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  1. I have a Aldila Rogue MSI 130 60x with a Callaway tip. I am changing driver shafts and don't need it anymore. It plays 45.75 in a Callaway Driver. It's 44.5 inches in length when not installed. It's in great shape. sold.
  2. Title says it all looking for a Standard Callaway Mavrik 9* head
  3. I am selling my Callaway Mavrick Sub-zero 9*. I am asking 250 for the head. I am really wanting to trade for a Standard Callaway Mavrick 9* I have the standard weights 2 and 14 in the driver. Payment Paypal only.
  4. Title says it all I am looking for a Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Limited Edition 70 X want it to play 45 to 45.5in a Callaway Mavrik Sub-zero.
  5. I have the Rogue 130 MIS 60x for now we will see how it plays. I am still deciding if I like it playing at the 45.7.5 length. I am used to a 45 inch driver. I also have the same saft in my 3 wood but a 70x. I am going to play this year with the Rouge shaft in the driver and 3 wood but might change back to 70 grams in the driver and 80 in the 3 wood. How do you like the Mavrik 3 wood.
  6. Nice set up I have the Mavrik sub-zero driver and love it.
  7. Wtb Callaway steelhead XR 3 wood 15* or 4+ wood 16*. I am wanting just a head but let me know what you have.
  8. Guys I am looking for a G25 or G30 driver for my son Gavin. I am looking for a 10.5 head might consider a 9 let me know what you have.
  9. I have a good condition Titleist 915 d3 8.5 head. It's been a great driver for me the past few seasons. But I upgraded and don't need it anymore. I am asking sold shipped also comes with matching headcover. Payment is paypal. [email protected]
  10. Has anyone ever removed a Titleist 909 weight screw. If so how did you remove it and what screws will work in this head.
  11. It's just the fabric on the center piece that was twisted the plastic under the cloth is not twisted
  12. I don't know this is not the fuse bag it's the Ogio/ Callaway college bag I never noticed it before. I have only used it a few times at the range never been on the course
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