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  1. So I have been using the Forerunner 945 for golf. It’s primarily a running watch for me, and I love it for that as it’s very accurate on pacing and can store Spotify playlists. I’ve also really liked it for golf as it has all the courses stored on it, gives me accurate readings to the green, and really ties in well with the Garmin golf app. The auto shot feature is really great. That said, I am considering getting the S62 because it has certain features that the 945 does not have. For instance, the S62 will show distance from last shot which would be great for helping find lost balls. It also easily shows distance to hazards (which the 945 has, but it’s a little more difficult to access).
  2. I started the superspeed protocols last year in November once golf season ended, and found that I had significant gains in line with what others had experienced. Large initial increases followed by a plateau, then another bump. I followed the schedule religiously from November up until about late June when i found that I had less time primarily because I was actually playing golf. I haven't really followed the protocols since then, although i do intend to restart them in a few weeks once golf season is over. The question I have for others is will I have lost speed since I haven't been using the speedsticks? Are you supposed to be following the protocols throughout the entire season? I would assume the answer is yes (because I see the tour pros are using it through their season). But I'll be curious to see how long it will take to regain it. I know I was maxing out the green stick at 120 in April, and the last time I used the stick in September I was down to 110 max. Any suggestions on how to restart? Do I go from scratch? And should I somehow figure out a way to keep up the protocols through the entire year?
  3. Made the switch to the DCBs and have played a few rounds now coming from the Srixon Z585s. Absolutely love these clubs. So easy to hit, very forgiving and I really like the feel. I tried the Apex 21s against the DCBs, and I really couldn’t tell much of a difference between the 21s and the DCBs, either feel or look. But I was just consistently longer and straighter with the DCBs, so it was an easy choice (I’m an 11 handicap fwiw). And it wasn’t even close relative the Srixons...I could never hit these cleanly off the turf, and I’m not sure if it was the v-soles or not. I don’t have a 4 iron, but trying to figure out if I need to get that (I’m at 5-PW right now).
  4. Thx for all the comments! So I was using a ProV1x, which I assume is ok. I did not realize spin numbers were so different on mats. I thought the ball height was fine, as was descent, so it looks like I need to hit these outside somewhere. Not quite sure how to do that though before I have to buy them. I will say the spin rates were slightly higher for the regular apex irons, and slightly higher than that for the z585s. So the relative spins were all close to one another. anyone have any views on the DCBs?
  5. I'd love some feedback though on the stats for some DCB irons I’m trying. At the store, I'm getting a 109 ball speed, launching at 18-19 degrees, 42-43* descent angle, 26 yards peak height, 155 carry, 165 total distance. But spin is only 4800-4900. Are these stats ok with the DCB 7 iron (all hit indoors on mat at a PGASS)? I feel like spin is low, but the other stats seem fine. Should I try graphite shafts to increase spin?
  6. I'm hitting my Ping 425 Max incredibly well (10-12 fairways hit every time, which for me is amazing). But I have not been able to hit my Z585s at all, and it's killing me to be 120-180 yards out in the middle of the fairway and completely miss the green. I've always been a stronger iron player than driver, and now I have zero confidence standing over the ball with my irons (wedges are still ok thank God). I had come from the Big Bertha 19s, which I had been hitting great. But having dropped my handicap from high teens to 11, I wanted a smaller clubhead. My miss on the Z585 is thinning it. I've wondered in other posts whether it's the v-sole (I am a sweeper, never take divots unless I chunk it). The jury is still out for me on the sole. But the Z585 isn't cutting it for me. I tested out the Apex 21s a few weeks ago on a whim helping my brother try out drivers, and I loved it. I've since gone back 2x to keep testing the Apex, and have settled into a groove on the DCBs over the Apex (which I also hit well, just not as cleanly as the DCBs, and I figure why not get as much help as I can get). I've been striking the DCBs really well inside, so much better than my Z585 even side by side. Just cleaner strikes. I have noticed that the shaft is 1/2" shorter on the DCBs and Apex's...kind of strange. I did try the Z5s, and honestly I'm having the same strike issues as I do with the Z585. I'm just not getting clean strikes with the Srixons. And maybe because of that, the DCBs feel better than the Z5s. I honestly can't tell much of a difference in looks between the DCBs and the Z5s/Apex irons. Looking down at both they look really similar to me, and I guess if the feel is similar and I can get better strikes with the DCB (and better dispersion/distance), seems like a no brainer. I'd love some feedback though on the stats for the DCBs. At the store, I'm getting a 109 ball speed, launching at 18-19 degrees, 42-43* descent angle, 26 yards peak height, 155 carry, 165 total distance. But spin is only 4800-4900. Are these stats ok with the DCB 7 iron (all hit indoors on mat at a PGASS)? I feel like spin is low, but the other stats seem fine. Should I try graphite shafts to increase spin? I'm using a ProV1x in testing. I am going to see a fitter this weekend. At this point I don't see anything standing in the way of me changing out of my Z585s.
  7. I haven’t played the G400, but I’ve had the G425 Max for 5 months now, and it’s by far the best driver I have ever played (coming from Sim Max, Epic Flash, R7, 905D). Incredibly forgiving and straight for me. Just played Pebble and Spyglass and was 11-12/14 on fairways all 3 rounds. It’s the misses that are so great…still go straight and don’t lose much if any distance. This club won’t be leaving my bag anytime soon.
  8. Definitely G425 Max for me. I like the heavier head, and the counterbalanced shafts really work for me. My swing speed is around 100mph, and I use the CB Alta Slate regular flex. Last few weeks I’ve been hitting straight bombs with it. And mishits are incredibly forgiving. I’d try a regular flex at 95 mph.
  9. I had a red dot, although over time my swing has gotten steeper such that every time I get fitted I’m fitted into standard loft irons (although I usually only test 7 iron vs. the whole bag). Yep, the 585s replaced the BB, but it’s because I wanted a smaller profile and my handicap had dropped from low 20s to 12-14. Maybe it was too large a jump. I actually pulled out my old G15s this week to try them, and wow, are they large. I don’t think I can go back to that size head ever again. Tried the Apex DCBs yesterday, and hit them really well. I know some compare them to the 19 Berthas, but they feel a whole lot better to me and look smaller. I don’t know if the Vsole is making a difference, but even when testing them against the DCBs, I just wasn’t getting good strikes on the 585s. What Color dot on the G15? Trusty G5 red dot were a favourite,so the Cally BB replaced the G15?Srixons are not a G15 replacement,eg Ap2,T200,hope this helps.
  10. Just thought I’d bump this thread if anyone has any thoughts…thanks!
  11. Given all the great commentary on the DCBs (that they don’t look and feel that much different than the standard Apex), is there any reason to go with the standard? I’m an 11.5 handicap, and I don’t try to work my irons. Are the Apex more consistent on distance? Will I get jumpers on shorter irons with the DCBs that I would avoid on the standards?
  12. I am also coming from the Bertha 2019s. Are they really that similar in size/shape? I’ve been looking at the regular Apex irons because I wanted a smaller profile (in part to get through the rough better, but mostly for looks). I would have thought the DCBs would have a much smaller profile. I’m glad to see that they feel better. I did like hitting the Berthas, and if I could get similar distances with much better feel and better/same forgiveness, then it’s a win win.
  13. Late last season I made an impulse switch from some Callaway Big Bertha 19s to the Z585s. I had actually been hitting the Big Berthas well, but my handicap dropped from the high teens to low double digits, and I wanted a lower profile iron. I was hitting the Z585s in a store and they had a barely used set they were offering a great deal on, so I pounced without really testing out other clubs. I know, I know. I should have tested more, but I got such a good deal that I don't think I'll lose much on the resale. But now I'm regretting the decision because I just haven't hit the Z585s well on the course. I have a huge tendency to hit the Z585s thin, something I have not experienced in the past with my irons (in fact, irons have always been my strong suit). I have a shallow swing (rarely take a divot), and I've been reading about how the V-soles might lead to thin strikes. Has anyone else experienced this issue with their Srixons? I would say I hit my irons thin almost 1/3-1/2 of the time, which is way too much. I did try the Apex 21s in a store the other day, and I found that I was really striping these clubs very consistently, and longer than my Z585s. I know the lofts are slightly lower (30.5 vs. 31), but the consistency of the strike for the Apex 21s were so much better, with very few thin strikes (albeit on a mat, not yet on grass). And I loved the feel relative to my Z585s (although it might be in large part due to the cleaner strikes). Does this make sense with respect to the V-soles leading to more thin strikes? I know there is a huge debate in the forum on the relative love for Srixons Z series irons vs. the Apex. But at this point, I'm almost ready to go back to my Ping G15s with the thin strikes on my Z585s.
  14. Used 3x outdoors on a course. 12 degree head, Regular Ventus Blue Shaft. Cut down to 45.5” but otherwise stock shaft and head. Headcover included. $325 obo, shipping only in the U.S..
  15. Barely used Ping Women’s hybrid. Ping G LE2 sells for $180 new. Offering here for $120. Shipping U.S. only.
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