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  1. So finished my 6th round of the season, and the first I’ve been using the lab DF. Just amazing. After playing with the original 2 ball for 12 years, it’s now benched for good. I’ve been amazed at the distance control and lag putts on the DF. It’s just point and shoot for me, and I’m almost always in tap in range. And the confidence alone in making short putts helps a ton. Well worth the money spent on this. That said, the deals you can get on eBay are incredible if you get lucky and find one close to your specs. That’s what I did, and it’s been incredible.
  2. As to your original post "Figuring a full SSG protocol as somewhere around 100 swings, all done at max, can anybody think of ANY training protocol in ANY other workout program than involves that many reps? I don't know of one; not in the weight room, not on the track, not anywhere.", I'm not quite sure what you mean. What do you define as a rep? I've been doing Crossfit for 12 years, and we have many workouts that involve rep schemes of 100 or more, into the 100s. If you practice tennis and you are taking 100 swings, is that not over a 100 reps? Yes, they may not be done at max, but is tha
  3. Well, first outdoor round with the g425. Had been hitting the 10.5* Alta CB shaft great indoors on the simulator, but finally took it outside. Wow. Was hitting it places on the range I had never been. And then on the course, was bombing it 15-25 yards farther than where I hit my sim max. And fairways were still soft. I have the weight on the toe to help with my draw, and that really helps me straighten the flight and not worry about the left miss. So far huge thumbs up.
  4. I just got the G425 5 wood and 4 hybrid. I have the 5 wood at a slight flatter lie position, but otherwise no changes to either. I hit the 5 wood 220-230 on the simulator and 4 hybrid 200-210. Will take it outside this week to confirm. But both clubs are fantastic. My biggest hole in my bag was from 200-250 yards where I never felt comfortable, and these have been fantastic for me. my z585 4 iron goes 190. not sure that gapping makes sense or will hold up in real life vs. sim, but we'll see.
  5. For those who have gotten stock shafts and cut them down, any suggestions to not change the weight dynamic too much? I've the CB Alta shaft, but thinking of taking off 1/2". I know these are counterbalanced, but not sure how to make sure swingweight stays the same (I like the feel right now). And don't want to lose the Arccos grips.
  6. After a few weeks with the g425 max, I'm finally making it work. Not as well as the 400 max, but hitting many more fairways now and seeing some distance gains. Nothing huge, but best drives are about 10 yards longer than the 400. For some reason I was hooking the g425 initially so i've been setting up opening the face a bit and balls are going straight with some slight fades. The sound has become much more tolerable as well after 'break in' Have you tried the fade setting? I have an inside out swing, and was fighting a hook with my Sim Max
  7. Thanks for that. We've been struggling to figure out how to set the Gimmes. Are you using the ON GREEN setting? Sounds like that means if you hit the green, it's an auto 2 putt, but if you are within 6 feet it's an auto 1 putt? We were trying to play around with the DISTANCE setting, hoping to make it an auto 2 putt within 24 feet and an auto 1 putt within 10 feet, but not quite sure that's working. It's not clear if that works just on the green, or even if you are chipping from just off the green. But that seems a little more realistic to us (although having tried to putt on
  8. Has anyone found the g425 to be draw biased. I’ve been using one last two weeks, and don’t notice any draw bias, but other sites seem to be focused on this. So far loving this club, but also waiting to take it outside vs the simulator.
  9. I may be the only one who has been happy with the CB Alta shaft. I tested the other stock shafts, and generated more speed with the CB Alta and great dispersion.
  10. Given how good the driver has been, I've been testing the G425 fairway woods. These are just as good...great dispersion and easy to hit high. Ended up getting the 5 wood. It was going nearly as far as my 3 Wood, and much easier to hit off the fairway. Finally something I feel comfortable standing over when I have a 220 yard shot!
  11. Unfortunately with snow on the ground, I haven't been able to take the G425 Max onto the course. I'm coming from a Sim Max. But I have hit a lot inside with a simulator, and played a few sim rounds with it. At least on the sim, I am hitting the G425 Max further and getting much better dispersion. The holy grail.
  12. Just bought and installed a new SkyTrak simulator, and decided to go with TGC 2019 as the simulator. Have had a lot of experience with E6, and while I've really enjoyed using it, it does have certain limitations which led us to go with TGC instead (notably the dearth of courses, and lack of any real penalties on hitting out of the rough/sand/etc). That said, it's nearly impossible to understand how to use TGC 2019. It's not intuitive at all. I wanted to start with a few questions if people had any suggestions: 1. When playing locally with a friend, we seem to only
  13. That makes sense from what I've seen (not head to head at the same time, but same day). But the Trackman also seemed to be 3-5 mph slower than a GC Hawk as well.
  14. I did find as a note that I could not crack 100 mph on a Trackman. Not sure if that is any more accurate than the monitors I’ve been using.
  15. The even lies all across the entire course are definitely much, much easier. Especially things like fairway bunkers and deep rough (thinking the gorse on the Plantation Course). But I also find the putting and chipping to be really difficult. I’m not the best putter in the world, but I have no chance of making a putt outside 10 feet....there are no lip ins on E6. But it probably doesn’t balance out, so I would guess it’s easier than real life.
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