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  1. @thejazzmarauder do you have a link to the resources that explain what entails the “rear post” golfer? I’m very intrigued as Mike Adams is a well respected instructor
  2. Good afternoon, only 1 item for sale today! Please text me @ 661-932-5415 for quickest response 1) Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black 5X- This is said to be tour only at the moment, but Golfshaftsamerica and Will People’s are selling them as of now, so who knows!?!? This is tipped 1 inch and was built to play right at 46 inches in a Taylormade Sim driver. Tour Velvet Midsize Grip Shaft is 60 days old in great condition! Loved hitting the biggest bombs of my life, but searching for improved dispersion. Lets go with SOLD SOLD SOLD Shipped CONUS
  3. If anyone is interested I'm going to be listing mine on BST this afternoon. It’s tipped 1 inch and plays 46 inches in a Taylormade Sim. Was fun hitting it further than I ever have but the misses were too penalizing for me. Heading back to Blue 6X
  4. I know they aren’t 10 years old but hear me out! For me being a typical Wrx’er who’s always trying to find the latest and greatest, I’m proud that I have some clubs in the bag that are older than 5 years old lol. I game a Nike Engage raw wedge set 50,55,60 (continue to try and find greener grass with newer wedges and haven’t found anything). I also game the GOAT 3 wood (in my humble opinion) a tour issue 2016 M2!
  5. added photo highlighting the sky mark on the SIM
  6. Hello fellow Wrx'ers! A few items for sale today! Please text me for quickest response! 661-932-5415 1) Titleist Vokey Raw SM8 Set- 46 Degree (Bent to 45), 50 Degree, 54 Degree (Bent to 55), 60 degree! All wedges are at a swing weight of D5 with the added lead tape to the heads. I think the lengths on these are a quarter inch longer than standard and lie should be standard for whatever Titleist recommends. Quickly on the 46 degree, when it was going through build process there was some mis-communication and the club was built 1 inch short of what I was ask
  7. I'm not looking for the spec sticker, but do you perhaps know any of the specs of the head?
  8. Enough of the low ballers, lets get some offers here Wrx’ers!
  9. Good Evening! One Item for sale this evening! Please text me at 661-932-5415 for quickest responses! 1) Taylormade 5 wood shafted with Fujikura Ventus Velocore Blue 7X SST Pure'd and built by True Spec Golf in Scottsdale AZ. True spec measured the head at closer to 16.5-17ish degrees loft and the lie angle to be about 58.5ish Club plays right at 43 inches and the shaft is tipped 1 inch. OEM HC included! Club is in absolute beautiful shape with minimal gaming. Opting for a 7 wood. Let's go with SOLD SOLD SOLD Shipped CONUS OBO FOR THIS
  10. Good Evening Wrx'ers! Does anybody amongst the GolfWrx membership have any connections to get a tee time to play as a paying guest at either one of these clubs? I am going to be on vacation down in Fort Lauderdale and was hoping to snag a tee time on Friday June 25th. I know it's a long shot, but thought I would try to network via the GolfWrx Family!
  11. You’re more than welcome to use that as a future reference for the competition! hmmm.. I don’t want this organization to get in trouble, I don’t want to be the whistleblower!
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