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  1. Sorry I have had to temporarily remove this content. It will be reformatted and reposted in the next 24 hours. It just got all jacked up in formatting for some reason and was unreadable.
  2. As am I. I'm having trouble finding any of our topics. The search doesn't seem to be working properly.
  3. Both are important. That said, if you have the wrong shaft for your game, you will never hit that technology filled head consistently far or consistently accurate. Having the right shaft is paramount to achieving consistent and reliable performance. Once you know the shaft that fits you, you can dial in what head, loft, face angle, etc. compliment that product. Ideally you would fit the entire club at the same time but you can't fit a head without knowing the shaft that is going in it.
  4. Yes. They can pretty easily be removed and reused.
  5. All of our DM's are missing as well as the most recent threads we have posted in club techs.
  6. All I was told about it is that the materials make it such that the shaft must be produced in USA because of some of the exotic materials in it being an issue in terms of exporting. I believe that's from a cost perspective. I don't honestly know what it's made out of. I wish I could better tell the story, but I just don't know. Might be uranium based on the cost and nuclear performance. Haha. Kidding obviously.
  7. I do appreciate that. It makes the time worth it to do, knowing that some people really enjoy it.
  8. I certainly understand that sentiment. I guess we just don't want to be accused of gouging customers. We've tried very hard to keep even rare Protos in a price range that matches other high end offerings so they are accessable to everyone. I suppose with a high enough demand we could see if maybe a small lot of these is viable. Our cost would be almost 3 times a Tensei Pro shaft to give some indication of cost, so stocking something like this without pre pay orders just wouldn't happen.
  9. The good thing is that we see what's possible from a cost no object tech perspective. The bad thing is that I jumped the gun and nobody would pay what this thing would cost now.
  10. The shaft is basically a developmental proto and the info I've received isn't good. I made assumptions off of casual discussions and I was off base. It's one of those cost no object protos to see what is possible for new technology. I don't think we would be able to get many of these and despite what we initially thought, the cost is going to be prohibitive at this time. There will certainly be a time when the cost comes down and it becomes possible to supply it, but now isn't that time unfortunately. The shaft doesn't even have a name yet, or any graphics on it. We just have to wait out the process, but we do hope to bring it to you guys sometime late 2020 or early in 2021. I really should have waited to include it in testing, but I was so excited with the results that I jumped the gun.
  11. Ventus black is an excellent shaft. Very stable and controlled. It's the best Fujikura shaft I've hit in several years. If it fits you and you like it, you could certainly do a lot worse. As for accuracy, I don't find it any more accurate than most high end shafts but certainly not wild or loose either. I'd call it steady, stable and reliable. There are players who Ventus Black is a perfect fit for, and those individuals may not see any performance difference from changing. If lower spin is what you need or more ball speed from something counterbalanced, yes there are other options that may perform better, but if you don't, it is a great shaft that has no real weakness.
  12. I'd be happy to go over data and details with you if you'd like. Just shoot me a DM and we can start the process.
  13. ATX Green Graphene proto. We do have those in stock.
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