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  1. Wow these look amazing. Being a lefty I’m kind of impressed we actually got an option in a limited release. Sent my pro a message today and hoping to get confirmation tomorrow.
  2. Haber

    Scotty Delays

    Pre ordered my lefty 5.5 on March 5 and had it a week after the official release.
  3. I’ve had my Z785’s for almost 2 years now. Hoping I can go a couple more without switching. I recently demo’d the zx7 and the apex pro for fun. Zx7 felt very similar and looked fantastic. Apex pro launched higher and carried a little further but the sound and feel of the cup face made them an instant turn off. Couldn’t discern too much between the 2 Srixon offerings so I will be sticking with my z785’s until the next round of temptation hits. I will say dollar for dollar Srixon irons are the best value in the golf market. Hundreds cheaper than the other guys and amazing quality.
  4. Currently sitting at 6. Rotating between a few of them. It’s looking more and more evident that the phantom is going to be the long term gamer and the rest will be going on the rack. Scotty 21 Phantom x5.5 Special select Newport 2 Studio style Newport 2 Terrylium Newport Classic Newport Oil can classic Newport
  5. This year has been an anomaly. Up until a month ago nothing in my bag was replaced. The lefty phantom x5.5 changed that. I’m a recovering club addict. I went through 4 sets of irons and 3 drivers in the 2 years prior. I’d consider only $600 this year a win... the ping i59’s do look reallllly nice though.
  6. I had the same experience. G400 max with the tour shaft tended to want to hook on me and was a little spinny. I went with the sim max and put an AD GP in it and it has been my longest driver to date.
  7. It sounds like you’re afraid of the break and not committing to your line. I was a terrible putter for the past 3-4 years and read unconscious putting by Dave Stockton. The nuts and bolts of it is to pick your line and in your set up pick a spot an inch to two inches in front of your ball and focus on it in your set up avoiding getting ball bound. Pick your speed and roll it over that spot in front of the ball. The book is a great read and will help your putting immensely.
  8. Love the firm feel and sound of lightly milled carbon. Never have been a fan of inserts as they feel mushy and soft and I lose all speed control.
  9. My Scotty collection seems to keep on growing. Added this one from a games page.
  10. I’ve seen them gamed on a few Scotty pages around $1400 range
  11. Has to be Srixon 7 series irons. I’ve been playing the 785’s for 2 years now and the honeymoon phase hasn’t worn off. A flushed shot feels buttery soft and there’s enough help that off center strikes aren’t too badly punished.
  12. Yikes that cover is a horrible fake too.
  13. Sim Max 10.5. Bought it with the Diamana limited shaft when it released in early 2020. Switched up to a AD GP mid way through the year and have been gaming it since. First new season that I have no intentions of testing the newest crop
  14. A fake Scotty will have subtle differences in comparison to a legit one. The older ones weren’t really faked but lots of fake ones out there of the newer models. There is usually small differences in the font, shape or milling on the putter.
  15. It also comes down to what they like looking at. Most pros have played compact irons with thin top lines their whole lives. Looking down at something thick and chunky may throw them off.
  16. https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/1998/teryllium/newport/ insert is definitely refinished as well. The original from this year was flush.
  17. It definitely looks refinished. The original black oxide finish was high gloss on these. The paint fill in the line in the sole is also the wrong color.
  18. Looks good to me. As far as I know the terylliums of that era weren’t really faked that often. What is throwing you off?
  19. Added the new 5.5 to the fleet. This one is head and shoulders above the previous phantom release.
  20. 6 as of right now TM Sim Max driver Callaway EF 3 wood Ping G410 5 wood Srixon Z785 irons Cleveland RTX4 wedges Scotty Tei3/AOP/phantom x5.5
  21. You’re looking at either sending it to the CS or finding one on a FB or eBay. Lots of options out there If you’re willing to spend the cash.
  22. Does it matter if it’s the oil or the spray?
  23. If you found a moto in need of restoration it will no longer be a moto once restored by you. Motos are OTR’s that get done up by the custom shop and sold for a premium. Once you refinish and customize all value is gone.
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