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  1. I played with Wedgy in '82 - learned quite a few trick shots from him. Western Golf Assn brought him in to do a clinic for the Western Amateur, but forgot to have someone provide activity for him prior to his clinic early in the evening. Had a great member and also my high school golf coach round out the 4-some. Those guys had a round to remember for their lives...me, too! Pretty tall guy
  2. I'm back, but having great difficulty changing my contact email. Y'all take care - global warming in the Pacific NW & CA....only 92° here in coastal NC
  3. Get in touch with me. I have an item I think you might like!
  4. 2021 - and hurricane season is on track. Y'all stay safe & keep updates coming!
  5. Richard - AMF (no, not THAT "amf"...inside joke) AMF owned the Hogan Company in the early to mid 70's, if my memory serves. Those irons are beautiful!
  6. Thoroughbred Golf Club in Nicholasville, KY. About 15 minutes south of Lexington. Would love to have you as my guest. Maybe some other souls here would like to join you, and we could actually start that vintage tournament we have talked about. Gotta run!
  7. Hey, Stu - I've been a bit out of the loop. Whatcha got that has kept you out of your shop? To all others here, if you are ever anywhere near Lexington, KY....bring your vintage clubs - or any clubs, for that matter - and play my little track. Perfect length for seniors and vintage equipment, and from what others in the area tell me...the absolute best greens in the Lexington area. Thoroughbred Golf Club - thoroughbred.golf
  8. First off - I'm hoping that everyone who visits here is safe, and continues to be so. BNGL - good to hear from you. I'm in central KY - just outside Lexington. The mayor of Lexington closed all parks, and the 5 city courses fell under that umbrella. Another public course, owned by a large multi-national corporation, closed as they fear a possible lawsuit. I say that the sooner all lawyers are gone, the better....but, that is a discussion for another day. Due to the fact that the other 6 courses are closed, effectively my competition has been seriously crippled. But, while my play numbers sho
  9. Not knowing the goals that are laid out at your course for this procedure, I can at least tell you that conditions will get better. It may be as simple as taking advantage of a bad situation - coronavirus - where play may be down, to increase the sand that may normally have been dialed in for earlier procedures. Hope y'all stay safe, on & off the course
  10. Where do you live & are your courses allowed to operate during this Covid-19 situation? Feel free to PM me if you prefer.
  11. Hey, Bir Stu - hope all is good! At one point in time, a double faced chipper was legal, but counted as 2 clubs, due to the 2 faces. That was back in the day when reminder grips were legal,as well as the putter grips that had many variations, none of which would be considered legal today. And, I certainly agree with you - anything that makes the game more enjoyable, especialy for amateurs not playing for anything other than the love of the game - should be considered lega. Personally, I like the aiming fluid. I have never seen that covered in the rules, and I know for a fact that many an
  12. Cleveland VAS irons - and Corey Pavin played them. I always said that if Corey Pavin won a major with that swing - and using those irons - I would quit the game. Well.....I've taken a long time off from playing - - -those clubs should stay in a thrift shop. Hope all is well with everyone, sitting out the current Covid-19 situation. I'm tearing apart the clubhouse/bar/restaurant and pro shop for some majorly extensive spring cleaning. Take care - see ya'll on the other side of this mess. augie
  13. I believe everything that you wrote, except - that you have a club without lead tape on it
  14. It is unfortunate to say, but some of my clubheads lately see no turf either.
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