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  1. sorry for wrong forum, please correct mods
  2. Anyone know why he has withdrawn?
  3. Yea, want be there long 150th out of 156 players in putting, not too good!
  4. Didnt get to see JT today at the Open, does he still have the new putter in the bag or did he go to something else?
  5. damn, liked your review of the B X so much, when out and bought a dozen! Oh well I am a ball ho anyway.
  6. this is not a newport, mallet with a anser longer neck hosel
  7. I am watching SO and JT has a new long neck anser style putter with skinny grip. Pretty radical change right before a major. Putting good thru 6 holes.
  8. I really liked Fox, much better camera angles and commercials were clearly fewer.
  9. Looks like he changes putters like DJ
  10. so true, why would you walk behind someone doing an interview? No common sense? or just a douchebag move?
  11. He even changed his bag for Sunday! Phil the Thrill. What will he do next!
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