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  1. Buy a bunch of kids clothes and sporting equipment and donate to charity. Problem solved.
  2. There are numerous 36 hole facilities. TPC, Grayhawk, Troon, Wildfire, and a bunch of 27 hole facilities too. Most 18 hole courses will offer all day rates as well.
  3. Talking Stick has a range pass that is the best deal around.
  4. Should be quite a bit about the course on the Sw forum. Generally, shorter course with several tricked up holes that is average to above average shape. Some neat views especially in the winter when you can see snow on the north mountains. May be a decent course for out of towners, but one time was enough for me.
  5. Yeah tough to gauge the depth on a lot of holes unless you have the pin sheet. They set it up pretty good for the events. I was in the today group off so just behind the public.
  6. It was perfect today. Did you play in pmga event? Pins were tough.
  7. You could walk it but lots of carries over desert which make it tough to walk. Probably stick with a cart on cholla.
  8. 2021 is finally here. I played Papago this morning. Greens were about perfect. Everything else was in great shape as well. Can’t get much better deal for the City Card right this time of year. Should be great all winter.
  9. We Ko Pa Cholla for my last round of the year. Course was great with nothing to complain about except the 2.5 hour back nine. It was expected given the two hour frost delay. The two groups in front of us were both playing a tee box or two back from where they should have been. Greens were probably 10ish. Not super speedy but solid. I know this is the minority opinion but I enjoy Cholla as much as Saguaro. Happy new year! Papago tomorrow and Sunday.
  10. 2 hour delay yesterday at we ko pa. Depends on humidity as much as temperature. Generally anything sub 40 will get frost. Next week looks nice though!
  11. Matt’s has great food. I like Daily Dose, which has big servings. For breweries, can’t go wrong with 4 Peaks in Tempe. Not far from Hohokam. It has a really fun atmosphere and good variety of beer. I’d skip top golf. IMO, anything is better than hitting balls with crappy clubs into a field. You might want to find time for Papago in there. Course is very good right now. Greens are as quick as any course in town. The after round food and drink setup is sweet too.
  12. Blackstone is a fun course. Usually great shape. The par 5 9th is a really funky hole that should be changed. There are some blind shots that can be tough. Not top tier private course, but solidly in the second tier with courses like Superstition Mountain.
  13. Yes, all about golf in Tempe. Todd just bent a couple clubs for me. Best locally run golf store in the Valley.
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