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  1. FINGER TEN New Mens RainGrip Hot Wet Weather Comfort Extra Value Left Hand LH and Right Hand RH Durable Golf Gloves Value 6 Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FX0XGY8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_1AQ8V49SM18FXGXPMFQ7 These are the ones I have. Played the zero friction (I think) before and the original ones were great, the next ones didn’t last more than a couple of rounds. These finger tens stay soft and comfortable no matter if I put them on with wet hands - I don’t put with gloves on so they come off and on a lot
  2. Agree. Bought a 6 pack almost 2 years ago and still have a couple unopened. You can’t kill these things, and they work and feel great. Very confident with them in the rain as well.
  3. I can’t comment on the e6 soft as I never got along with those, but after an initial round Saturday I will say they are close in feel and performance for me to the 2015 e6 (back when it was a 3 piece ball). Pretty pleased with it. A little shorter than my normal MTB on properly struck drives, but in average not far off. Nice feel with the irons, but as previously mentioned more runout around the green, but again on par with the 2015 e6 which I got pretty comfortable with. If I had a complaint, maybe should be in the $26 price point, but considering what I just paid for lumber I won’t qu
  4. I take a look at the demos, see what what they have for lefties, thanks. Worried that the pro would be preferable to my eye unfortunately. not really in the market for clubs to replace the i200 but read some great stuff about these caught my attention.
  5. I’ve read through this thread but didn’t see anything - has anyone been able to compare the 699 (non pro) to the i200/210? Or are they more inline with the g700? I'm talking head size and shape, offset etc. I greatly prefer a more compact head and the g700 are just too big for my eye. Being lefty, the 699 pros are not an option. thanks!
  6. Nike Vapor Fly 3 & 4 although the 3 May be swapped for a 5w depending in the course
  7. Excellent thank you! Ironically while trying to reply to your post, I had to close out due to then pop up. This time I won a google prize. ?
  8. Thanks. But I don’t know what that means? But maybe it’s just me who’s having the issue. Probably no more wrx mobile for me. Maybe I can use the desktop on my phone and try that.
  9. Am I the only one getting these scam “you have 17 viruses”. Or “new virus found” pop ups that randomly appear ONLY on WRX mobile? it’s really annoying since I have to close the tab, go to setting, clear cash from the site and relaunch. anyone else getting these on the mobile site?
  10. I don’t know about overrated, although I’ve not had a full fitting. But for me, hitting off a mat into a screen with ideal environmental conditions tells me very little about what will happen hitting off the grass down a fairway with the actual elements. Night and day for me off a mat and off the grass. then again I’m not good enough to tee a ball exactly the same height every time to make sure I’m contacting the face consistently. So maybe don’t go by me ??
  11. Great thread! I tend to think that we’re the pets of our cats i200s here, what my two owners allow me to play
  12. Great plan and good luck with it. Be sure to get some good pics on the way. you will need to make the road trip up to New England. Shennacossett in Groton CT is a nice track. But sadly 3 holes were redone because Pfizer wanted to expand their parking lot. But still beautiful course in the water Crotched Mountain in NH is an interesting course. I’m personally not a fan, but it’s a good price and good challenge. Too many blind greens and fairways that runoff into poison ivy for my taste tho.
  13. Nope. Bright flash and a well Patina’d original. Both MgBr. The classic line is a newly cast mgbr head they offered.
  14. They were able to find a head just under 340g for me. But otherwise feels like the original. Only pitted around the house (course finally opens this week). But I really prefer it to any of the inserts I have (odyssey white hot pro, Nike origin).
  15. ^^this says it best to me. The only club that put my + no + to the backup bag.
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