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  1. Trying to clean up some space. Couple of heads being unused, if shafts are needed, feel free to ask. aways interested in graphite iron shafts if trading. Could add some cash too. prices include shipping CONUS. 1) Taylormade M3 9.5* 460cc head only -great condition with the exception of a couple of small chips on the toe side silver paint. Purchased here on the BST a while back like this and was given paint for it which I will include. No dummy marks and face/sole is quite clean. Will include a generic headcover asking $150 $140 shipped
  2. After a long 8 weeks...my Mevo plus has finally arrived. Thus my original Mevo must go. comes with the box, cloth case, manual, stickers, and a longer charge cord cause I lost the original super short one. All is in good working order. asking $SOLD shipped
  3. welp, playing mudball in the PNW has frustrated me to the point of getting rid of everything! prices are shipped CONUS only. only trade interest would be graphite iron shafts (95-110g reg/stiff) or a scotty futura x5 type putter 1) 5-6i z545, 7-9i z765, 48* mizzy T7 bent 47* with recoil 110 F4 in the 5iron and recoil 125 F4 6-PW with MCC+4 standard grips. -playing lengths are -1/4" (37 7/8, 37 3/8, 36 7/8, 36 3/8, 35 7/8, 35 5/8), but have 3/4" graphite extensions. irons are priced accordingly...basically paying for the cost of heads. -standard lie, lofts are 5i: 27*
  4. Decided to go away from steel in the irons to help with soreness. Both sets are in great condition and were pulled from some cobra king cb’s (modus) and srixon combos (dg’s) and played -1/8” in both sets. These were cut to length after install, so lengths may vary in other heads slightly (I’d say no more than +\- 1/8”) prices are shipped CONUS only, trade interests would only be for graphite iron sets 3 or 4-P or GW in the 100-115g range. 1) Nippon Modus 120S 4-GW (no grips) -Raw shaft lengths are noted in the pictures and tip prep will be needed. askin
  5. Thanks stuart_g! With using shims for the first time, i guess I just wasn’t sure what the right amount of force I should be feeling. Ended up shafting up without a problem! thanks!
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