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  1. Solid lineup. There is a par 3 at WR that is a fun add one if you have time.
  2. Never stayed there but heard it’s a nice spot. Might also check out the boulders if you want to be in Carefree.
  3. Agree. The course is fine, and maybe worth playing once, but lots of spots within 30 minutes that you will enjoy more. (We Ko Pa, Grayhawk, and even Papago for something really close)
  4. Here is the schedule https://www.azgolf.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2021/09/2021-Overseed-Schedule.pdf
  5. Sorry man wish I could help but we’ve got a full house with a toddler
  6. Check out this thread. I’d check out Phoenician, Montelucia, or Sanctuary. Can’t really go wrong with any of those spots right next to Camelback Mountain. Happy to give you recs for food or spas. .
  7. Should be enough time to play Papago, Legacy, or Raven. 30 minutes to get stuff, 20 min Uber time, 5 hours at course, 20 min ride back, 30 to drop off stuff and get to gate.
  8. Aguila greens were bumpy and grainy yesterday but not sure if they were mowed after rain. Course drained very well. I’d think the greens should be recovered in 8-10 days.
  9. Agree with this. It is much improved from where it was 4-5 weeks ago.
  10. A bunch of courses are listed here http://www.arizonagolfvacations.com/news/2021-arizona-golf-course-overseed-schedule/
  11. It will still be hot, so I’d be looking for somewhere you can clean up after getting on a plane. Grayhawk, We Ko Pa and Troon all have facilities to use, but not sure if they allow an extra 9. The closest course is Papago (10 minutes) which will allow extra 9 and has a nice restaurant and bar to hang. Almost every course has rental clubs but I’d call ahead to let them know.
  12. Played Cascata a couple weeks ago. Really nice course and worth it IMO.
  13. I think this is the effect of not having pressure to “peak” the course for winter visitors like most courses in town.
  14. Papago was much better today than two weeks ago but still some rough spots. Very wet - No roll whatsoever. Greens have a lot of grain in them. For $24, could do a lot worse. (I saw Phoenician was $110+ next Saturday, Lol.)
  15. Ugh this sucks. Was hoping it was improved from last couple weeks. Might not see much progress all summer.
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