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  1. Slightly different. https://www.bettinardiregistry.com/products/c12a9d69-63e1-4331-906d-5c326de9f6bd Im gaming it, a few folks have called me crazy for it actually seeing a course.
  2. Well... I did it, pulled the trigger. They actually held the putter for a few days before I had the balls to send the PayPal funds. That’s without a doubt maybe the dumbest financial decision I’ve ever made! Obviously, I can buy it but I’m sure it would have made more sense to use it on something practical... like upgrading our dryer or some other useless appliance.
  3. 9.5’s too tight in the J’s? Nike really has a QC issue, I have 9.5-11’s and they all fit the same depending on the model. I have 10’s in the masters 97’s that are a little snug.
  4. Just spoke to Lajosi... his mini milled from copper to spec is about 800 bucks shipped, that’s 1000 off Betti... tough decision ahead.
  5. Yup! That’s her... ain’t cheap.
  6. To even complicate it further I want pure copper milled... so that adds another element of “hard to find”
  7. Yeah... talking Hive. For me it’s the unique shape, I’m a sucker for the 3/4 and unfortunately the Nead / Byron DH89 mini ‘s have buy the dust.
  8. Keep it simple: you have a few bucks... worth going Hive vs a smaller boutique shop. Either way, you’re dropping a good amount of money into a putter you’ve never held / seen. do people game the Hive stuff or are they just investments?
  9. The real work is building and expanding your social network. Realistically, the only valid “drop the coin” opportunities are your Top 100 YOU CAN PLAY. There’s a hell of a lot of golf out there being played on courses where my last name would never get me a membership. So, I make friends... and then someday get invited. Doesn’t always work but sometimes you meet some cool a** people in the word and they happen to be members at a Top 100
  10. As someone who lives in New England the divide between private courses and public tracks is deep... as deep as the deepest trench in the world. It’s a real buzzkill. I actually didn’t really think about it until my job (and coaching HA golf) landed me a series of insane invites (Myopia / Kittanset / The Country Club / Old Sandwich) etc to make me realize how crappy the 40-60 dollar courses here are. There are maybe 5 (maybe, it’s a stretch) of public courses here that can compete with private tracks in terms of their layout and conditions.
  11. Oh sorry, misread your post. Its THE country club, host of the 99 Ryder cup and 2022 we'll get the US Open. So damn pumped for that, I wasn't into golf in 99 so I missed all the festivities.
  12. Those wedges are cool....nice set My brother got fit for a set and after seeing his bill I nearly passed out. I picked these up for 20% of the retail and was a bit nervous since they were built for another player but we went out yesterday and they played well. I'm happy I took the gamble.
  13. Yes, it is. I caddied there for 4 years. Many, many perks to being a looper.
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