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  1. Thank you so much for the feedback! Appreciate your time
  2. Has anyone added hot melt to theirs? I know that the weights can be manipulated, but was curious if anyone added hotmelt and it muted the sound? I cannot stand the sound of this this thing! Please anyone with thoughts let me know.
  3. Text me for quickest response 661-932-5415 Trade Interest- Callaway Mavrik (non sub zero) 3 wood 15 degree or Tie-Dye Jordan V Golf Shoe Size 10 1) Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 80TX (etched graphics) - This shaft was purchased from TollBros over at GGE back in June Length is 41.5 inches from Tip to end of grip, was built to play 42.5 in an M2 bonded hosel Fairway. Tipped 1 inch. With an adapter added will play closer to 43 in fairway models requiring an adapter Lets go withSOLD SOLD SOLD (paid 400 for it back in June)
  4. I bought the black grape 5’s that just came out and absolutely love the fit! So I bought the very first 5’s in white that released earlier this year. Quick question, I see that the white pair earlier release do not include the Jordan ball-marker in the laces like these grape ones and the prior Peace offering. does anyone want to sell me there’s for my white 5’s? I LOVE THOSE THINGS
  5. Well if anyone ends up getting an extra pair of 10’s on their hands Friday, Hit me up! Got a nice tip for ya!
  6. Where is everyone getting theirs? I missed the early release!? Praying for Friday morning!
  7. Would be interested in both 9 and 10.5 loft text me at 661-932-5415 with what you have
  8. Trade interests would be other TBC Headcovers, got a new golf bag and these don’t match it very well!
  9. Good afternoon! 2 items for sale today Please text me at 661-932-5415 for quickest response TBC The Buck Club "Slow Players" Driver and Fairway Wood Wool Headcovers- The driver HC is Black Wool and the Fwy HC is Grey Wool Take the set for SOLD SOLD Shipped CONUS OBO or either HC itself will be SOLD Shipped CONUS OBO
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