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  1. Yes, they do offer different weighted heads, I always order +1/2-3/4 and my swing weight is usually what I ask for.
  2. In your dream, you didn’t happen to see a smaller Sim2 fwy wood did you ? Asking for a friend
  3. What is the secret + setting? I’m thinking of putting that shaft in my 410 lst; congrats on your nice round!
  4. I received my Driver and three wood yesterday with these shafts; mine have the new graphics. Hopefully you get it sooner than the date quoted.
  5. #FFS... release a 16.5 fwy wood soon?? Please ?
  6. Please go ahead and make this happen?! I’ll start a “ Go Fund Me’ account to help you recoup some of your lost ?
  7. I am hoping for white paint fill, ribbed.
  8. Just returned from having the swing weight checked, the swing weight was C2-totally unplayable! I would definitely make sure your club before it’s shipped will be set to the default swing weight.
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