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  1. The MC’s are 1 degree strong and the gaping has been perfect from the 8 to the 7. Actually forgot I did this until you mentioned it, so for sure haven’t noticed it on the course.
  2. I play a split bag with 770's 5,6,7 and MC's 8,9,PW. Love the forged feel of the MC's and the workability in the shorter irons. The 770's have simply been more accurate and higher flying for me in the mid irons. I also have the 6,7 in MC's, but dispersion is not quite as good as with the 770's and misses are punishing. Agree that the 770's lack the feel of the MC's and this took a little getting used to coming from MP-18's. My scores are lower though and right now that is the name of the game for me...
  3. Agree with gatoreric...Just picked-up a set of G425's with the stock Alta graphite shafts and came from i210's with recoils. Definitely more consistent for me and just plain fun to hit. Love the feel in hand and my confidence in getting the ball to go at my target has increased and I am less worried about making perfect contact every swing. These do look like the 210's at address and have got to be one of the best looking Ping irons...ever. I have a feeling we will see a lot of better players game these this year...
  4. Ok...2nd round in the books and the G425 SFT continues to impress with its "ease of use". One thing I learned early in the round was that I needed to back off all of the swing mechanics I had been using to fight the weak fade and just setup square to the ball and put a good swing on it. The SFT did the rest and I must have hit the fairway at least 10 out of 14 times. If I missed, it was always just in the left rough except for one drive I yanked left into a hazard...but this was an over swing on my part, not the clubs fault (even then I actually found the ball but had to drop). So confiden
  5. Picked up the new G425 SFT with the stock Alta stiff shaft and played my first round with it today. FYI - I am a typical lower swing speed player and have been fighting the “weak fade” forever. I spent last season playing the Sim MAX D Driver with generally good results in finding fairways, but I still ended up playing the right side almost every hole. Before that played the G400 SFT and this really didn’t do anything for me at all. Well...I am here too tell you that the G425 SFT is the real deal...very first swing was a gentle draw and no matter how hard I tried the thing would not go rig
  6. Currently playing MMT's in my P770/P7MC irons and like them so much, I am replacing Recoils in my back-up Ping i210's. MMT's feel to me to be the closest graphite shaft that plays like steel...
  7. Agree with Metro-PA...CBX 2's are excellent wedges. My playing partners all use them and they seems to to be really easy to hit. Actually thinking of going that way myself and love that a 4-cap is using them successfully...
  8. I have always found the hi-toe wedges a bit heavy but I do like to add a 64* wedge to my bag in certain circumstances (small greens, firm bunkers, tight lies, etc.). I picked up a Callaway MD5 Jaws 64* with 10* of bounce and really like that it is completely in line with my other Callaway wedges. When I have that in the bag my gapping is usually: 52*, 58*, 64*; so I will still only play 3 wedges (4 seems excessive compulsive to me...:-)). My 2 cents...
  9. I have used the same shafts for a couple sets of irons and like them a lot. They are smooth and launch high. Assuming you want the Z585's to play at standard lengths, he should know this or find out easily. You can see the specs for yourself here: https://www.srixon.com/us/clubs/mens-golf-clubs/irons/z-585-irons/MZ585-EA.html Great combination of irons and shafts!
  10. Been playing the SIM Max 4 and 5 hybrids all summer and these play more like irons. No going left (unless you want them to. They launch high and land soft...lots of confidence going for the green with these hybrids...
  11. I recently did just that - pulled my 4 and 5 irons and generally use the Sim 5 Hybrid instead. The launch is certainly higher and I seem to hit it just as straight and can even get it to fade when required. Best hybrids I have hit yet...
  12. Love Vokey wedges but playing in Cali we have a lot of tight lies around the greens and out of the bunkers, especially in the summer. Tried a Callaway MD5 Jaws and have been pleased with how the leading edge sits tight to the ground and allows me to hit the ball more cleanly off of tight lies. Ultimately went with the MD5’s in 52, 56, and 60 and they have been great both for full shots and around the greens.
  13. Just put the Sim 4 hybrid in the bag and it is the first hybrid I have hit that simply goes straight or even fades for me. Was so impressed I quickly added the Sim 5 hybrid as well...amazing combination!
  14. City, State? Mountain View, CaliforniaCurrent wedges? Vokey SM8 50 F Grind 8* /54 S Grind 10*/58 S Grind 10*What conditions do you play in (soft, average, firm)? Average to firmOne thing that would improve your current wedges? More penetrating flight, better out of bunkersDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? For sure!Do you agree to write a review on Cleveland Golf's website? Would be a privilege...
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