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  1. Wondering how do you get your golfer to some type of consistent scoring? Background: Daughter 13 been playing since about 8 years old, distance not a issue although could always be better. Almost has a problem with always going at it full throttle. which coach has talked about doing a 80% swing. which she will do at times. Lately been shooting between 89-93 for 18 holes and stuck there, From watching her play at times I keep thinking wow she is gonna shoot a great round one of these days.. next couple of holes I am wondering what the heck is going on. Practices/plays all the time. Fitted f
  2. What is her swing speed? Took her in backyard tonight with swing speed radar and driver .. She was not really down for getting out in the wet grass and was barefoot. average was 75 mph low 70 max 84 might discard this since she started swinging for the radar and not normal but a couple of low 80s sprinkled in. thanks! If it is truly 75mph she needs to be out of Junior Clubs and into an adult mens senior flex shaft with an adult head. The back yard radars are definitely inaccurate. I would go somewhere and get her swing speed measured when she was hitting a ball. A local club pro should
  3. What is her swing speed? Took her in backyard tonight with swing speed radar and driver .. She was not really down for getting out in the wet grass and was barefoot. average was 75 mph low 70 max 84 might discard this since she started swinging for the radar and not normal but a couple of low 80s sprinkled in. thanks!
  4. I am confused. Since when do kids in US Kids tournaments not keep their own scores? We have been doing it since 8 years old and the kids have always kept their own scores. It isn't the adults job to report any penalties. It is the job of the kids to talk about it at the scorers table. In regards to my son, he would call them out on it as soon as it happens. He always pays attention to the kids in his group, which he should. If a kid continues to give the incorrect score I would look at him/her as being shady. It isn't on the parents/caddies to discuss the scores. It is on the kids.
  5. Ok new but related topic.. US kids format..Kid A comes off the hole and says 5..other parents are pretty sure it was a six. Issue is worked out..strokes replayed in talk..6 is recorded for that player.. next week same thing happens.. and the next week.. How would you handle this situation? thanks in advance!
  6. Understand your comments Heavy about the tour differences by location and need to be the same.. Mixed feelings because a boca raton doesn't have to worry about player retention and your 40 players have likely played before and any newcomers are no threat to the top 5.. One incident like this for the small tour though could turn a new player/parent away real quick and it has I'm sure.. Hurts boca raton..not really hurts your startup locations and less populated cities.. A lot! here is the pickle though.. Us kids you don't keep your own scorecard and players are urged to compare scores after eac
  7. What is wrong with the Flynn heads? Just wondering what's the downside? My ten year old daughter is playing her Flynn VT max driver and crushing it.. In tournament Friday drove the green on 220 yard par 4 to 20 feet.. She is averaging around 180 to 200 with it so far. It sounds "different" but when you hear that pop it makes you look lol You guys are making me think I still need to put her in a adult head?
  8. I agree everyone knows the rules but sometimes parents and kids are new to the tournaments and really don't know them. Locally we have different levels of tournament golf. For instance team golf locally is a very low level of play and they even do not count penalties the same way. I believe that is the same in a lot places. At 6 or 7 years old at a local US kids event I would not expect everyone to know every rule of golf. As they advance I would expect them to understand more rules. If you end up at pinehurst I would expect you to understand the rules a lot more and be extra careful. Aft
  9. I bought a Swing Speed Radar about two years ago for us both to use and my daughter loves trying to top her speed record. It is interesting because we quickly found out it wasn't all about how hard she could swing the club with brute force. You can kinda of monitor a small change and see the effect in speed and she can visually see that result... Now saying that, she has struggled with that in some aspects because she goes 100% at everything. Leading to overshot greens that go ob..down the back side hill.. When off waaay off.. I am finding personally it is a hard balance for a child(10 in my
  10. On this same topic of coaches .. How involved is the coach in your child's life? Hard to explain question but is it unreasonable to expect a coach follows up with you to see how golf is going or inquire on need for lessons? Just trying to figure out how to know a good match or not if your not getting a lot of feedback from the child on any.
  11. Just to follow up.. I did buy both books and found the kids really liked the tiger woods book better and I thought it was well laid out and easy enough to read through . Thanks for the recommendations!
  12. I'll have to agree with Heavy no way will I play against the kids.. to much friction between us all. This includes playing against her brother. Quickly learned not to put them up against each other. If I do play with them its always a scramble format. Typically these days, Its just me and her, we ride and just enjoy the time out on the course. Loosely keep score for her and re-hit shots working on making better shots rather than score. We may stop on one hole and work on pitches or chips from various areas of the hole. Let her drive the cart in some areas of the course and for her that's a
  13. Interesting article Dennis thank you! Can't say I have ever seen their speed trainers either . I will have to look at picking one up! Interested in hearing other speed training drills as well.
  14. Can explain what you mean by Action? For her's should I stick with UL or move into TS or maybe a combo? Thanks!!
  15. Ugh yeah I kinda figured that might be the case(Where can you find that info?) on the blue status and kinda explained that to her. Her response.. we WILL play every tourney in the Spring tour lol (to possibly move up status). Hopefully we can get into a State or Regional before then too.. though questionable. All that had me wondering whether to book something now to stay and cancel if needed or just wait it out and hope something still available closer to that time. Thanks for the info on your experiences!
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