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  1. These are great pants. Bought 2 pairs, 34x36 Lightweight Everyday Slim Fit pants and wish I picked up a couple more. Perfect slim fit for me. I’m 6’4” 170 lbs I wear 34x36 Levi’s 512 and fit is very similar. The rise on the Hill City pants is a little higher than the Levi’s 512 and sits nearer to waist.
  2. Looking for an unaltered Ping Distanza shaft with the Ping G410 driver adapter tip
  3. Looking for a 12 degree Ping G410 Plus driver with one of the following stock shafts Alta CB 55 Red SR flex Alta Distanza SR flex Tensei CK Orange 60 R flex Must ship FedEx Ground or UPS
  4. The prior generation jacket is available for $51.96. L, XL and XXL available. Add to cart for price. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/apparel/outerwear/adidas-golf-frost-guard-insulated-jacket/
  5. Agree with VNutz, these issues with USPS are not a recent thing
  6. The above is not an isolated event or a 1 off. I have several other shipments with the same scenario.
  7. Ping driver purchased on eBay DEC 01 NJ to AZ. Seller ships within 1 day, USPS Priority. Wonder if I will receive before the end of of the year. I guess the addition of the red dot should make me feel better High shipping volumes are causing some delays. Please allow extra time. Shipped Step 1 - Completed - Shipped Wed, Dec 2Wed, Dec 2 In transit Step 2 - Exception - In transit Out for delivery Step 3 - Upcoming - Out for delivery Estimated delivery Step 4 - Upcoming - Estimated delivery Wed, Dec 9Wed, Dec 9
  8. USPS Priority shipments are currently 15 business days on average from eastern US including Florida to Phoenix, AZ. UPS and FedEx are on a normal delivery schedule., approx 5 business days. I no longer will purchase anything shipped USPS as it seems this schedule is the new normal
  9. Thanks, I more or less knew that. Several reports here and elsewhere state Bryson will play a driver with 48 inch shaft, Phil is playing a 47 1/2 inch shaft, etc.
  10. So Phil is reported to be using a 47 1/2 inches driver shaft and Bryson a 48 inches driver shaft. Are these actually total club lengths (grip, shaft, head)? A 48 inch shaft would create a driver length of at least 49 inches in most non bore through heads.
  11. Accepting a return is the right thing to do. The other circumstances are non factors. Too bad you can’t see that.
  12. I don’t understand the reluctance to accept a return. File a claim
  13. Buying a used shaft is a crap shoot, whether here, eBay or anywhere else. A buyer should always ask and a seller should always disclose The seller should take it back and you should pay shipping If seller won’t accept a return, open a claim through PayPal for undisclosed or not as described
  14. First to PayPal gets it, prices include shipping: USPS Priority for the heads, FedEx Ground for the Shafts 1. Titleist TS2 10.5 Head only. VG condition, normal face and sole wear, crown and top line are clean. $SOLD$ 2. Titleist 917F2 16.5 Head only. VG condition, normal face and sole wear, crown and top line are clean $SOLD$ 3. Lot of 6 Shafts $SOLD$ Diamana S+70 R-flex, FW wood shaft with authentic Titleist SureFit Adapter, direct from Titleist 42 1/4 inches, Project X EvenFlow White 5.5R-flex, 65g, no adapter, 43 inches Diamana S+60 R-flex, no adapter
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