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  1. pretty sure this is a 2011. Not using it since I got my new squareback and have too many putters. in really good shape considering its years. Asking $215 shipped OBO. \
  2. Used about 6 or 7 rounds. Never used on a mat or with anything other than premium balls. in great shape. Asking $90 shipped.
  3. The picture of the bottom of the club was pretty dirty. I have updated it
  4. Project X 6.5 LZ 71g If you want to buy the shaft too let me know. I love it but everything is for sale
  5. Ping G410 LST 3 wood head. Has a very tiny idiot mark just above the face but its not noticeable from address. Otherwise Its been taken care of very well. Pics show condition. I try and show the club at its worst so you are pleasantly surprised when you get it. $SOLD Shipped .
  6. Walmart just had Volvik S4 golf balls for 17.99 dozen. Edit: Nevermind they changed the price back to 24.99-27.99
  7. There is no way thats fake. That is two different manufacturing lines and TM not having that strict tolerances. Remember these probably cost about $150 to make.
  8. God I hate that freaking line "Whats the best price" I SAID OR BEST REASONABLE OFFER. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE AN OFFER. Its as if you set up a chess board and start playing and the other guy starts jumping pieces like checkers.
  9. So..... I give up. No long winded explanation. I freaking give up on one lengths. The condition is that they steal your soul and crap you out after ruining your 2019 golf season so lets call it a 6.66 out of 10 Cobra One Length Black 4 iron utility Aerotec Steelfiber FC 115 Stiff Cobra Forged Tec One Black 5-GW Aerotec Steelfiber 110CW Stiff Cobra 56/60 One Length Wedge Heads $455 Shipped west of Mississippi. East Cost is $465 shipped.
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