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  1. He's not - at least not in any real capacity. I ordered a putter as a gift for a dear friend of mine leaving the state to go to college. FINALLY I received the putter long overdue, but I paid in full, in advance on the promise that I would get a bonus damascus repair tool (about $70 or so), and I also added an extra headcover to my order ($35 or so) The only good news is that even though the putter was late, it did arrive, and I have to say it really is gorgeous and amazing. My friend was overjoyed at receiving it. However, I never received any headcover, let alone the extra one I ordered. Damascus repair tool also not included. Has been about 3 months since the putter arrived, and I never got any reply to texts or emails that I sent. Absolutely nothing. I'm upset I lost the $100 but it's just not worth the brain damage trying to get anything done. And of course everything was stalled for so long that I can't file a PayPal dispute of any kind. Just going to cut my losses and accept it as a learning experience. It's a sad bummer cast over what really was supposed to be a nice and exciting experience.
  2. I enjoy reading about your bag! And it's reassuring to read that your speed training has been working... Nice Callaway sticks.
  3. Cool bag! I have to know the story behind that "black sheep" Tommy Armour putter. It must have some magic for you.
  4. Awesome bag -- Cobra's wedges are so underrated. Hope to get me a set soon too.
  5. Wanted to revisit my WITB thread! Lots of changes! Not as great of photos this time, I'm afraid. Still using a PLOP putter, but a different one than before. I like it a lot. Older but not updated now are my Cleveland RTX 4 wedges. Still playing a 52 and 58 degree, and still carrying the same PM grind 64 degree wedge, which I hope to purchase a new version of soon. New are the Cobra King MB/CB flow set, but a little off of standard flow. I have PW-6i in MB and my 4 & 5 irons in the CB. They have the UST Mamiya Recoil 110 Graphite shafts in them -- decided to move away from steel because of some ongoing elbow and hand pain, so hopefully it helps. I've got the F9 driver in the yellow colorway, with a Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK 70 shaft. Got to play a quick 9 holes with them today, and I'm in love. Great clubs. ![] (https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/a1/mcm1lirsw6g5.jpg "")
  6. Haha, my profile picture was a photo from a tee shot when our UNC club team played nationals in Florida. I figured it's the only time I'll ever get to say, yeah, I had "media coverage" :-) Anyway, my swing has always had a few Bubba-elements in it (now if only I had the same distance and ballstriking to go along with) Your foot will fly/step through when you are rotating hard and pushing up hard enough that there's no other place for it to go. This was something cool that I had clarified at Monte's clinic in Denver this year.
  7. I do it, sometimes too much to the point of over rotating, in fact. I do it on all clubs, even wedges slightly. It's not something I even think about or can truly even feel or pay attention to at this point. I think it's hard or even impossible to do it on purpose. Should just be a result of your turn. My grandfather put a club in my hands, and his advice caused it, somehow. In fact, come to think about it, I may have my grandfather to thank as I was the only golfer on my club college team that didn't constantly have back soreness -- and I was definitely not the most fit player. Because of my heel lift, I have definitely been told by people (and poked fun of) on driving ranges and that I play with that I have an "old school" swing. It's a badge of pride.
  8. I'm not a pro teacher by any means, but I imagine it would be almost impossible to tell without a video. Post a video and see what the experts have to say. Any sport/physical movement can come with pain, soreness, and the risk of injury, but far more likely is poor swing mechanics that cause your pain.
  9. I mean this in a complimentary way, but how do you even get yourself into that position at the top of your swing? O_o If you don't already have a lot of back pain, you should turn as Monte says before you do.
  10. Full disclaimer, not a professional teacher. If I were you, I'd hit at least 50% of your practice as only small shots - left arm horizontal shots. Especially for a hand injury, your brain will be scared to do things the pre-injury way. The best advice I could give you is wish you luck and also not to be so hard on yourself; at the same time, you have an opportunity to start from a more clear slate and make sure you have correct mechanics.
  11. I never use a white ball anymore. I especially like the lime green balls like the type that Vice makes. For me, I've had too many people on a tight course hit my golf ball by accident (or sometimes just pick it right up on purpose), but I've just grown to like the colored ones better. Also easier to point out and identify your own ball.
  12. Full disclaimer, I'm not a professional teacher. But following the club head back in your vision with your eyes/entire head is terrible and can cause a whole host of issues. That would be the first and only thing I would stop doing for now
  13. With Monte + practice, you'll move in the right direction. He's a swing genius and a crazy talented player in his own right. I'd almost spend the lesson fee to make him hit balls just so I can watch. :smiley: Your progress is looking good!
  14. I just came across this thread and the stories and frustrations have me now feeling extremely uneasy :/ My putter was supposed to ship over a week ago, and when it didn't and I asked for an update, I was told that it's on hold for the face material and it will be shipping within the next week. I hope that's the honest truth. Ugh. This putter I bought is supposed to be a gift for a friend moving out of state, which is why I ordered with plenty of time. I'll be really disappointed if I'm not able to deliver it in person
  15. Only way to get better at it is to be there and do it -- and you showed up and posted a score even when things got tough. Congrats on making it there and props to you for sharing your experience with us. No doubt in my mind you'll be in many future events to come.
  16. Thank you all for your experiences. I see cobra sells their MB/CB irons as single irons, and I can pay a small upcharge for a recoil shaft. I imagine I may be able to do the same with Srixon, which are the two brands I am comparing. It would not bother me to keep steel in my wedges because I am never swinging them that hard. What's killing my hands and elbow right now is when I don't middle a 5 iron (and not middling a 5 iron occurs fairly often) and getting a nice vibration. It's never noticeable immediately, but the evening of hitting a bucket of balls I can definitely feel it. I'm excited by the prospect of longer practice sessions and less discomfort. I remembered Monte was using steel fibers a couple of years ago, and since I've gotten lessons from him for so long I asked him why he had changed back to steel. His official answer "they are great shafts. I just hit them too far" Monte problems. :D
  17. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It looks like the Recoils are the thing to try first then- and it looks also like they are an easy upgrade in the cobra irons I was considering too, which would be awesome. I'm hoping graphite can save me some elbow issues down the road and it would just be a bonus if I get any game help with them. :)
  18. Cool, thanks for the suggestion Valtiel. I'll check those out. I guess my main fears are some of the stigmas and stereotypes that go along with graphite shafts -- I'm afraid that I'd go to graphite and suddenly start unrecoverably sucking at golf more than I already do :D It's good to see that there are a few different options out there even in graphite. I believe I can get the Srixon irons I was considering with those shafts, too, so I may just have to buckle down and see if I can find a demo club around here
  19. Hi all, I'm looking for my next set of irons soon and seriously considering the possibility of going to graphite iron shafts. Even though I'm 23, I've had elbow issues/pain that are minor as of now, but I was hoping that possibly moving to graphite could help get out in front of issues I may have down the line. My father is currently in recovery from having elbow surgery, my grandfather has had the same issue throughout his life, and I'm sure I'll be in the same boat someday. But I was hoping to come in and maybe field some suggestions or experiences that people had with graphite iron shafts. My main problem is being in Colorado there aren't a ton of huge fitting places around, and I absolutely need to hit balls outside when I get something fit for me - hitting inside on a simulator is no go. Right now I'm playing Nippon Modus 3 105 in Stiff flex, and I really love the feel of them - they don't feel whippy and they don't feel too stout - just enough that I can be "on it" on great swing days and make them work on off swing days. I know there's nothing that could be guaranteed, but does anyone have suggestions on where to start? I'm seriously considering the Srixon line of irons for my next club, because of pricing I get, and I see that they have SteelFiber shafts as an option. Looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts.
  20. Hey, everyone. I'm just now getting back to this thread, with the chaos of the funeral service and family coming in behind us. It really means a lot, all the kind comments from the GolfWRX community. That's why I really like this place. My Pop would have liked you all, too. Thanks a lot for all of your comments in his memory. He would have loved to hit the course with any one of you here. Andrew
  21. On Easter Sunday, my grandfather -- I called him Pop -- passed away. He was the man who taught me how to golf. (He, himself, was incredibly good at golf). I'm not really sure why I'm posting this thread, but I felt like it should be posted - so, even if it is "my" golf world of GolfWRX, then someone in the golf world would be aware. I will be forever thankful for him showing me more love than I thought possible. And teaching me golf. Without him, I would have never bothered continuing to golf in college and still today. I remember having in my hands at 3 or 4 years old a putter far too big for me, and my Pop who, like only a grandfather could, came behind me and placed his own (giant to me) hands over mine, patiently showing me how to make a most gentle putting stroke. The best golf story I have about my Pop, and it's a pretty cool one -- In the late 90's, he won a sweepstakes for an all-expense paid trip to Florida to play golf with none other than Greg Norman, who was #1 in the world at the time. He described it as incredible, watching play beyond what one thought possible. After their round, Greg Norman signed a photo for my Pop ("Warren -- Thanks for playing the game") - and it was a photo that my Pop displayed proudly on his dresser for decades. He was so proud and happy that he got to play with Greg Norman - and would tell anyone about it that he could, and the best part is of course that people were genuinely excited to hear his stories. After he passed away, I got in touch with Cobra Golf, whose clubs my Pop played (because of Greg Norman) for his entire golfing life. I have huge, huge thanks and props to them - I was able to get something very, very special from Cobra. They said they wanted to thank my Pop for his lifelong support of their players/equipment. My Pop's bag will be on display (along with the signed photo from Greg Norman) at his funeral. In it is a putter from the PLOP company. My Pop's PLOP is an extremely special, "Tour Only" version that was the actual backup putter of a Masters and The Open Champion. A man most deserving of his name on a staff bag, if I ever knew one: My grandfather also loved Arnold Palmer -- I imagine he's had the chance to get a round or two in with the King, too. Fairways and Greens forever, Pop.
  22. That's the problem. Every pro will find a different "one" thing. I'm after proven tour fundamentals. A good pro, like Monte or Dan, finds the root thing - the root thing you do might cause other things that are symptoms. I suppose it's like being sick -- any person with two eyes and a brain can see you on the street and tell you that your eyes look puffy and you don't sound good, but a proven doctor can prescribe you the right medicine that will fix you and make 5 symptoms to go away with it. I stand by saying the only truly proven tour fundamentals are a whole bucket or three of pure talent and tens of thousands of hours practice time.
  23. Your swing in those videos reminds me a lot of Kuchar! Certainly someone's swing I wouldn't complain about, if I had to have it. :D
  24. Tour pros and their swings have lots of things in common -- someone, even if that's themselves, that they trust completely with their swing, someone who they know will have them on the right path. They don't expect improvement in a week, something that we all struggle with. I'm quoting Monte, for the most part, so full disclaimer that I am not a teaching pro or even an expert -- but tour pros all link their swing parts up correctly, OR they have enough talent/ingrained move to overcome things that don't link up (Bubba, Rory). Get a lesson - find someone that can help you find and fix the thing YOU, yourself, as a golfer do incorrectly. Then, fix your bad thing.
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