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  1. A few items for sale today! text me at 661-932-5415 for quickest response TRADES ID BE LOOKING FOR VENTUS BLUE OR BLACK 7X or 8X TM SIM MAX 2 7 Wood Titleist u500 4 Iron 1) Tour Issue TaylorMade Sim Max 3 Hybrid- shafted with Ventus Velocore Blue 9X. This shaft is tipped 1/2 inch and plays at 40.5 inches. Bought from and built by the folks at Will Peoples. I lost the spec sticker, but please see picture of proof of purchase from WP and my request for the flattest lie angle and most open face angle that was in stock. Total club cost back in
  2. Let me know what you have, text me at 661-932-5415
  3. Alright, was able to get out for 18 on Saturday afternoon. The only thing I can say about my 50TX playing at 46 inches is wow. I’m playing it with a Sim 1 10.5 turned all the way down and I was hitting some absolute missiles with this. Coming out of a Ventus blue 6X at 45 inches, I will be staying in this 1K 50TX until the WRX finds the newest latest and greatest LOL
  4. I have the same issue of getting dumped under and ending up super shallow. Monte has also hit it on the nail that one of my issues is that my right hip and right knee shoot out early. I’m curious as to what your specific feel or swing thought is to get more steep to help neutralize the path?
  5. Text me with what you have 661-932-5415
  6. Oh I should have clarified. I am worrisome about grabbing the 65TX for the fairway instead of the 75TX. Reading that the 65TX was actually 69 grams had me go that route.
  7. Damn I am around the same swing speed, but I’m rolling with the 50 TX 1K for the driver and I have the 65TX coming for my fairway wood. I figured since it was 69 grams it would be closer to my previous 70TX shaft and I finally wouldn’t have to add any head weight to the fairway head. I hope I didn’t make a mistake by going too light!
  8. Is anyone currently playing the AV Raw white 2.0 Prototype in a fairway wood?
  9. Haha, well it was my creation with TM Gift cards from X-mas, so she doesn't have any emotional attachment to this creation! LOL
  10. Good evening, 2 items for sale this evening. Please text me at 661-932-5415 for quickest response. No trades at this time. 1) Fujikura Ventus Velocore 6X- Plays 45 inches in a TM SIM driver. This shaft has been tipped 1 inch. Gripped with Standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet. Looking to make an easy sale at SOLD SOLD SOLD SHIPPED CONUS 2) TaylorMade MySpider X- 34 inches with slant neck. Gripped with TaylorMade Pistol grip. Currently has the TM 12 gram weights in the putter, but will ship with the additional 2 gram weights that originally came with
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