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  1. Dustin won the fedex on the points, Xander won the golf tournament. Format needs to be tweaked.
  2. yes this is a hobby, but if you cant ship it, or dont have a box, dont list it, very simple. Common courtesy of doing any kind of business whether its a hobby or your business.
  3. these are for the Japanese market, which I like, but doesn't mean they will make it here.
  4. Naw, worrying about a caddy coughing.
  5. Swing your swing, do your thing, play them pings, everybody on this forum has swing flaws. What works today, want work tomorrow. Pros have a trackman to see what happens daily, a fitting is only a guideline for the day you were fitted.
  6. Sometimes newer doesnt look better, maybe better performance
  7. Great pictures, thanks. These are the clubs that will get them there.
  8. Pings customer service is pretty good, Taylormade right there with them.
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