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  1. If your looking for feel and looks the MIM's are awesome. Distance pretty equal and forgiveness well the edge would go to PING not by that much as I'm find that the MIM's are some of the easiest irons to hit with a tight dispersion as well. Best purchase I made all year. Get fitted demo them both as they both are pretty nice
  2. Then let's try to stay on the topic nothing personal as sometimes people just want to keep a thread open as long as they can without realizing they are off subject and then what. Thats why you have facebook. I like their irons and I would own a set if I was in the market for a new set...maybe.
  3. I know Srixon and a few other OEM's don't get the Love that they deserve but I think we have talked enough now about the ZX5 and ZX7, just going on in circles now, getting to be overkill now. Threads keeps getting off track. Get fitted, hard to hit off hard surfaces ZX5's in the long irons ZX7 mid to short, feels fantastic we all heard about them and what Brooks Koepka has done with them his 1st time out. Hope he get his 1st Major soon with his new Srixon's or they may end up like his previous set of Mizuno's which he has 4 Major wins with. Too bad Keegan Bradley mishit that shot into the wate
  4. Do you actually think someone will disagree after they spent the extra money on the Gen 3's
  5. If you are making your decision on what OP say on here why don't you throw in another brand. Get fitted and then try the KING COBRA TOUR MIM doing so might make your decision a lot easier
  6. Wow what is wrong with everyone, not 1 person suggested Cobra's they have a nice line up of iron selections. Most underrated brand out there
  7. I do have their KING Cobra TOUR MIM irons with Recoil shafts and love them. I even have a KING staff bag and PUMA Ignite shoes as I have played in the past everything from their Driver, fairway woods hybrids and thought they are a very under-rated company. Never had their wedges or putter. Cobra should get more Love then they do
  8. I have to rephrase what I said earlier as I have an amazing set of KING COBRA TOUR MIM irons now as I would go for the cooper version of them after seeing them and then it would be a toss up on which one I would want, probably the Black P790's
  9. I knew it I knew it. I sold my original P790's last year and bought the KING COBRA TOUR MIM irons which are amazing but I'm drooling over these. If I didn't already have a set and was looking for a new set it would be either these or the Srixon ZX7's. Now the big question is would the finish wear off quickly as that would be the only con I would think these would have
  10. Maybe at the next Major he can play up to his potential
  11. Right and you were saying seems like Bryson is struggling to me
  12. I wonder if Brooks (BK) missing the cut at the Masters will he break his new ZX7's like he did his Mizuno's after they gave him 4 Majors. Sure he got his win with the ZX7's 1st time out so now let's blame it on his knee regardless that was pathetic for a grown man to do that as he is a good player but to throw a temper tantrums like that ... really. Mizuno's have been very good to him. Yes the ZX7's are amazing irons but its so funny how when we have a bad round we think its the club.
  13. Why would you say that I like the guy and hope he does well. Augusta has a way of humbling the best players as thats all. He does need to be careful with spraying his drives or he will be right back out of contention
  14. They are fine as I had OCD too. They are some beautiful irons. Get out there and play them they won't look new forever. I have the shinny Chrome MIM's as I keep head covers on them plus they get a good cleaning after every round.
  15. He is not about to over power Augusta as that course will humble him real quick.
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