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  1. I don't mix my irons but if I did it would only be a certain driving iron maybe. My driver and 3W Ryoma 9.5* and 13* with GD AD Japan version stiff reg. Then my Tour Edge EXS 220 2H and 3H HZRD black 5.5 flex KING TOUR MIM irons Recoil F3, the SM8 wedges stock shafts. The only biggest gap in loft is between my 50* and 56* Everything else is perfectly gapped close to 4* apart and even grips for my Driver and 3w match then I use different grips but matching for my hybrids etc as this is my dream set. My gamer for a putter is a Piretti Potenza Elite 34" and back up is Scotty Phantom X7.
  2. Well I know there has been a lot of very good releases so far with yet more to come out by next spring. I would think the big wait is going to be for the new TaylorMade SIM 2.0 or whatever it will be called. It will be hard to improve on such a fine driver as I've had some good rounds with mine when I had it. Waited for my replacement to come from Japan was my NEW Ryoma Type V driver as it's here to stay. More forgiving and just as long for me. PING has their G425 driver and irons soon to be released as they will be very popular. Now for iron I'm just not into the offset or wide
  3. I went all out as I made a complete overhaul. My oldest club is over 2 years and its a Ryoma F2 13* 3W. So next for 2020 I bought 2H and 3H Tour Edge EXS 220. Then came Vokey SM8 50* and 56* black wedges. I also picked up a Scotty Phanton X7 which is going to only be a back up. Then came my Ryoma Type V 9.5* driver. Then my KING TOUR Cobra irons with Recoil shafts 4-PW. Then a Piretti Potenza Elite putter. My new KING Cobra staff bag and then my Puma golf shoes. Now I could have easily have waited but I unloaded a ton of equipment to make room for my new set. This will keep the en
  4. Tour Edge Exotics 2H and 3H for me with HZRD Smoke 5.5 shaft
  5. Talk about heart breaking I know how you feel. I have always been a PING fan and I wanted this set to be my retirement set but things just didn't work out for me either. Easy to launch oh yea with that much offset they should be. Too much offset for me. Feel was just ok I never hit the G700 as everyone keeps saying how much nicer the feel and sound is with these over the G700. Glad I passed on the G700. I guess what really caught my eye was the looks and all the talk about being the most forgiving PING to date. I did hit a few amazing shots but my consistency with my alignment was
  6. Distance is adequate when compared to other irons that are standard loft as so many companies now have their lofts all jacked up. I'm a good 1/2 club shorter than my G710's if not more now with the cold weather upon us
  7. I like milled Mallets for long range putts but for some reason I just now switched to a bad for better speed control so I go back and forth. My biggest problem is its hard to read the greens. Now on flat green I have no problem. Put me at Augusta I'm at least 3 putting every green.
  8. They feel every bit as good as the best forged out there as I will compare them right up there with any Mizuno forged irons. I had the MP 64's years ago as these are Different but just a soft. Mis-hit are a bit harsh but my accuracy was right on target when I hit one thin and off the toe 5 yards or so distance loss but that is with any iron pretty much. I had the Apex CF 16 and then TM P790 as they felt pretty nice sold them and went with the G710's very nice but I missed the forged feel as I like the Mizuno 921's and almost pulled the trigger on them but after hitting the new KIN
  9. I never sliced them but I seemed like with the 4 and 5 iron I couldn't draw the ball always had a bad fade. I like less offset as the distance was solid/long too and very high launch which hitting knock downs was hard to pull off. Nice club if you want a good looking if the offset doesn't bother you, forgiving distance iron as the sound was ok and feel was just ok too.
  10. I agree as I'm blown away as these are the best feeling irons I've ever hit and they look fantastic. Very forgiving and easy to control my distance with them. I'm playing the UST Recoil shafts as I've hit a few shots directly into the sun where I lost the flight of the ball and discovered the ball ended up right where I was aiming looking at a close birdie. Best purchase I've made in the last 10 years.
  11. I seriously think you would be much better off by testing these clubs out for yourself and be sure you get fitted as I will tell you that the new Cobras are not only more forgiving but they feel much better. The T100 have good turf interaction but so do the Cobra's as the 0311T were just ok for me.
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