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  1. Also with the loss of any seller protection Ebay is now judge and jury on any dispute. Buyers no longer need a reason to return an item and the seller must pay return shipping. Ebay can raid your bank account and take the money back without any paypal checks. Ebay is feeling the heat from Amazon and trying to mimic it. At least Amazon pays return shipping.
  2. Some are customized to the tournament they are playing so its not like they will reuse them. I have only ever seen a Charlie Hoffman bag on the bay so they don't go there. I would like to think they go to the charities but they would eventually show up for auction. Are they destroyed or put in storage by the manufacturers?
  3. Judge Judy says: Once the buyer used the club in any way he accepted ownership. Seller does not need to refund. Seller should assist with USPS claim. Cobra wont do anything.
  4. The software used at my course is dated and doesn't fairly distribute times using historical data. Any recommendations of a good package either a hosted service or local application? Thanks
  5. Fake or not https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Used-left-handed-scotty-cameron-putter-with-circle/333749089160?hash=item4db4fef388:g:RYQAAOSw7ixfd9He
  6. Was playing yesterday with my usual group. One guy has a new set of M2 he bought at the start of the year. He is a 13ish HC and has a below average swing speed. On an average swing with his 6 iron the face caved in. Is this still a common occurance? He was playing a tp5 so its not like he was hitting a rock ball. I know in the past that taylormade had issues but was surprised to see this on a new model.
  7. I always check out the gallery putters every week. Lately the releases are not circle T and are all under $1000. Is this something Titleist does now and then? I have been seeing 5K golf bags, several hundred $ club covers on EBay so maybe that is the new thing. Thanks
  8. Ebay is broken. They are so wrapped up in protecting the buyer a seller has no protection. Think about it; buyers have the cash that makes ebay work. No cash=no ebay. I recently sold an item, not golf related. Value was close to $1000. Shipping was over $100. Buyer started a return using the "item not as described" check box. It was exactly as described but seller cant dispute a return. Return was going to cost me over $100 so I had to eat a $200 loss. Buyer wanted me to offer a cash settlement and he would keep the item. I wasnt going to be blackmailed so I c
  9. Thanks, all interesting reading. I can hit it 250+ on my good swings that hit the sweet spot. I will have to look into the hands a bit more and check out Mike Malasaka. Playing over 150 times in 6 months, which is our season, would help groove the swing and sweet spot. Just wish I had the time and a pain free body that would let me do it.
  10. I played an early morning round this weekend. A familiar name I always see going out at the first tee time everyday was in our group. He is 65+ years old and a single digit hc. He tees it up, his grip is so strong his right palm is facing the sky. I look down to put my driver back in the bag and BANG! I look up to see a ball rocketing down the fairway and land about 260 yards carry. What just happened? I will have to see this on the next tee. Next tee I am watching. Same grip and he takes his arms back to waist high and club about the same. He starts forward and BANG! Down the middl
  11. I havent seen the holes being cut at my course but I doubt the guys who do it would care or much less know anything about it. What is the proper way that a hole is cut? Is rolling or some other method used at top courses?
  12. I dont remember where I read this but a Pelz-like someone wrote that the golf hole can become a lumpy doughnut. As people walk around the hole it eventually becomes raised, think volcano. I notice at my course that a lot of putts that are trying to die into the hole will veer wide about 2 or 3 inches from the hole. Heartbreaking. Is this something you have experienced? Is it possibly the result of poor hole cutting? People walking to close to the hole? I am playing early tomorrow so I will see if it could be traffic related. Of course hitting firm putts is the answer but putting from
  13. Does anyone know how to get codes for globalgolf? Thanks
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