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  1. Thank you for your response! Have a good night
  2. I have a $75 digital gift card to Sketchers I would like to sell. Can I do that in the classifieds? I don't want to break any rules but I don't have a Picture to show other than the email from sketchers with the gift card information thanks
  3. Must play to 45.75 or longer on a ping G425
  4. Another picture of the club faces in different light. Price drop to $350 shipped
  5. I gave my father in Law a PXG proto driver. His comment was "This is a great economical brand!". So apparently its working. He has zero clue about golf clubs but he knew that PXG was economical
  6. Can't kick my pings out of the bag. So they have to go. $325 Shipped 1/2" Long Standard Loft and Lie Iomic Medium Grips
  7. In pretty minty shape. Will come with adapter (adapter won't be that pretty). Asking $250 shipped. OBO
  8. I lost 3 swing weight points moving to steelfibers
  9. If you are a heavy loader (like me) DO NOT go to steel fibers. They are very counterbalanced and will completely screw up your swing.
  10. in the end whatever makes you hit the center of the club face with the most consistency is what you should go with. Can't hurt to try it out.
  11. Price drop for the weekend. I really don't want to sell this on ebay
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