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  1. Yes J15’s are awesome, I’ve had several sets of J33 and J40. This is a Titleist project for me right now though.
  2. Well I’ve finally played a few rounds with the 681. They feel great. Very pleasing crack at impact. Short irons do look odd, but strangely it didn’t bother me once I got them on the range and course. The swing weight is a bit on heavy side. The S300 shafts still in there. Trajectory was pretty normal for me. High flight and had a bit more draw than normal with the extra spin from S300’s. I like the 681 irons. Going to put some KBS Tour V in them once they come off backorder from GolfWorks.
  3. Cool, thanks. I should them tomorrow. Appreciate the info.
  4. Yeah I’m curious about the hickory dowel. Never messed with that before. Idea behind it is logical.
  5. I need a bit of bounce. My guy emailed me back finally, so if the short irons look bad, I can send them to him to have it bent out. Hopefully I can stand everything and just reshaft and go play.
  6. I bought a set of 681 irons, 2-PW. Not the T. We’ll see how they look when they arrive. I like the idea of the offset being constant. I’ve always hated the way once you get past the 6 iron they start looking ridiculous.
  7. Just snagged some 681 irons. Mainly for the constant offset. Can anyone explain the wooden dial in the tip? As in how long it is? I’ll need to reshaft these and I’ve never messed with dowels in the shaft tip before. Think after pulling shafts, I can punch the dowels out the butt end and reuse them? Is it important that it is hickory? Or can I use a dowel from the local hardware store? If wooden dowels in the tip dampen vibrations and improve feel, then why is this the only set this century I’ve ever come across with a dowel in the tip? Wondering if I should even bother putting them back in. Thanks for the time.
  8. Thanks, at least I can eliminate the 690’s.
  9. I do the same. Have my AP2’s bent 2 weak. I also used to have a guy who would bend the offset out. Charged $120 a set. I emailed him last week but he never responded back.
  10. Does anyone know which older Titleist MB irons are close to looking like the 620mb as far as offset goes? The 716 and 718 surprisingly has a good bit. Out of the older 670 680 690 695 710 712 714 which one is more like 620mb behind the ball? Thanks
  11. I ordered an XE Pro in late May. Didn’t receive it until late August. A month later none of the atmosphere stuff worked and the Slope was reading crazy. Like a 20 ft downhill shot would show up as +2% slope. Completely wrong. I sent it in and 5 weeks later I called to check on it. They said they couldn’t fix and would send me a new one, in Feb 2021!!!!! I had them just send me Tour V5 Shift instead bc none of XE Pro’s stuff worked anyway. I’ve had the Tour V5 Shift for less than a week and the slope is already not working right. Doing the same false readings. At this point I don’t know what to do. I paid a lot of money for the XE Pro, it literally never performed as advertised. Took a cheaper product w/ less functions in exchange just to have a rangefinder, and it doesn’t work either. Not to mention it has literally been 6 months since I purchased the XE Pro originally, and have only been able to use it or the replacement V5 Shift for about 4 weeks total. To say I’m not happy with Bushnell would be an understatement.
  12. LOL, I actually have 128 rounds. I was looking at wrong stat area on GHIN. So I reached 100 a few months ago and never realized it. Ha.
  13. I just noticed I have 81 rounds so far in 2020. 14 were away at other courses. I live on a course. So it’s super convenient. Never get bored. Play in 2 diff games. Always someone wanting to play every afternoon. Play 3 different tees. We have 6-8 tournaments a year plus all sorts of other stuff like couples, father/son, 2 man, and 4 Balls. Course conditions constantly changing so it never gets stale. My index has dropped from 8 to 5 this year, with a low of 4.3 in June/July. I’m going to make a push to get in 19 more rounds before Jan 1 just to get 100. Might never be this close again and I think 100 rounds in a year is pretty cool.
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