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  1. He is using a Sim1 10.5 degree driver, TS2 3 wood, Srixon Hybrids, Mizuno MP18 irons, Cleveland Wedges and Odyssey O-works putter
  2. I’ve said this before but I understand the initial shock reaction BUT like anything else, it will catch on and it will sell extremely well.
  3. I think the two tone is going to look even better in person. I'll be the first to embrace the s*** out of it and own it as soon as April hits. Also, I am hearing that the fairway woods and hybrids DO HAVE the two tone crown also. Kaboom
  4. Love it all .. the crown is different. The putters are sharp
  5. I appreciate the post .. I didn't express my opinion on whether I thought the numbers were good, bad or whatever .. I was just posting facts and letting people discuss them ... Not marketing or smoke-and-mirrors, it is the current name of the game, longer by strengthening lofts, everyone is doing it and it is not frowned upon in the industry. I prefer my Gen3 numbers, ball flight and distances. Also to address another post .. I don't believe the Pro was posting and boasting about gains either, just giving a comparison to the Gen3s
  6. Taken from the "PXG Fan Forum" Group on Facebook, a local pro posted some testing numbers of the new 0211. According to the post .. 0211 Numbers: 117 Ball Speed, 16.6 Launch Angle, 3579 Backspin, 3.7 Side Angle, 184 Carry, 205 Total Yards 0311 Gen3 Numbers: 113 Ball Speed, 18.6 Launch Angle, 5729 Backspin, 5.4 Side Angle, 168 Carry, 182 Total Yards The numbers are based on a 7 iron. Dude is a 0 handicap. He is showing tighter dispersion and 16 yard gains.
  7. I am hearing that the 7.5 will not be released to the public, that they were on the conforming list for Tour Use. That being said, you may be able to purchase one through Player Support, they are generally very helpful. They may just not be available in large quantities .. they may almost become available at some point.
  8. I saw he was wearing a GFore hat and he was definitely not wearing a Nike shirt/shoes. I wouldn't expect him to be signing with GFore though, anyone who has tried on their apparel knows they tend to be snug on someone with a few extra pounds ..
  9. There is going to be a lot dropping this year with PXG. A new 0211 line is rumored to drop on 1/7. I do not see the whole line dropping, solely new drivers/woods. In regards to a previous comment about driver forgiveness, they are correct .. the XF Gen 2 is probably the most accurate driver you will find.
  10. Thanks for the welcome. I’m used to the negativity toward PXG, it’s become entertaining to argue with people .. either way, good to be here! Cheers
  11. You’re damn right .. other companies are shut down or have experienced massive layoffs. PXG has one of their best months of sales, in the middle of a pandemic
  12. Not necessarily, you can discount clubs all you want but we are in the middle of a national pandemic that has the country shut down .. discount or not you have to call it impressive
  13. I’m from PA, played in Colorado during my Uncles wedding maybe 20 years ago. With the air there, and the fact that we were practically playing on a mountain, the ball still hasn’t landed.
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