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  1. Love mine only used it twice as it is long and very forgiving. It won the 3W battle for 2021 for me as I too went thru a few different brands that were good but the SIM 2 MAX out performed them all.
  2. There is not one thing bad about anyone of these brand when it comes to performance. Some have better feel and looks like Srixon, Mizuno some love the flashy colors like Callaway, Cobra, PXG are #1 when it comes to advertising. PING used to be the brand everyone loved but now are price gouging even on their older product releases (not cool) Callaway: Can't go wrong owning anything from them, flip a coin between TM and Cally Cleveland: Best know for their wedges right up there with the best Cobra: Drivers keep up with the Best out there but at a cheaper price Mizuno: The brand Pro's play without any sponsorship PING: Something for everybody but starting to gouge PXG: Over-rated but has a large Fan base following Srixon: Under-rated, Best feeling irons to date, looks near the best of the best TaylorMade: The Driver the Pro's play the most plus the biggest endorsement handed out, who hasn't tried there drivers out. Titleist: #1 balls and Scotty Putters and clubs aren't too far behind Tour Edge: Making some noise especially on the Senior Tour Wilson: Better than what you would expect lack of marketing keeps them un noticed
  3. Shot a 40 after not golfing for over a week. 40 isn't bad and it was a course I haven't played this year but I really struggled with so many area's of my game. Nothing stood out but my worse day golfing is better than my best day at work.
  4. KING COBRA RADSPEED XB Limited Edition PTC (Infinity Face) TM SIM MAX 2 3W (TWIST FACE) Callaway Epic Max 5W (Flash Face) Each brand has their best technology ever to come out and each one has such a wonderful feeling like you know you crushed it
  5. Had one years ago, Dave and Chris really did a great job. Miss it as I wish I still had it.
  6. Soon to be 66 and I have been playing the best golf of my life. It's because of a number of reasons. I'm no longer chasing the distance as I still hit it far enough to reach a few par 5's in 2. My new Srixon ZX5's with Recoil Smacwrap shafts have gave me the confidence that no other irons have so is it the shaft combo or the V-sole, Yes for both I found some FW woods TayloreMade Sim2 Max 3W and Callaway (Epic Max)5W that I'm fairly consistent with along with a driver (Cobra RadSpeed XB PTC limited edition) which I love pulling the head cover off and steeping up to the Tee-Box. My wedges (RTX FullFace Zipcore) have gave me many birdies opportunity but that also will depend on the lie. My Putter (Lajosi P-421 and Elite Potenza Piertti) can be streaky at times as 3 putts don't come very often. I've finished with 13 putts a few times on 9 holes as thats a good feeling. Now I have rarely played from the senior Tee's and when I have I have shot under par, but I have also done that from the white Tee's too. All of my shafts are Reg. flex graphite except for my wedges and putter. Being at 92 mph swing speed keeps my in that regular flex range. All my irons are fitted so that too helps so does this make for the perfect Senior bag, not sure but for me it's working and I'm very pleased so chasing the Holy Grail of Golf clubs is over with.
  7. I was looking to make a switch as the Cobra RADSPEED Big Tour caught my interest since I have a RADSPEED XB PTC edition which is pretty awesome. Well long story short I made 3 eagles this year all dues to my Epic Max 3W and 5W as I had some awesome drives to help out but I'm extremley satisfied with the Epic Max 5W as the 3W gets me the distance I want but it has punished me more than I like as there are so many good fairway woods out there. The Epic Max did kick out my PING G425's earlier this year so if that means anything. It's a nice 3W but the winner for 2021 is the TaylorMade Sim 2 Max which is my gamer. I like having the infinity face on my RADSPEED, Twist Face on my SIM 2 Max and Flash Face SS21 on my 5W. I actually like the idea of experiencing the best of technology from 3 different brands
  8. Make sure you get fitted for the right shaft as these irons are phenomenal, a little busy in the cavity but at address you won't notice it.
  9. I'm looking at the Cobra RADSPEED Big Tour 3 as this is like a mini driver,
  10. I went from A Callaway Epic Max with Smoke iM10 shaft to the new RADSPEED XB PTC limited edition with a Fujikura Speeder 569 shaft as I really haven't notice any difference in forgivness, distance or ball speed as they both perform very nicely. The difference is the sound and the feel which is much nicer with the RADSPEED XB as that may have to do with the Speeder shaft which is the real deal and it's looks great at address.
  11. I remember the feuds Azinger and Faldo had during their RC matches and Faldo put him in his place
  12. I really wished Brooks could have gotten a hole in one as he came so close on the 17th hole as that could have been the match clincher, talk about excitement that would have been. It was nice for Collin but to only tie the match to get the point clincher just didn't really have excitement. Also glad DJ went undefeated but to do so by another person miss putt. Overall there was a lot of excitement for those 3 days and USA proved they were the better team, much better. Hope to see a repeat when the play in Rome during the next Ryder Cup
  13. I know but it was good to see it as social media is what has been ruining this country for years.
  14. This is a different event as there is no money earnings involved. When there are some pretty big purses to be won out there on Tour and there has to be some type of orderly conduct issued. Your not the one competing so try to look at it thru the players perspective. The PGA Tour is not the same as a WWE event, Once the event is over celebrate however you want but just remember the is a repercussion for every action that we do.
  15. Was it a big surprise that USA won, not really but it was a surprise that they won as big as they did. The other big surprise which was pretty cool was when Brooks came up and gave Bryson a hug. Good job USA Go Rahm and Garcia, Go team Spain. Those 2 did a nice job
  16. I'm loving my RADSPEED XB Limited Edition PTC as Bryson's remark didn't hurt Cobra sales. Especially now as it doesn't matter what Cobra driver he has it's not going to be anything close to the one he hits. Plus look how he has been hitting is driver as of lately. For someone who has his club head speed and is accurate as he is say's a lot. I know he was just frustrated like we all get and want to make excuses on our lack of play on the equipment. It always has to be the arrow not the Indian. I don't know if the RADSPEED, XB, or XD is the best Cobra driver but the Limited Edition PTC XB model is the best looking and best performing driver for me and glad after 10 years I came back to them.
  17. Maybe as I think the Speeder shaft might help out as it's a perfect match. I haven't had a Cobra driver in 10 years so I don't know about the F9 as I've heard many positive reviews about Cobra drivers.
  18. I couldn't resist as I was so anxious to play as I had this driver for 2 days and couldn't get out because of the rain. This Driver is super easy to hit and it flies with a soft impact which gives you a feeling that you knew you hit it well. My 1st hole was a tricky par 4 only 247 yds so I used my 5 wood to find the fairway and walked off with a par. Then I had a group of 4 people who allowed me to go thru on a par 5 as I said don't be laughing as I said this club has never touched a golf ball. I almost went to the range but my time was limited as I only got 9 holes in. Anyhow I glad I played due to all the rain we had the last 2 days, but WOW! I smashed the ball just a pretty and straight 275 yds just as I was hoping too. I told the group that this is my 1st time ever hitting it and they said you better not let the club leave your bag, then asked me what kind of club it was. When I showed them all I heard was positive remarks on how nice it looked and never knew Cobra put out such nice clubs. I'm a very happy person as it seems to be as long or close to my Epic Max as I had the EPIC loft dialed down to 9.5 and weight in the heel for a draw and kept my RADSPEED XB at 10.5 but in the draw setting. The only thing I might change will be my grip later. I only missed 1 fairway as I was looking directly into the sun as I knew as soon as I hit it but the distance still was good. I guess better late than never as it's been over 10 years since I last owned a Cobra driver. The Speeder shaft has a very nice feel to it as this combo is a winner for me. I tried all the big name drivers and Cobra beats them all.
  19. How do you post what clubs do you have in your bag. I'm not looking at placing any pictures I would just like to know how do show under your post what clubs are in your bag
  20. It's been over 10 years since I last owned a Cobra driver so I'm pretty excited saw this on the Cobra website. RADSPEED XB 10.5* with Fujikura Speeder EVO VII shaft
  21. Pictures really don't do this Driver justice. Out of all the Limited Editions I liked this one the best as the Speeder shaft option made the decision easy
  22. I've owned several JDM Drivers and all of them were pretty special and actually performed better than 90% of all the other OEM drivers. Never owned any of their irons but if I were in the market and if they were more easily accessible I would get a set of Epon's. My Srixon ZX5's are endo forged and they feel pretty soft.
  23. Just arrived today as it's raining and calling for rain all week. I will try later to get out some pictures as WOW! what an awesome looking driver. What does everyone think of the adjustment on the Extreme as I have the 10.5* and have it adjusted to -1.0 Draw. Is there really a noticeable difference in spin and ball flight with this adjustment design?
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