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  1. Im not a great ballstiker but my irons have improved with blades and now I cant go back to chunkier irons, they just compress so well with a good swing. Before I thought I had the 2 best looking blades imo the 588 mb and the Cobra black forged but when i saw the Cobra Rf at the stores i started wondering how much i could sell my other sets for lol ..... omg the sharpest, sexiest lines. Tomorrow I might go to pga ss and see if I can hit them. Thanks!
  2. How do the cobra forged compare to the cobra rf? Are they worth the money?
  3. How do they compare to the previous Cobra black mb?
  4. Exotics CB PRO-h if on a budget
  5. The black gloss has a really subtle racing flag that you don't see at address, only in certain angles close up
  6. Are you supposed to count the pw/gw that comes in the set? Even in blades they look more like an iron if that makes sense lol
  7. So they finally arrived from Hawaii and holy crap they are gorgeous!!
  8. Any pics side by side with better known irons? I have literally never seen them in person
  9. I have a mint set of 588 mb on the way, can't wait!!
  10. I have 588 cb with x100 and 7-p are money but 4-6 get a little heavy and harder to load consistently. So I should like the long irons better on s300 but the short irons sometimes feel light.
  11. Is it a noticeable difference? Missed out on irons with s400 (wanted to try) but got the same set with s300 and feel I might be missing out lol
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