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  1. Yeah, I agree. I didn't realize it until I handed him my card. I don't know why they haven't dropped the rates, especially given the conditions. It was still packed out there. Papago was $20 last weekend and much, much better.
  2. Gcu was pretty bad today. Lots of spots with no grass in fairways and rough. Greens putted okay but still tough shape. Bunkers were best part of the course. Everything was super wet. Rate was $48 with balls. Over 4 hours for a pre 6 am tee time. Ouch. I am playing encanto cup there next week, otherwise I’d stay away.
  3. Yes it will take 2-4 weeks for them to heal fully.
  4. As much as I love Papago, the greens are pretty bad right now and desperately need aerification, which starts a week from today. My two cents is that they pushed them very hard for the ASU men’s and ladies’ events, which made them awesome at the time, but put too much stress on the winter rye to hold up under the heat. The rest of the course is good, especially the fairways. I still enjoy the course no matter the conditions.
  5. LOL If I am playing it, it is public. But I guess “semi-private” is proper term.
  6. Busy weekend of golf for me... Arizona CC on Friday - was a guest of a co-worker. Course was in superb condition. A few transition areas on tees and fairways. It's a traditional parkland course, but they did a lot with the to give the course good character. Course was not busy and pace of play was great at 3:40. I learned that they have completely shut down membership applications until Jan. 1, and a 10 year wait list for full golf membership. Los Caballeros and Wick Ranch on Saturday - Los Cab is about the same I remember. Course is very soft all around which re
  7. Played there today too. Everything was perfect. Too bad they just lost their superintendent....hopefully new guy keeps it up!
  8. I recall frost issues in December especially on courses further outside valley.
  9. All good choices. I’d watch the conditions thread when you get closer to your trip. Might be tough to get 36 in with limited daylight and could have frost delay. We Ko Pa is 5-10 degrees cooler than airport in Winter.
  10. Papago and Dobson have the best men’s clubs at municipal courses. Both have very active memberships. PM if you want more info on either.
  11. Played Papago a bunch over the last month. Course is getting a lot of water which has slowed everything down. I think they were close to to the edge after the Thunderbird so they have dialed it back. Greens are more lush and not as fast, but still putt well. Practice green was punched in the last week, so it is pretty much worthless for any practice. Still a great deal and I honestly don’t get sick of playing this course.
  12. Agree. Tpc is worth it if you come out to visit especially the first time. Something always exciting about playing a well known tour course that makes it a memorable round. Plus the course is always in fantastic condition and the greens are pure.
  13. Should be good but it does seem to get dark quick in Arizona.
  14. Mountain Shadows has a game on Tuesday. Ken McDonald occasionally on Thursday. Both have information on IG (https://www.instagram.com/azskinsleague/?hl=en) I think Dobson has a Friday game still. (I am going out there today and will let you know.)
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