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  1. I should have used the app - I was on the site as I was in a meeting with a client simultaneously trying to get a pair and I kept getting error message(s) Very frustrating.
  2. ehh Pretty sure it is the heat rdy - “striped” https://www.adidas.com/us/heat.rdy-striped-polo-shirt/FJ9903.html
  3. It’s just different for different feet. The 13’s and the 3’s are both more comfortable to me than 11’s, but I love them all. Crazy comfortable golf shoes.
  4. Getting about a weeks notice on a drop isn’t uncommon. That time frame is still in play
  5. if you’re sitting on a new pair, try stockx - you’ll unload them pretty easily as that’s a place where true sneaker heads look for rare shoes like these.
  6. Nothing, really!? I thought for sure these things would move!
  7. Prices are "OBO" but ya, $250 is pretty insulting considering they're HARDLY worn. Thanks for looking, though!
  8. Alright guys, here is my holy grail. A couple weeks ago I had some tools stolen and need them for work, and doesn't seem like insurance is going to come through for me. I tried listing these on eBay and got action, but not what I need. I tried posting in here and I guess that was illegal (Sorry Mods!) so I will go about this the old-fashioned way! These are Jordan Golf Chicago Size 13. Since you're looking at these, you know how rare size 13 is in these! I am the first owner of these and FWIW guarantee them authentic. I do not have the original box or tags, and they are technically used. I w
  9. I love my birddog pants. Think I started a thread on it a while back even. Big fan. the two toned back panel on pants isn’t for me, but they make them all monotone as well which I have in the blue. I prefer them over the Mack Weldon pair I have thats at a similar price point.
  10. Mine hasn’t shipped yet so idk when I’ll get them. Fortunately still sleeping fine at night; hopefully @StillCantPutt can, too!!
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