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  1. No I ordered through WWOG.
  2. Update: Ordered 6/7, received this morning 6/19. No shipping email confirmation. Open box and the shafts are S300 with black/white MCC Aligns. Invoice reads $ tapers with red/black MCC non align version. The inner ho in me says screw it, just play them but I really want what I ordered. SMH.
  3. Backup set needs to go to make room for the new Srixons. These have been gamed but still have plenty of life left. Standard L/L/L. The faces on the PW,9, and 5 show the most wear. Factory Callaway grips, very good condition. Shoot me an offer. $425 shipped.
  4. That's hilarious. They just told me, not even 5 minutes ago that if I switched to S300 they would ship in 2 weeks. Sounds like they really have no idea on inventory/supply right now. I decided to stick with the $ taper fwiw.
  5. Good to know, I just pulled the trigger on some ZX5's with $-Tapers. The Srixon guys said that they have the heads but don't have much of anything in the way of shafts. Said it could be early July before they have the next batch of KBS shafts. That kind of contradicts what some other guys just reported here with KBS so maybe my order can get filled from that last batch of shafts.
  6. Up for sale is a Aldila Green Mamba 70TX that plays right at 44.75. No tipping. It has a Callaway optifit adapter and the color scheme together with my Epic SZ looked great! It is in flawless condition with a brand new MCC Standard +4 grip. Looking to do $150 shipped. SOLD
  7. OP - Did you end up joining? I recently moved close to this course and was a very avid golfer but I am coming off a layoff and really looking to get back into it again. Golf is not dead in Mid TN and I'm finding its getting harder and harder to even get a tee time these days.
  8. If he is losing a full shot on his iron play I really doubt the ball change is to blame for that. Sounds like he is missing the middle. We have all seen it, RF could game a Noodle and still be competitive when he's on with his ball striking.
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