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  1. Not an option for me, I refuse to send counterfeit grips back to a seller so he can sell again.
  2. First of all, I know you dont buy grips on ebay, but I took my chances on 2 golfpride mcc plus 4s. Sure enough when I received them, they didnt look right. Shorter than any I have ever purchased and the graphics were too small. Sent pictures into Goldpride and they said they were definitely counterfeit. Ebay will not refund $ unless I send grips back to seller and they want let me leave negative feed back. Any options at this point, its just the principal they are backing a seller who willingly or unwillingly sold counterfeit grips. I am not sending back grips!
  3. Bridgestone is over, was told they stopped it because of ball shortage
  4. I can see what looks like pop up mark in the buyers photo and i cant see them in the sellers photo right beside his thumb or is this just bad light?
  5. Man with that talent should be able to win with any brand.
  6. So the company doesnt care about consistency of the model/lower price point ball? OK
  7. I have played both Zstar and Xv and both are good balls with the XV being the longest by far for me. I just recently bought some Zstar and they were noticeably shorter, who wants to be shorter? Anyway, checked the box and they were made in Indonesia, not Japan, I read that on another website, the manufacturing tolerances in Indonesia were not as good as the ones made in Japan. Makes since to me. Long story short, no more Srixons for me.
  8. Seems like JT is chasing a few extra yards with his equipment, hard to believe the fitters at titleist havent solved this riddle already.
  9. I dont think Bridgestone will change the X ball just for Bryson, he probably is playing a prototype anyway.
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