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  1. I’ll take the Taylormade’s at $25 per shaft and $8 per grip PM sent
  2. For those whose shoes break or wear out shortly after the 60-90 period or if you get caught up in a 6-month after manufacture scenario but they fail/break shortly after YOU start using them, you may be able to use the threat of implied warranty of merchantability to get remediation. Goods sold in the US need to be fit for their intended purpose. Shoes that fail after a few wears clearly are unfit for their intended purpose. You may have to go higher up the chain with the company to get someone who understands what that is, but if the mfr is large enough there usually is someone. Wont work is you’ve put some miles on ‘em, but could be helpful if they fail on day 61 of a 60-day expressed warranty.
  3. I end up buying a lot from GG and I was also miffed when I went into the new one by me for the first time and I couldn’t get launch and spin data anymore without a “fitting.” The associate hung with me for a minute so I could get about 10 quick swings worth of data before he turned it back off. It’s not enough of an issue for me to stop going there, but it seemed capricious. I wanted to see how that particular club/shaft did for me generally, I didn’t want to get fit into new clubs. I don’t mind paying for a fitting if that’s what I want (though I probably wouldn’t pay for one there- and not a knock on them I prefer to see actual ball flight). it’s a change- so people are likely to be put off by that. It’s a business decision GG has made to drive more in-store fittings and they hope more new club sales. I suppose that’s their response to the tire kickers and guys who test there and buy online - if you need launch and spin data I need to get a paid fitting out of you. No more fitting yourself for clubs in the store and buying elsewhere. Can’t fault them there, though I don’t know that that particular rule is going to drive fittings and sales. Too bad there’s no way to know if anyone, when told of the policy, goes “oh ok let me sign up for a $99 fitting and plunk down on new clubs here.” And on the flip side, if you lose foot traffic because ppl like OP don’t just drop into the store anymore to hit clubs, does that have a cost? they probably have no way of tracking that so we’ll never know. Interesting stuff
  4. A cowboy arrives in town on Sunday, he stays for three days...
  5. Thanks, I was able to follow that part of it. Was asking on the off-chance someone may have actually gotten irons instead of a refund. Sorry to those having to take extra steps to get their refund, hope it all works out.
  6. Will Peoples was once bitten by a Cobra. After five days of excruciating pain, the Cobra died.
  7. Not sure. What was up with your bst post?
  8. I like a guy who comes in hard straight away from Post #1 with a piping fresh hot take. Welcome!
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