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  1. Your middle photo does indicate a putter face in better condition than the 2nd (last) photo from the buyer. The buyer's 1st photo however compare to your photo. Not sure if camera angles or lighting are masking or exaggerating a flaw.
  2. OP - I agree with above, you should post photos as well as the eBay listing. You’re not getting screwed by eBay. Part of selling on eBay is realizing returns are part of the game. What was the sale amount? Best to accept the return and move on.
  3. TIScape - accept the return, no questions asked. You deserve some penalty for using the the term “mint”
  4. These are great pants. Bought 2 pairs, 34x36 Lightweight Everyday Slim Fit pants and wish I picked up a couple more. Perfect slim fit for me. I’m 6’4” 170 lbs I wear 34x36 Levi’s 512 and fit is very similar. The rise on the Hill City pants is a little higher than the Levi’s 512 and sits nearer to waist.
  5. The prior generation jacket is available for $51.96. L, XL and XXL available. Add to cart for price. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/apparel/outerwear/adidas-golf-frost-guard-insulated-jacket/
  6. Agree with VNutz, these issues with USPS are not a recent thing
  7. The above is not an isolated event or a 1 off. I have several other shipments with the same scenario.
  8. Ping driver purchased on eBay DEC 01 NJ to AZ. Seller ships within 1 day, USPS Priority. Wonder if I will receive before the end of of the year. I guess the addition of the red dot should make me feel better High shipping volumes are causing some delays. Please allow extra time. Shipped Step 1 - Completed - Shipped Wed, Dec 2Wed, Dec 2 In transit Step 2 - Exception - In transit Out for delivery Step 3 - Upcoming - Out for delivery Estimated delivery Step 4 - Upcoming - Estimated delivery Wed, Dec 9Wed, Dec 9 Tracking details Dec 7, 2020 9:20pm DEPART USPS FACILITY DENVER, CO 80266 Dec 7, 2020 12:52am PROCESSED THROUGH USPS FACILITY DENVER, CO 80266 Dec 4, 2020 2:36pm PROCESSED THROUGH USPS FACILITY JERSEY CITY, NJ 07097 Dec 2, 2020 6:43pm DEPART POST OFFICE WAYNE, NJ 07470 Dec 2, 2020 9:17am
  9. USPS Priority shipments are currently 15 business days on average from eastern US including Florida to Phoenix, AZ. UPS and FedEx are on a normal delivery schedule., approx 5 business days. I no longer will purchase anything shipped USPS as it seems this schedule is the new normal
  10. Thanks, I more or less knew that. Several reports here and elsewhere state Bryson will play a driver with 48 inch shaft, Phil is playing a 47 1/2 inch shaft, etc.
  11. So Phil is reported to be using a 47 1/2 inches driver shaft and Bryson a 48 inches driver shaft. Are these actually total club lengths (grip, shaft, head)? A 48 inch shaft would create a driver length of at least 49 inches in most non bore through heads.
  12. Accepting a return is the right thing to do. The other circumstances are non factors. Too bad you can’t see that.
  13. I don’t understand the reluctance to accept a return. File a claim
  14. Buying a used shaft is a crap shoot, whether here, eBay or anywhere else. A buyer should always ask and a seller should always disclose The seller should take it back and you should pay shipping If seller won’t accept a return, open a claim through PayPal for undisclosed or not as described
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