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  1. Depends on your budget and whether you want to play one vs. multiple courses. For my money, the We Ko Pass is the best card deal in town. It also get your benefits at Sunridge Canyon, Verde River, and Gold Canyon. You can only book 4 days in advance. If you play as a single, you can find times. Foursome are tough to get. If you want to book further in advance, you can buy the Peaks Pass. You get every 6th round for free. https://wekopa.com/we-ko-pass/ Grayhawk White Tee is also a good option for higher end. 2021 rates have not been announced. They usually include a fours
  2. Papago is in pretty good shape right now. Finally got the Bermuda rolling smoother on the greens. Overseed is two weeks from Monday.
  3. Played out there today. Greens are fast and undulating. Tees and fairways were average to slightly above average. Bunkers looked firm but played okay. Fun variety of holes, but the greens really make the course. Would definitely recommend.
  4. Not really much nearby for high quality courses. Longbow has a nice range and not too far.
  5. No golden rule on this. Typically they should be fine after 6 weeks, but depends on amount of rain and heat. Course will just play slower than normal but will be lush and fun to play.
  6. Papago is a good shape right now. Based on what I’ve heard, I’d assume better than talking stick.
  7. All about golf in Tempe. Todd is the owner and will take care of you. Has done custom work for me in past.
  8. Good choice. Club championship is a little over two weeks out so course should be solid.
  9. Take a look through this post. Seems like Grayhawk is in great shape. We Ko Pa should be good by now. Papago is close to the airport and a fun course.
  10. Only $52.5k up front and $8k a year and you’re in!
  11. I’ve played both We Ko Pa course over the last 10 days. Everything is lush but greens are slow. The upside down cups are really annoying with the slow green speeds. I can’t understand why- is covid really living on a metal pole in 115 degree heat in direct sunlight?
  12. I have disagreed with him about golf courses Before (which is really insignificant in big picture) but also respectful and responsive. Hope he comes back. He provides a ton of value to this forum especially.
  13. Like others have said, Talon was in good shape. Greens rolled well and still had some speed. Pins were on small shelves every hole which made it a good challenge. Played in about 4 hours. I walked the course for the first time teeing off at 8:18. It was a tough walk with the big gaps between the holes and before and after the round. I would do it again in cooler temps but not the summer. Worst part of the walk was hole 17 having to go all the way around and then come back to the green. I get they wanted to pack as many homes as possible on the course, but the walker was not in mind during
  14. Very interesting information. I am also a fan of combo tees, especially for courses that you play often. I helped create the combo tees at Papago 6-7 years ago, which we use in tournaments. Not sure many players use them daily though. I’ll be playing the combos at Grayhawk today. .
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