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  1. what weight would you recommend?
  2. thank you for the info! That is very helpful!
  3. That’s great news! I don’t really get tired but my wrist and elbow are starting to fall apart haha. I just don’t want to mess up my swing.
  4. did you have a hard time adjusting to the lighter shaft?
  5. Will those help with wrist and elbow pain?
  6. Odyssey whitehot OG 1ws putter. 34 inch stew shaft with headcover. Used 3 rounds outside and indoor putting. Asking $145 or best offer. SOLD! 3 dozen Snell MTB black golf balls. Brand new. Buy all 3 dozen, $28 per dozen. Individual dozen $30. SOLD! Bridgestone Tour B X 3 dozen pack. Brand new. $100. SOLD! Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the info, really appreciate it!
  8. I currently play kbs tour 120 stiff shafts. I played i210 and love them. I have wrist issues and developing some elbow pain, which graphite shafts should I be looking at? I know i know get fitted and I def will, but just interested in doing some research before hand as well. Thanks everyone and hit em straight.
  9. Currently play BX, great ball and super durable. Just won a dozen new tp5x, love the height with the irons, little too high with driver. What ball is close to them? I want tp5x heigh with irons and low spin and middle height of BX and Tp5x with driver. I know probably impossible golf bAll but have to ask.
  10. I played Monday, yesterday (Wednesday) and have a tee time for Saturday. I live in Latrobe.
  11. How much are the monthly hardcovers once your a member?
  12. Jlender21

    Sub 70

    Anyone try any of the sub 70 putters? They look great and the price is fantastic!
  13. awesome, any idea what rates are like in July? Also other nice courses in the area?
  14. Can you adjust the hybrid and make it flatter so I don’t hook the hybrid like most? also anyone try the putters yet? Thanks guys stay safe!
  15. $3000 a piece or $3000 total for the both of you? Thanks.
  16. Thank you for the advice on the punched greens. We won’t be booking until later anyways just wanted to see what are the best options.
  17. Hi guys we are looking into a trip to Myrtle 2021. I have a couple quick questions, when do they punch their greens down? I don’t want travel down there and play punched greens. Also any can’t miss courses? We got a quote for Caledonia, true blue 2 times each, the. Pawleys plantation and heritage. The quote we got was pretty cheap because Caledonia and true blue have a 4 round special. My question is are they were 2 rounds each or should be play 2 other courses and if so which ones do we choose? All low single handicappers. Thanks guys and look forward to the response.
  18. I recently bought a dozen mtb black and wow. Love it, super long off the driver. 10 yards longer than the my current BX. This will definitely become a gamer along with tp5x. Thanks guys.
  19. Which ball is closest to the tp5x? I love the height and distance I get with that ball.
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