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  1. The new P790's do look better than their previous releases but the feel is very close if not the same as they will not come close to how good the ZX5's feel, but feel is always just an opinion. Be sure to demo them especially of grass not just matts. The V-sole glides through the turf with ease, love them
  2. Im hitting plenty of greens as I did before but my putting has gotten better as Im getting it closer to the hole....Lol
  3. This is an easy one for me as I left the 2nd Gen P790's for PING G710's big mistake. Sold the PING's for the Cobra KING TOUR MIM's fantastic set of irons. My only complaint was the were long from heel to toe. I like a more compact looking irons and I had to try the Srixon ZX5's and WOW! they check all the boxes of what I was wanting and expecting. I'm so glad I switched to the ZX5's very forgiving, great feel plenty of distance and looking pretty sweet. Best set of irons I've ever bought.
  4. I had the Extreme Camo LIMITED EDITION on order as I'm returning it as soon as it arrives. I decided to go with the RADSPEED XB Palm Tree Crew Limited edition. Love the looks plus the Speeder Evolution VII shaft is the real deal. Not expecting to pick up any extra yards just want a fairway finder that will play as good as it looks.
  5. Nobody knows if they are or not. How many years was Nike in the golf business before they left. They had several good years then just like that they are gone.
  6. Anyone know much about these? I love the looks and the Speeder EVO VIII looks so sweet. I have one on order and it should arrive next week. I have read plenty of positive reviews about the RADSPEED XB and even the Speeder VII seems to be a favorite but what do people on this forum have to say about them as a combo. This combination just seem like a perfect match.
  7. Im sure they are just as nice as all the other brands out there and I hope you got the Hero's discount, enjoy them while you can as winter is fast approaching
  8. Don't get your feelings hurt as not everyone will like PXG as I was fitted and I just thought they were ok, now maybe after the 5th or 6th round with them I may have adjusted into them better but seriously they are no better or no worse than your other leading brands out there. I'm not expecting the honeymoon phase with any set but the best set I have found is what I'm playing now as my Srixon ZX5's are safe.
  9. I just thought the i59's would be on everyones short list and from following this thread they aren't even close. Yes I know supply and shipping issues are affecting every manufacturer out there, more so for the bigger names like PING, Callaway, TM and Titleist. PING has taken the PXG approach but they are late to the ball game. I will give PING an A+ for looks but thats all especially when comparing prices. New P790 - $186/iron New T200 - $186/iron New Apex - $185/iron Ping i59 - $250/iron and the i210's are nice but like I said my Srixon ZX5's will be with me for a very long time
  10. Specs: LP 421 Stainless Steel 35” 355 gram head weight. 2.5* loft & 70* lie angle Short slant neck Deep milling
  11. I've always like Vokey's and played them more than any other wedge but this year I went with Cleveland RTX Full Face Zipcore. So far nothing over whelming but still just as nice as the Vokey's were.
  12. Wow was I ever wrong about the i59's as I really thought they would be the next best set of irons to come out. I would take the new P790's before I would buy these. PING raising their prices too isn't going to help sales. I have no worries as my Srixon ZX5's are safe for several years to come
  13. Get it fixed, no way you should get a replacement like another brand new one.
  14. Im much older than most as my 1st set I rented was over almost 40 years old. I swore I would never chase that stupid little white ball around but some friends talked me into giving it a try. I shot a 44-45 1st time ever with a set of NorthWestern's, I got hooked from then on. Wow! can you imagine just how many sets of clubs I have been thru, too many to count. My game has improved a lot over the years as I'm playing some of the best golf of my life. Hitting Callaway Epic Max driver, 3W, 5W, Srixon 4-PW ZX5's Cleveland RTX Full Face Zipcore 52* and 58* wedge with a Piertti Potenza Elite back up putter and a newly acquired a beautiful Lajosi LP-421 putter.
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