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  1. Just started using Arccos with Link last week. Overall color me impressed. Minimal to no messing with my phone. I've noticed the tap in putts tend to miss, but I just adjust post round. My only complaint is the maps are just too freaking dark (iOS). I also don't like how honest Arccos is about the state of my game right now. Ugh.
  2. OOOOOOOOH MY. I wonder what changes are coming. I'd like to see more hybrid options offered 4h-7h. I always desired just a little bit more height from my 6 and 7. Loved the 5h. Whatever magic metal recipe Tom made the 8-GW with I loved. I never cared for the SW. I don't mind being an early adopter. I still game the originals never put them away.
  3. Papa just got my hat! It will definitely get the people talking! Thanks!
  4. Hazlo, here you go. Kinda hard to see, but they are there can definitely feel them with my fingernail.
  5. I just went on this journey for my daughter. She’s a righty (sorry) but high school sophomore. She settled in on a set of Ping G LE irons and putter.
  6. Hazlo, the edge of the face towards the toe is smooth, no milling. The milling between the grooves is circular.
  7. I’ve been eyeballing them for a while now. Got them with the KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft. So far I’m impressed.
  8. 2 years in I’m currently: 3W, 5W single length (41.5”) 5H, 6-SW single length (37”) 58w std length I’m switching out my SL SW (54*) for a std length SW (54*). I just think I need to feel a little more heft.
  9. Got these back in 2016. Still very happy. The 5H is my go to course management club. It’s getting some sweet character to it.
  10. Alright SL peeps, anyone add lead tape to their wedges? The SW this year is betraying me. For some reason it just feels to light for me. I’ve thrown my 58* Vokey bag in the bag because of my issues this year. I’m in a weird place cause I still trust the GW, and hate my SW. Thoughts?
  11. Well I finished my first round for the WebTour. I’m battling a serious case of the s***ks. Am I supposed to be submitting my scorecard with each event? I actually never use the old ways of pencil and paper. If I have to I’ll submit that way from now on.
  12. Orange1969mustang, I tend to fade my 5 & 6. The 6 just has a lower ball flight to me. More often than not I’ll use the 7 if a 6 is called for. I really should get some monitor numbers for the 6 just to confirm I’m not crazy.
  13. Hey Sardo, I got my set in early 2016 (5H-SW) and I still game them. I absolutely love the feel of the 8-SW, whatever material that is I want it in every club in my bag. The 5H I use as often as possible, it is literally point and shoot for me. If I had one wish it would be that there is a 6H option. The 6i is the only club in the bag I'm not entirely fond of. -J
  14. Anyone notice the their hi COR irons have less of the high pitched ting than others? My 7i gives me a great Hi COR ting sound. The 6i is definitely more muted. Almost feels like my 9i. No loss in performance or gapping issues, just a weird thing I've just noticed. I do like the ting it lets me know that was a decent shot. I think this means I need new irons right? I should just get new irons, just to be safe.
  15. So far so good. I really like my ball flight and numbers I'm getting with these woods. 3W (yards) Total: 229 Carry: 222 Height: 29 5W (yards) Total: 214 Carry: 203 Height: 24 Launch monitor numbers.
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