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  1. Callaway has a number of epic flash fairway woods flagged as women's on their pre owned website. The shafts are obviously women's shafts, but are the heads any different (lighter)?
  2. Good enough ball to be the #1 ball by a mile for PGA pros but not good enough for WRX.
  3. I'll take "s*** that didn't happen for $200, Trebek"
  4. I just hate it when I find miuras in my closet. Sorry for your trouble.
  5. Selling my Mizuno MP5s in solid shape, 3-P, plus a 50* SM6 F grind. Sold PX LZ 6.5, 125g in the MP5, s300 in the sm6. MCC +4 mid grips in gray. Length shown is of 6iron from butt of grip. These are +1/2" I believe. Not positive on loft/lie but a mizuno blade can be bent an insane amount so no worries on loft/lie. I took a picture of each club face. I set them on the ground and just snapped pics one by one, no houdini stuff to get lighting right and hide imperfections. What you see in the pics is what you get. I prefer smooth transactions with happy buyers so feel free to ask any questions and I'm happy to provide more pics. These were my gamers for a year, I play off a scratch with awful putting so I don't beat my clubs to s***. Thanks all
  6. I'm not talking about his gamer. In the Adam scott video where they tried to build an "autoflex replacement", he went all out with both the autoflex and the ventus blue 6x at 46" and swung the same speed. The takeaway there is adding length and reducing weight on his gamer resulted in the same speed as the autoflex (which is longer and lighter than his gamer). Said another way, the takeaway from that video was that the speed gains he experienced from autoflex were simply due to it being lighter and longer than his gamer. Once he adjusted his gamer to be lighter and longer, he swung the same speed as the autoflex. With Louis Oosthuizen testing the autoflex but going with a 55gram STIFF shaft instead, this debate gets more interesting.
  7. Anyone try an autoflex vs a light weight X (or S) flex shaft side by side? Matt at TXG was getting virtually identical swing speeds from a 46" 6X ventus and an autoflex....curious how an even lighter X flex shaft vs autoflex would go.
  8. With the fit for golf app, what equipment do you need for the exercises?
  9. What makes GD shafts "tour issue?" I thought they were all the same.
  10. That's part of my question. The reason they are so cheap on eBay and stuff is because the market gets flooded with them due to large driver OEMs including them as stock offerings. However if you go to Will Peoples or any club fitter and want that shaft, it's $350. Hence why I'm asking are the PX smoke and RDX shafts that came stock with a ton of clubs the same one you pay $350 for if you didn't get it stock? TXG did a great test on the ventus with velocore vs the non velocore ventus that was included as a stock offering in drivers, and the two shafts were meaningfully different. Is that the same with hzrdus smoke and RDX?
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