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  1. Of the irons I’ve played or demo’d. Z785 jpx 921 tour cobra CB Currently gaming the 921 tours and love them. Nothing feels as soft as the Srixons though. Their forgings are top notch.
  2. I’ve been going through a semi swing rebuild this year and am currently working on a steeper backswing and gaining extension in the trail hand as the bowing of the lead hand wasn’t working. Trying to get that waiters tray feeling at the top. If I don’t get it extended I come down with an open face and rotation stalls to square the face. It’s amazing what happens when you get the wrists in the right position at the top. First few swings trying it and my body still stalled and the flight was a massive pull. Kept at it and the body naturally started opening up to square the now shut face with more rotation.
  3. I selected every year prematurely. More than once a year for me. Scotty addiction is real and the collection keeps on growing.
  4. Playing JPX 921 forged 4&5 iron and tour 6-gw. Love the flow and appreciate the little bit of help in the longer irons.
  5. I switch back and forth pretty seamlessly from my Newport 2’s to a Phantom X 5.5. The toe hang and feel is similar and I don’t have to adjust my stroke.
  6. I’m playing 921 tours now after just upgrading from Z785’s for the past 2 years. The 921’s definitely flight higher and spin more than the Srixons (lofts play a factor too). The Mizuno forging definitely feels firmer and is a little louder at impact compared to the Srixons. Nothing beats the sound or feel of puring a Srixon… sorry Mizuno. In the end I gave up a tiny bit of forgiveness and stuck with the Mizunos as they flighted higher and suited my game better. Definitely hit both and make your own decision. Either way they are both great sets.
  7. 100% without a doubt real.
  8. Tour wrap microsuedes are the best grips I’ve used over the last several years. Love the feel of these.
  9. Looks like a nice cover if this is the one that gets released.
  10. Got rid of my z785’s for some 921 tours last week. The forged 4&5 iron in the SEL set pair perfectly with them. Although the tours feel a little firmer than the srixons I’m extremely happy with the move so far.
  11. Haber

    New Irons

    Srixon ZX5’s and Mizuno 921 forged/hot metal would be good options
  12. Haber

    ZX7 vs P7MC

    I’m confused at how with speed and strength you’re having a harder time holding greens than before. More club head speed means higher launch and spin with the same impact conditions. Could you possibly be delofting them more and hitting a lower ball that is skipping and rolling out? Hitting a draw now when you used to hit a cut? Something is off if you could hold greens with slower speeds.
  13. Ended up going with a small matador
  14. My home course is tree lined on every hole. It’s just about getting the technique down and setting up properly. I get practice almost every round and used to struggle with it but my recoveries have become a major strength in my game. Take a look at how tiger hits a stinger and notice how he will try and stop acceleration through the ball right after impact. I’ve found that the best way to keep it low and still get some heat on it.
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