a cheap way for me to try some graphites out before I plug some big money down for a set of more current ones! :) Good to hear! Thx.
  20. If I found the right one on the list, it looks like 1998 on the list and shows 77 grams for the weight. Just curious on how the shaft and its weight compare to the ones out now. Thx.
  21. Now that I read this, I believe you are correct! I wish I could find the shaft weight but oh well. Thx.
  22. Like I said in subject, I am trying to find out the weight of the R80 bubble graphite shafts and the iron lofts of the Taylormade Ti-Bubble 2 irons that were made in 1997. One could assume that the graphite shaft is 80 grams hence R80 but just wanted to know if anyone knows for sure. I tried Google but didn't come up with anything! Thx.
  23. I could use a code to if anyone has one! Please and thank you! Please PM code.
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