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  1. I’ve found what works and refuse to be tempted and confused by these two beauties. All prices are OBRO shipped CONUS ONLY. Not too interested in trades as I’m trying to fund for an indoor monitor feel free to message me for any questions or additional pics (not trying to overload this ad with pics). 1) Cobra Forged Tec Black 3-PW heads -heads are in great condition, very little wear for black finish. 7 iron has the most ‘wear’ of the set. Have not checked loft/lie in a while, but were standard. asking $385 ==> now $360 $345 shipped
  2. Hi! probably a dumb question, but would one need to pay the ad post fee $5 if over the 75 post min but not a ClubWRX member? thx!
  3. Is it just me or does that look like a crack in the shaft? Any interest to sell just the head too? Thx edit: sorry, i'm a fool, its part of the graphics. my apologies!!!
  4. Should have included this in my previous post...But made the decision to let these go after careful thought. up for sale is a set of combo Srixon Z545/Z765 heads. Set make up is 3i-6i z545, 7i-9i z765 in great condition. 3 & 4 iron heads were reamed to fit .370 shafts as I used them as driving irons (included head weights just in case). 5i has a slight bit of dings I tried to show in pics. Have not checked the loft/lie in a while, but should be std. hosels are all prepped except the 3 & 4, which I’ll clean up before sending. **Will include a scratch 47* head from my previous post for a
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