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  1. Great post BGH!! Love it. Thanks for some great insight into what is making you better.. I do recall using the pelz gadget that you are referring and often see a few guys still using with great success obviously.. Love you're work and keep it up! Hope you get back into the big tier amateur events and kick a**! AH
  2. Let's talk shop for a while.. I'm guessing that most people love all the gear and gadgets that are readily available to everyone these days.. I would love to hear some feel good story's that have legitimately changed your game or made you better, whether it's from new equipment, practice tools, even books.. anything really.. Hoping I can maybe learn something from someone or gets some new fresh ideas.. Ready set go! AH
  3. RP Hope all is well and you're rolling that rock well indoors and have that lag putting down to a fine art! As for my schedule. Basically if you see it on the schedule from here on out for the next two months you will find me there! This is now getting into my part of the year that I love, where my form mixed with courses I really enjoy playing makes for some good results. Cheers AH
  4. Shilgy, My apologies for the lateness of my reply. My stats of recent times have shown my putter to be very inconsistent of late. In saying that, over the course of my career my putting on the west coast has been horrific in general, but after last week I noticed they haven't improved. So my coach and I have decided to make some major changes in my putting set up to try to find some consistency for the future.. I put this in play on my final round last last week and seem to get some decent results although it felt terrible we started to see some changes in speed control and center hit was m
  5. Not by any means sticking up for anyone on this topic. Just a little FYI regarding the genius open week. It was the first time I can ever recall that the officials encouraged players not to show up for finishing up their rounds for the simple fact that of speeding up play so they can finish up the tournament or get somewhere near 72 holes completed. Due to the forecast, conditions and the previous years past I do understand where they were coming from.. Also I just figured I would show you the catagories for the sponsor invites for ever normal week. There are 3 categories. 1. Two invites give
  6. Devil Hv3 is not afraid to have some fun with people. I played a practice round with him for a few bucks on MLK day.. hard man to beat on that day!! Haha just ask him! Great guy and great to watch play golf too.. AH
  7. Ranger You are damn straight. Mental issue is absolutely no excuse for excessive drinking nor is it a problem in the case. Just a down right bad decision and will pay the consequences. I have read a lot of differences in opinion on the alcoholism side. I can say with 100 certainty that this not an issue. If having a couple of beers maybe once a month with family and friends. And over a period of the pregnancy there was one night of a few extra.. you guys make the call. This was a once a year blowout and with that came a stupid decision that put others in danger. There is no excuse for that be
  8. Here's my take on it. He has made a terrible decision and deserves all the public criticism and humiliation that is thrown at him. He will lose sponsors both now and in the future. I know for a fact he is very very thankful that no one was hurt with his idiotic decision. He will be spending mandatory jail time, which at this stage is looking like 45days, in turn will more then likely cost him his job. He deserves everything he has coming to him. Putting family's in danger is completely and utterly reckless. A lot of people are saying he is a alcoholic. I don't believe so nor does his peers. Bu
  9. Pro am stories?? Hmmm I've seen lots of funny things over time from guys hitting into the tee marker and the ball flying back and hitting their playing partner to throwing the club into someone else bag and breaking the other dudes putter. But the one that always sticks out. There was this guy who was all dressed up in the pants and white belt, cigar in the mouth, big staff bag.. Really load spoken and thought he was a stick.. A few holes in I worked out that he was trying to beat me and was getting really mad every time I made a putt or he had a bad shot. Not sure who he was betting but it
  10. BHG Thanks for the kind words. To be honest I'm really not a drills type of guy. I'm more of person who likes to create feels and keep them as long as I can. For me if I don't have a lot of time or I'm trying to have a break from the game but want to keep 'swinging' the club. I go to the range or a simulator with my sand wedge and my 8iron only. I hit a few chips and pitches mainly to get a little loose then go straight to my 8iron. I personally just find this club to the best for hitting all the shots from low fades to high draws and also very easy to play around with 60% shot which for m
  11. Journal So after along lay off I'm back to playing competitive golf. Last year wasn't the best year I had every had but it also wasn't a complete failure either. The biggest issue I had was getting off the tee. I struggled immensely with both 3 wood and driver but after some extensive testing with basically all the manufacturers I believe I've finally found the fit that will allow me to be somewhat competitive again. One of the major issue I ran into is the time I put into trying to fix the problem, I was hitting anywhere from 200- 500 drivers a day for months just trying to find that match o
  12. Thsnjs for the question. Basically there will be a number of things that my caddy will write down after everyshot. Front number, PIN number, then the adjusted number for these two as well. I.e. 167 playing 170 uphill to the front. he will also put down and arrow with his guess of wind direction and strength. Also the club hit and type of shot played. Once we reach the green he will mark down the exact number it flew and finished at. That way, let's say today I hit a shot on a certain hole and 3 days later on a different hole we say. Ok this feels just like the shot we hit the other day on t
  13. Hub I think to answer your first question the biggest factor is momentum. It's something that really shouldn't exist in our world, when you think about but it must certainly does. The biggest factor that allows this to continue is by no doubt the short game. It is everything at any level of golf. The ability to keep your round going or take it even farther under par. It's the single most important thing in my eyes. To be able to turn a 76 into a 72 and then go out the next day and shoot 67 to play on the weekend because you have got less stress on you and you don't have to play super aggressi
  14. You got it handled it sounds like bro. Good luck. Hope you make it big one day
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