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  1. Grey/Blue colorway. 5 way. 2020 version with the single/double strap capability.
  2. Looking for an Xstiff Drago 65. Mizuno adapter preferred, but any or no adapter will be great.
  3. X it is. Thanks, all. It's what I was leaning towards, but the stiff in my fairway and hybrid were throwing me. Appreciate the help. Now to track one down...
  4. To start, I know responses will be difficult without seeing the actual swing or the plethora of launch monitor data. I also understand an actual fitting is the best route. I was fit a few years ago and am playing the Atmos Black TS 6x. Since being fit, I’ve taken lessons and made some swing changes. I’m looking at trying the VA Drago 65, but don’t know if I should go for the X or S. Avg. SS 107-112 Transition is quick to aggressive I play the Drago 75 in stiff in my 4wood and really like it. VA Slay 85 stiff in my hybrid and all good. X100 in the irons, great.
  5. Did you have the pants hemmed? Is there enough material for them to be lengthened to 30 or 31?
  6. This is something I've been working on all winter. I tend to get to the top of the swing and come down and across out-to-in. It seems to stem, for me at least, from a weight shift issue. I rotate my hips and start the downswing all in one motion instead of having them sequenced. What I've been working on has been to a) Flatten my backswing - this was the easy part. keeping an old putter headcover under the trail armpit and swinging short irons in a low ceiling basement b) Shifting my weight to start the downswing - step&swing drills, taking a beat at the top a la
  7. Only a couple of items today. Happy to send more pictures or answer questions upon request. All prices shipped and PP, please add $10 west of the Mississippi Trade Interests: P790 2UDI, VA Drago 65 Four Mizuno ST190 3 wood TS | Atmos Black TS 7x 15* +/-2* Plays a hair over 42.25 Black Iomic Sticky 2.3 Used for a few rounds before switching to a 16.5 head. Crown is pristine. Shaft has a bit of overprep from the previous tip. A ferrule would cover it. Headcover shown is included $140 AMT White TI S300 4
  8. Only trade interest is a TS2 16.5 4wood Happy to answer any questions or send additional pics. Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2 Iron / HZRDUS Black 6.0 85g / Iomic Sticky 2.3 - $225 shipped I wish I could hit this club consistently enough to keep it. There's some over prep on the shaft above the hosel as seen in the pictures - not visible at address. Hosel of the head shows some discoloration - see picture.
  9. Cleaning out some clothes that don't fit. None of these pants/shorts have been worn more than a handful of times. All have been washed cold and hung to dry. Smoke Free home. Can answer questions/send more pics upon request. $25 each, 2 for $40, 3 for $50, 5 for $60 Prices include shipping and PayPal Shorts Top-Bottom 1) Khaki - PGA TOUR - 32 waist 2) Navy - Callaway - 32 waist 3) Grey - PGA TOUR - 32 waist 4) Black - PGA TOUR - 32 waist Pants Left-Right 5) Navy - Under Armour Tapered - 30x32
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