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  1. Unless you get there when the gates open, or want to wait a long time, 16 GA is not really an option. I’d go to the far end of the course on a hill and watch all the groups go through. I personally like the 12 tee but it seems to be getting busier every year. Most people don’t care about the golf. Enjoy!
  2. Saguaro was really good yesterday, except some of the bunkers need sand. Two of us were in the right bunker on 9 which had maybe 1/4” inch sand. Impossible to get it on the green. Course is pruning back the desert and trees. It looks a lot different and you can actually find balls in the desert.
  3. Here is a thread on DM from another website - https://www.city-data.com/forum/phoenix-area/3331197-desert-mountain-living-there-full-time.html
  4. This is a very good summary. The major complaint, in addition to not having a central meeting spot, is the distance to Scottsdale/Phoenix. DM is not really close to anything which can be good or bad depending on what you are looking for.
  5. Verrado Founder greens were not great on week after Xmas.
  6. I prefer Southern Dunes by a lot, and I think most would agree. Southern Dunes is the same price because it is in Maricopa, which is about 50 minutes from the airport depending on traffic. Raven is about 10 minutes from the airport. Both should be in great shape.
  7. Just take a look at the 2021 course conditions thread. Grayhawk, Quintero, Southern Dunes, Wickenburg Ranch are all good options. That is prime-time peak season, so everything will be crazy expensive.
  8. Another year is here. I played Papago on 1/2. Course was in pretty good shape. Greens seem to be a bit slower and not as full as they were 4-5 weeks ago. Still a great deal for the City Card. POP was under 4 hours in the men's league (which now has over 500 members).
  9. I think Raven and Legacy are about equal. Raven has a lot of trees and maybe a slightly better layout. I've always enjoyed playing the Legacy though. I think Aguila is better course than both, cheaper, and only a few miles down Baseline Road. For the price range of the courses listed, I would also consider Whirlwind, Southern Dunes (a little drive from Scottsdale), Talking Stick, and TPC Champions. With the exceptions of Wildfire and Legend Trail, these are all better options IMO.
  10. Played Verrado Founder's yesterday. Conditions were okay. I thought the greens were on the slower/bumpy side and the overseed didn't come in real well. Everything else was good. This is only my second time playing the course - the front 9 feels kind of bland but I did really enjoy the back 9. The stretch from 13-17 is great. POP was right at 4 hours which was better than expected. Overall, not sure if I will go back for the price of the greens fee (especially compared to Papago, Aguila or GCU), but still an enjoyable day.
  11. Interesting opinion. Personally, I think the greens are near perfect right now, and the firmness helps them from getting worn with ballmarks. I can see how others may enjoy GCU over Papago, but for me, it is not even close. As far as costs, it is driven a lot by location, and I think Papago gives a decent value over courses in similar price range (McCormick, Biltmore, Lookout Mountain, Legacy).
  12. I am surprised you can get a time for $225, unless it is twilight, in which case you are not guaranteed 18 holes. Course is scenic, usually in great condition, and has some memorable holes. I think $225 is pretty good value, considering an average course will be at least $125-$150 range. FWIW, I prefer Pinnacle over Monument.
  13. For yo For your group, I’d go with Papago. Better vibe. Fun to play ASU course. And one of the best after round spots to hang. Personally, I like the course much better too.
  14. Cornonado on Miller and McDowell. Lights and grass. Only accepts cash.
  15. I walked Talon once. It was hot out but doable. The walk around 17 sucks since it is an island green and toward the end of the round. Some up and down but not too bad.
  16. Reviving this thread to share some recent information I learned. A "Golf House" is going to be built on or near the 18th hole green at Papago this summer. It will be the home of the AGA, SWPGA, JGAA, and other related golf organizations. Consequently, the 18th and 9th greens at Papago will be moved. The 18th will be moved to the south and sounds like it will shorten the hole. The 9th will be moved east further behind the pond. The 1st and 10th tees will need to be moved as well. During construction, the course will have some temporary greens, but I have not seen any designs. Over the courses of 5 years, Papago will have gone from a modular trailer, to 4 separate buildings on site, including ASU's private practice facility (which looks sick but never been invited back there). I suppose this is the product of a developing city/state, but it is a little disappointing to be constructing another building at Papago with questionable benefit to the residents of Phoenix. Although I really like Papago, tee times are becoming more and more scarce every year, and I imagine this won't help. It also seems like there is ample commercial real estate along 52nd street, but I am guessing the public land will be "donated" for this project.
  17. Papago was pure yesterday. Greens were firm and rolling at a very nice speed. Everything came in great after the overseed. Was only in 1 bunker, but they all looked in better shape than 3-4 months ago. POP was 4:25 for first group out in the men's league.
  18. Exactly. Almost impossible to get times during the weekends. Best bet is to join a couple men's groups and sign up early for the tournaments.
  19. Troon is a better course but TPC for the experience. Can’t go wrong with either choice!
  20. Aguila is great after overseed. Really no issues at all. Greens were quick and smooth.
  21. Grayhawk White Tee is almost $1100 this year. You get two free rounds. https://grayhawkgolf.com/golf-overview/white-tee/
  22. I think I was reading from 2021. ‘22 is not out yet.
  23. I had the White Tee several years ago. If you want to play Grayhawk a lot in the winter, it has good value compared to the "rack rate." I think there was maybe a 9 hole tournament, but nothing consistent. They used to offer 4 free rounds with purchase, but now down to 2.
  24. If you play there a bunch, it probably makes good sense. I'd guess high rate would be around $75 in the peak winter with the card, but just an educated guess. The website shows it is already sold out.
  25. General rule is to avoid overseeded courses for 2-4 weeks after they open. This year may be different (better or worse) given all the rain we had this summer. The courses will look lush, but won’t have great playability. They also tend to be slow due to CPO. Troon North and Boulders both have bent grass greens so those will be better options, but also only the very high end for prices.
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