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  1. Putts should never be given period. I didnt like either side whinning about a putt not given. Make the putt, that is the object of the game!
  2. Doesnt get too much easier than Stricker except Fred, Fred is going to be a captain if he wants it.
  3. Yes they give free rides on the PGA Tour depending on your name!!
  4. Golf has a lot of momentum right now, hey USGA lets do something stupid and stop that mo, like roll back the ball, limit driver head size, shaft length, make the cup smaller, groove size reduction.
  5. This is a test and only a test, your mileage will vary.
  6. Photos (7).zipI am selling my two ball ten s putter, this is a great putter and probably will regret selling but you know how it goes. I am selling for $240 and am not interested in any trades except bettiies or scottys. Price will include shipping and will ship same day. Feedback speaks for itself and pictures tell the story. I prefer paypal. email is [email protected] if interested.
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