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  1. made 4 birdies and an eagle on my way to +3 75 the other day :/
  2. Im intrigued by the scotty headcover , because usually if a guy uses one or two clubs from alternative manufacturer too their contracted one don't they normally cover them with the contracted ones head covers (thinking Wilson/Mizuno staffers who used TM drivers over the years) but the fact that Rory has a scotty cover in the bag would make me question if his contract is no longer (or was ever??) for all 14 clubs, either way I like the change cos its shows he still cares enough not too just stick with whatever he's given and he still wants too get the magic back
  3. I play quite a lot of 36 hole 1 day events (like 5/6 per year minimum) and the main things too watch out for are not waiting until your hungry or thirsty too eat and drink, because by then and by the time you digest ur food its too late and you may have a fairly big drop in focus , personally I like too try too eat something (handful of nuts or an oat bar or something) every 6 holes and drink every 3 but just find what works for you, and don't worry about pace of play, its going too be a very long day and youre almost guaranteed too be held up by groups in front, esp at the end of the second round if ur anywhere near contention , so try too use the time too make sure youre picking your shots properly, club, ball flight etc realistically at some point you will find your mind wandering or overthinking swing thoughts at some stage but do your best too bring it back too where you should be consciously if you have too and enjoy the fact that the odd bogey or double won't hurt anywhere near as bad as you first think, you have twice as many holes too get it back !
  4. Abu Dhabi HSBC Dubai Desert Classic Phoenix Genesis Inv WGC Mexico API The Players Kenya Open The Masters Open De France PGA Champs Memorial Canadian Open US Open Irish Open Scottish Open The Open WGC Fedex St Jude Northern Trust BMW Champs Tour Championship BMW PGA Champs Alfred Dunhill Links Champs Andalucia Masters Nedbank Golf Challenge DP World Tour Championship
  5. Last 27 rounds : 54 Birdies & only 1 Eagle sadly
  6. Ahhh okay well i could very well be wrong , just passing on what I’m hearing, either way hopefully something exiting comes in Feb !
  7. My coach also coaches a PING staffer on euro tour
  8. I am using a set of PING iBlades 1/2 inch short, but I've had them for a couple seasons and sadly it might be time to swap them out cos I've done some growing so they are a touch short and the shafts r defiantly on the soft side now
  9. Phil is an odd case cause generally speaking as players age they become shorter and more accurate and their minds become sharper then ever, look at tiger or even Els who still throws his hat in the ring periodically. but for some reason (I think ego but I could be wrong) Phil has tried (and I think succeed) to become longer and longer, and as a result less and less accurate. Obviously he was no Luke Donald to start with but still. But I think that the most detrimental change has been his ever more aggressive course management he almost never backs down, coupled with the typical decline in short game with age.
  10. Driver - 8.25 3w - 15 5w - 18 4i - 23.5 5i - 27 6i - 30.5 7i - 34 8i - 38 9i - 42 PW - 46 GW - 50 SW - 56 LW - 60
  11. I'm really torn between Titleist and Taylormade right now as I feel they are the two most complete line ups (nothing against the other brands mind , all are kicking out some good stuff). but id probably give the edge to Titleist just because of Vokey and SC Titleist TS3 8.5* Titleist TS2 15* & 18* Titleist 620 CB 4 iron Titleist 620 MB 5-9 iron Vokey 46 F,52 F,56 S, 60 M SC Newport
  12. Hovland is a beast + he's a euro so win win
  13. MattP66

    Brooks or Rory?

    I think it says a lot that in all the "who will be the best" comparisons on this site the last several years its always been "x player vs Rory even if its out of 2, 3 or 4 players Rory is the only constant (except maybe speith until just recently) , the rest always come and go and that is very telling imo
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